7 Best Tank Top Laners That Will Help You Rank Up Faster

The best tank top laners can help players achieve their goals and get to their preferred rank. But, even tho the goal is clear, Top lane is full of surprises!

The top lane is the most competitive yet the most relaxed place in League of Legends. Two players are fighting each other when they are only killing the other. And, the teammates of the other player are telling him to stop feeding the enemy, or he will get reported. On rare occasions, you can spot two top laners just farming their enemy minions and trading a bit of damage without any competitiveness. 

As you can see, it’s amusing to play on the top lane. Especially if you pick a counter champion against your enemy, that’s not the only way you can kill your opponent. The Junglers are a big help and an immense pain in the butt when playing Top. You can be good on Top lane and still lose by watching your Jungler feed the enemy by invading alone. 

There are different kinds of top laners in League of Legends. Some of them are split pushers like Teemo, Nasus, and Cammile. Some are tankers that can take a lot of damage and still get away with it, like dr. Mundo. And some split pushers, tankers and can deal high DPS. Those are Sett, Darius, Riven, and Rumble.

7. Yorick

You probably know that Yorick isn’t the most picked top lane champion if you’re playing League of Legends. But that doesn’t make him boring or a wrong champion. He can clear challenging waves in seconds by spawning his minions to help him out. He is well-known for his clearing waves and tower destroying abilities.

Yorick is quick when destroying the enemy turrets, where he deals a lot of damage and has a low cooldown on his Q. He has a small dash and team fight presence. So, you’re probably going to see him engaging under turrets while being followed by everyone. Most of the time, players are playing him as a tank champion, and that’s why turret shots don’t scare him.

Yorick’s Maiden of the Mist ability makes it very difficult for enemies to kill him on 1v1 battles. And that’s when the Jungler comes into play. But, sometimes, even two champions cannot stop him.

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6. Sett

Sett is an ultimate fighter that hits right where it hurts. He deals damage and has a shield that can protect him from incoming damage for a second or two. He even deals bonus damage depending on his grit. 

He is a fast farmer, which you can push the lane to recall or get the coins faster. He uses his CC abilities to stun and attack his opponents. He lacks flashing skills when trapped by an enemy, so it might be more difficult to escape with him.

Sett is the type of champion that uses his basic moves most of the time. He has powerful abilities that do come in handy sometimes. But, most of the time, he only uses his fists to punch everyone who gets in his way. He deals more damage to enemies with higher max health.

5. Darius

Everyone can tell you that Darius is always a strong pick against melee champions. He is entertaining and helpful in any way. He deals a tremendously immense amount of damage to anyone who tries to fight him. And, he can even deal damage to all five enemy champions simultaneously.

He is a strong duelist and dominates most 1v1 matches. He can sustain large amounts of damage, punishing everyone afterward. Darius hasn’t got a dash, but most players use the Ghost spell to catch up quickly to enemy champions.

His attacking abilities are causing crazy physical damage to his opponents by making them bleed a lot with his W. With a smooth wind-up and ax swing, he can strike enemies and make them quit top lane.

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4. Jax

Jax is a simple champion and one of the best tank top laners in League of Legends. He has a basic kit that does a lot of damage, and it’s giving him a lot of potential in the top lane. He can bash, stun, jab, and kill an enemy champion using just a lamp. Now, if a champion can easily defeat someone with just a lamp, imagine what he would do if he had a real weapon.

Buying the correct items and building Jax’s build can make him the strongest in the match. If played correctly on Top, he can go 1v5 and defeat everyone without breaking a sweat. Some players build lifesteal combined with defensive items, HP items, and attack speed, making him very strong early and late in any match.

When he reaches level 3, he instantly activates his stun ability and jumps onto the enemy – giving them a significant blow on their head. And, most of the time ends up carrying the game and ends it all by pushing his lane to the enemy nexus.

3. Irelia

Irelia is one of the strongest and most played champions in LoL right now. Gamers are playing her both mid and top. And, it doesn’t even matter what she does early in the game. In the end, she’ll kill everyone while healing a tremendous amount of health.

It’s important to max her Q and her E first. Irellia’s Q ability allows her to dash from one minion to another, which also applies to champions. The E ability is also essential at low cooldown to stun enemies from damaging her. 

The great thing about Irelia is her build and items. If you know what you’re doing and buy the good items and make a good build for each game – you’ll most certainly win every match with her. Irelia is a champion that doesn’t just play in Top lane. She also roams to other lanes to secure kills and end the game as early as possible.

2. Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is so strong lately that it is stupid even to fight him. He’s a giant frog that swings with his tongue and deals plenty of damage to anyone in his sight. If he hits an opponent three times, he can use his ultimate move to swallow them and throw them up anywhere he wants. 

His Q ability allows him to deal damage and get enemies trying to run away by slowing them. He can use his W ability to jump into a pond and teleport near where he can jump out of it and knock someone out.

It’s so fun to play Tahm Kench, and the most annoying thing is his E move. When you think you can kill him, he then activates his E move to generate armor from the lost health. This makes him very annoying to other players and very hard to kill.

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1. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is by far the best tank pick for any Top lane matchup. He is so tanky that he can get to 5,000 Hp by the end game. Players build what is needed the most in the match. If the enemy has a lot of AP, he builds defensive AP items. If the enemy has AD, he builds defensive AD items.

It doesn’t matter who, what, where, or how many of them are there. He can activate his ultimate move and walk away. His R allows him to heal and move fast – making him invincible in the next several seconds. 

The champion is so fun to play, and he doesn’t even use Mana. He uses his abilities by draining his Health points. And that doesn’t even affect him. He throws his machete or his briefcase full of money, depending on the skin. And deals tons of damage to anyone standing near him.

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