Top 7 Best Peeling Abilities in League of Legends

Peeling is one of the most important techniques in the game. Peeling is the action of keeping one of your teammates alive no matter what, this means you are getting damage, all the crowd control, and trying to use even your teeth to keep him/her away from danger.

Peeling can be considered an art because it is hard to get it to work properly in every situation and is as important as for the carry to do the damage. Basically, your ADC life relies on your hands, so it doesn’t matter how fed your carry can’t be. If you can’t keep him/her alive, there is no advantage. 

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Below, I will show you a list of what I think is the best peeling abilities (not the best champion, not the best abilities set), but the best abilities. 

1. Cosmic Radiance (Taric R)

When it comes to peeling, one of the best abilities in the game is Cosmic Radiance or Taric’s Ultimate. It is not perfect and has its flaws, but there is no better way to peel your ADC than using invulnerability. The invulnerability lasts for 2.5 seconds, but not everything is roses and rainbows. 

It takes a while to cast Cosmic Radiance, and it’s not immediately, but even with this downside, it is very easy and reliable using it to keep you and your ADC alive for a bit longer, perhaps, those 2.5 can be the difference between killing or be killed. Besides, it is an AoE ability, meaning if there is more than you and your ADC around, you can get the whole team invulnerable, which is a big plus.

2. Headbutt (Alistar W)

Alistar is an excellent tanky support, Alistar’s ability set was made to protect. But, among all his abilities, the perfect one is Headbutt, his W. But how a common ability can be more important than an ultimate? Headbutt is a special ability, pretty common, but way too unique. Alistar lacks of movement like any other champions might do, but with Headbutt, you can travel a bit when hitting an enemy, which is going to push away the target and get you close to the point the enemy was. 

This is especially important if you are misplaced or wrong positioned if you are well-positioned, this is going to send one of the enemies back, and it is going to stun it for a short time, this is going to keep your ADC faraway from damage, just bear in mind that it pushes one champion at a time, but this might be enough to ensure your carry can keep out of danger. Alistar’s Headbutt knocks the enemy back for almost 700 units.

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3. Unbreakable (Braum E)

Suppose it’s projectiles what we are speaking about. In that case, there is no better defense than Unbreakable, Braum’s E. Unbreakable rises a giant shield that blocks all the projectiles incoming, taking all the damage and preventing anyone behind the shield from getting hit. Also, it reduces all the first instance damage incoming by 100% and grants a boost of speed to Braum. 

This is perfect when the enemy team has a poking composition or one most of the enemy abilities are ranged or projectiles; for example Ezreal/Nami, considered this as an enemy lane match, it can even “absorb” the Tidal Wave (Nami’s R) and also Trueshot Barrage (Ezreal R). If you consider Braum’s passive can work whilst you are being peeled (or when you are peeling somebody) can make it even better due to the stun.

4. Solar Flare (Leona R)

Solar Flare is a great ability to engage or disengage. Leona calls a solar beam that, after 0.6 seconds of casting it, strikes in an area, which can cause the enemies to get stunned if they are in the epicenter or slowed by 80% if they are in the rest of the radius. Like Alistar, Leona lacks mobility, but Solar Flare can be cast at a distance, approximately 1200 units radius. Both effects being stunned or slowed last for 1.5 seconds which is more than enough to get away to a safe place or reposition for a counterattack. 

The cherry on top of the cake is that this ability (as all other abilities from Leona) activates her passive, which grants a Sunlight mark that can deal extra damage when a teammate hits an enemy that has been marked. As I said before, this ability can be used to engage or disengage, which is helpful, but also, it can be used just to zone and keep enemies in their place to ensure a good escape or to contest objectives.

5. Keeper’s Verdict (Poppy R)

Poppy is a champion with decent mobility, was built like a tank, and deals good damage, but in this specific case, Keeper’s Verdict, Poppy’s Ultimate, can play an interesting Role during peeling. Keeper’s Verdict is an ability that can be charged by giving away some speed to get more range. After the charge is released, Poppy throws her hammer upwards, dealing damage and knocking up enemies around and in front of her in a certain radius. 

If you manage to charge the ability for at least 0.5 seconds, then the damage is increased, and the knockback sends your enemies away from you in their fountain direction, so basically, just far away from you. This ability can buy you time to escape or re-compose the fight by sending one (or many enemies) back and giving you a new advantage over the enemy team. 

Also, it can be used to zone your enemies or for certain maneuvers that nobody could expect; for example, if you get dived and walk to the next tower, you can use Keeper’s Verdict to send your enemies back the last turret’s aggro. 

Or if you are diving, you are behind the enemy’s turret, you can use your ultimate to send your enemies close to you, out of their tower.

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6.  Soul Shackles (Morgana R)

Morgana is a magnificent support, especially when it comes to peeling; her ability set is excellent for this purpose. Soul Shackles is Morgana’s Ultimate and is excellent to peel your carry if you are under attack. What Soul Shackles does is to throw chains of energy that bounds your enemies to you, this ability has a casting time, during this time, all the enemies that are trapped by the chains are slowed by 20%, and if these champions don’t escape from the chains, at the end of the casting time, they end up stunned for 1.5 seconds. 

The slow effect and stun might be enough to re-compose, re-position, or even escape to a safe place. It can be even more effective if combined with good items and runes. And because Morgana is an AP champion, you can always get a Zhonya’s Hourglass to ensure you keep yourself alive a bit more if you get compromised. If you add the stun of Should Shackles the Dark Binding and Black Shield, you have pretty much everything to get away with it.

7. Monsoon (Janna R)

Janna is the perfect champion when we speak about peeling and, more importantly, chasing. It is almost impossible to catch Janna when chasing because of her ability set. It can be a long run before you actually manage to get even close unless you throw everything you have. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible. Monsoon is Janna’s Ultimate and is a great ability, it works in both ways, to initiate and to disengage. 

This last one must be used along with Flash to do it properly, more or less like the Insect play with Lee Sin. Monsoon sends all the enemies within the range to fly away approximately 875 units away. But also heals all the allies within the range combined with some items, the buffs can be more significant. 

But once Janna has used Monsoon, it turns a hard task to chase and catch Janna, you are free to try it, but we recommend you don’t, in the long run, you will lose more than you can win.

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Depending on your playing style, champion pool, and taste, you might find this list a bit different from what you like, but just remember, I have listed here what I believe is the best and easy way to achieve an excellent peeling technique. Once you get a good sense of peeling and you have trained enough, you can peel with pretty much every single champion! 

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