Best Scaling Junglers in League of Legends

We are now at this phase, where we’ve played and tried different lanes. You sucked at the top, you fed at mid, and you can’t carry your support at the bottom lane. This may be frustrating but don’t worry. You are playing League and Riot has given us enough choices. 

If you find playing in lanes to be difficult for you, I suggest that you try the jungle. If you’re a League of Legends player, you’re undoubtedly tired of playing against powerful champions who make you question your mentality and the meaning of your existence.

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Scaling in Jungle

Champions in the League reach their peak potential at different stages of the game. Some are perfect from the beginning, while others must wait till they reach their full potential. We may evaluate their scaling abilities based on the level of the game at which they succeed.

Champions in the Jungle are well-known for their ability to generate both early pressure and a strong late-game presence. Their scale is well-known for its robustness, and there is a wide selection to choose from.

We’ve been covering topics about which champions are best in scaling so, I guess you already know what scaling is. 

Anyways, scaling, in simpler terms is the ability of a champ to grow stronger as the game continues. So, in this article, we’ll be covering now those champs that scale best in the JUNGLE.

7. Evelynn

Evelynn takes some time to develop her genuine skills. Evelynn only starts playing the game seriously after she reaches level 6. The first five levels are simplistic, with little happening. The basic aim is to farm up to level 6, and then the fun begins.

Evelynn gains her infamous invisibility passive at level 6. She has the ability to meander across the map unseen and then appear behind you with murderous purpose. 

Evelynn seldom fails to feature on Jungle-related lists. Like the real dangerous shadow, she is, our beloved vampire seductress constantly manages to make her way onto these lists.

Accept my invitation to play as this nasty succubus if you love playing as wicked vampire girls that feed on other people’s blood! 

But you might be wondering what makes her such an excellent jungler. In addition, her passive heals her after each fight.

She allows her to easily retreat from assaulting minions while healing, and she never has to worry about being trapped in the jungle as a consequence of this ability. Try her out; she’s easy to jungle with but difficult to play with.

6. Amumu

I think this champ is my go-to champ when I get tired of playing Jax or Master Yi in the jungle. His skills are pretty easy to understand and initiate. If you want to try jungling for the first time, I suggest you try this dude first.

Amumu gets a poor start to the game, but he still possesses those two fatal Q charges. He can effectively clear the jungle, do substantial damage, and employ ridiculous CC. 

As the game proceeds, he will become rather Tanky, capable of absorbing thousands of damage without breaking a sweat. All while stunning the entire opposing squad for many seconds.

Amumu’s most recent substantial modification granted him a second Q charge. This apparently minor upgrade catapulted Amumu to the top of the Jungle game. 

He got certified S+ tier after only a few days, demonstrating how quickly the modification had an effect.

If he has a chance to continually grab you with his Q, you’re virtually grounded for a while. 

Amumu has a huge amount of potential for setting up kills or team battles. Amumu is a scaling beast that every Jungler should attempt. It is an impactful, robust, yet basic tank.

5. Kha’Zix

This famed Assassin is a genuine beast of scale. He is closely analogous to Kayle, who we discussed in our scaling Top Laners essay, which you should read. He can choose to develop one of his abilities at levels 6, 11, and 16 (when Kha’s Ult is enhanced). 

Because only three of the four options can be advanced, it is best to choose based on the circumstances.

It seemed inevitable that he would be on a list like this one as a Champion who gradually unlocks more and more of his potential. 

Kha takes a bit to get up the tempo, but his early game pressure is extremely noticeable. 

He may participate in the game from the beginning with his E. This provides him enough to be good at ganks straight away, without having to wait for anything.

This dude may just be too perfect. However, you might want to finish the game before it hit the 35-minute mark. Because by that time, your enemy will be able to counter you. And Kha will just lose his potential in the game.

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4. Master Yi

I think this one doesn’t need that much of an explanation. He deserves to be on this list. If you’re against this champ, be careful not to feed this dude because he will destroy your team solo.

Yi has won the most 1v5 battles of any Champion. I’m not sure what Riot is up to these days because he can grow so fed and powerful in such a short period of time. 

Despite his declining popularity, some players, particularly those in the highest Elo categories, continue to abuse him. For a long period, he was notoriously famous in the Korean Challenger ranks.

Yi’s strength grows significantly with each purchase. He lacks a single “power spike” or “peak moment,” yet everything he does is a power surge in and of itself. 

Have you bought a mythic? New power surge. Have you completed any legendary items? A power surge occurred as well. And so on till he wins. He is just simply OP.

3. Elise

Her passive, which lets her to do additional magical damage while also healing herself, makes her a very fascinating jungler to play. This ability may be used with omnivamp items like Hailblade or Emberknife to boost their efficacy.

She can, however, be a genuine pain in the butt to fight against in lane, and her jungling may be pretty dangerous late game. She’s actually rather excellent in one-on-one combat.

Elise can be your companion if you have a split personality and can’t decide whether you want to be a spider woman or a regular human being.

Her entire existence revolves around creeping around, biting an opposing champion, then a tower, and finally the Nexus. 

If you’re playing against a fresh Elise, consider yourself lucky. But, if you find yourself against a pro, you might want to hit that settings button.

2. Camille

This might also spike some discussion. Since this champion usually belongs in the lanes. But if you’ve played her as jungle, I’m sure you will agree with putting her on this list as well.

She has the ability to boost herself with increased damage and movement speed thanks to her Precision Protocol spell, letting her outperform the minions she’s farming in the jungle while doing so.

Tactical Sweep, another spell that does damage and heals Camille’s targets if they are inside the spell’s radius, deals AoE damage and healing.

If you want to play this champ, here is a simple note for you. Make sure you have Emberknife, which is both useful and easy to learn.

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1. Karthus

Karthus has become increasingly popular in the Jungle over the previous several Seasons. He’s gone from being a Mid Lane mage to a Bot Lane carry to a scaling Jungler in League of Legends. 

Karthus is remarkable in that he is versatile, strong, and capable of one-shotting five people at once.

He improves more and more as he farms more. It’s also worth mentioning that farming with Karthus is completely basic. It takes him minutes to clear the entire Jungle at once, and this just becomes quicker as time goes on. 

He makes up for his lack of effective ganking with his Ultimate, a global ability that strikes the whole opposing team.

He’s well-known for his “simply press R” design, which revolves around his activating his Ultimate as soon as it’s powered up. Eviscerating the enemy requires no effort, talent, or anything else. He can farm the whole game, focus on the goals, and continually utilize his Ult to kill people off or reduce their health to a safe level.

I don’t even need to explain myself. All you need to understand regarding his design is that he possesses an Ultimate that can kill five people with a single press. 

It’s completely broken, and I pray to God Riot repairs it as soon as possible. But, based on their recent behavior, I doubt they will.


Riot and League, particularly the Jungle, have provided us with a plethora of Champions to play. The Jungle is notoriously tough when it comes to the greatest scaling Champions. 

This position shines the brightest since it provides a diverse selection of Champs who can affect the game from start to finish. As shown above, scaling Junglers are marvels that can shift the course of a battle on their own.

I guess that sums up this League of Legends guide to the best 7 scaling jungler champions. In your view, who else is a fantastic scaling jungler champion? 

What would you want to see in future articles as a follow-up? Let’s start a discussion in the comment and section. And please do notify us!

Good luck and have fun in your games.

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