League of Legends Chat Tricks

Hello, League of Legends players! Welcome to another article in which we talk about the currently most popular game you’ve probably all heard of – yes, we’re talking about League of Legends. League of Legends is a multiplayer game in which two teams compete against each other. 

It is necessary to play as a team in order to reach the opponent’s base as soon as possible and bring down the opponent’s Nexus. The team that does this first wins the victory and the winning points. But when we talk about teamwork, it is important to mention communication – mutual communication can make or break the game.

In League of Legends, team communication is mostly via a chat option that allows players to send messages to their teammates during a match. Sometimes, if a pre-made match is played, players will use platforms such as Skype, TeamSpeak or some other platform where players are comfortable and where they can connect headphones and a microphone to communicate by voice.

However, in classic matches players mostly focus on using the chat option. All players have the option to enable or disable the language filter that serves to censor insults and swearing, because it is often known to find a player whose chat option is used to harass their teammates and express their inner frustrations, thus spoiling the whole game experience. Riot punishes all players who verbally harass the rest of the team in any way, so do not hesitate to report such players at the end of the match.

Now, let’s talk about some useful tips and tricks that you can use in chat.

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Chat Commands in League of Legends

Command Description
/help, /?, /allcommands, /allcmds Lists / commands and provides descriptions.
/surrender, /ff, /concede, /forfeit Starts vote for team surrender.
/remake Starts vote for a team with one or more afk (under certain conditions) to remake a game.
/joke/j or Ctrl+1 Plays Champion’s joke.
/taunt/t or Ctrl+2 Plays Champion’s taunt.
/dance/d or Ctrl+3 Starts the Champion dance sequence.
/laugh/l or Ctrl+4 Plays Champion’s laugh.
Ctrl+5 Toggles the effect for your Champion if applicable.
Ctrl+6 Displays your Mastery Emote.
/pause, /stop, /s Pauses the game (Only works in certain situations, like tournaments)
/note, /n Adds text to a text file called “MyNotes.txt”
/chatfilter Enables or disables a filter for profanity

These are commands that you can use during the game, so you send them to your teammates within the game. However, you can also contact players from your friends list who are online within the client but are not in the game with you. You can do this in the following way.

Command Description
/w or /msg “summoner name” Will send a message to another player. Summoner names are case sensitive.
/r or /reply Will send a message to the last player who sent you a message. Note that it will automatically add the recipient after /r.
/all Will send a message to all players in the current match (useful if you forgot to press shift + enter).

Again, we mentioned players who harass other players via chat and thereby degrade the quality of the game. You can easily put such players on the mute and so you will not get anything they write.

Command Description
/mute “summoner name” Will mute all text from a player for the duration of your current game session.
/mute all Will mute all text from all players for the duration of your current game session.
/ignore “summoner name” Will mute a player during this game session and all subsequent game sessions.
/ignore all Will mute all players during this game session and all subsequent game sessions.
/fullmute “summoner name” Will mute all text and pings from a player for the duration of your current game session.
/fullmute all Will mute all text and pings from all players for the duration of your current game session.

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Did Riot Games Remove the all-chat segment from League of Legends?

Back then, in Patch 11.21 Riot Games released very important information – due to too many toxic players that chat serves to cure frustrations by insulting their teammates, but also enemy players, Riot decided to remove the all-chat segment from the League of Legends.

Toxicity is a really serious problem in the online community, especially in competitive games. Players often can’t control their nerves if it’s not theirs, if they have a bad one and if their team loses. That’s why they use all means to vent their anger on someone, and their teammates suffer the most.

Riot Games is one of the first gaming companies to decide to do everything in its power to reduce in-game toxicity as much as possible. Of course, it will probably never be able to be completely eliminated but Riot Games is well on its way to halving the toxicity in its games.

However, this ejection all-chat segment first had to pass two test phases in which direct player feedbacks were collected, as well as reports, penalty rates and surveys. In the long run, kicking the all-chat segment out of the League of Legends can only improve gameplay and player satisfaction. Players will not have to deal with negative players and will be able to play matches in peace.

Meanwhile, many believe that this move is really unnecessary because each player can set up chat settings for themselves, and thus manually turn off the all-chat segment. While on the other hand, players who want to be able to use the all-chat option consciously accept the risk of being exposed to verbal abuse by negative players.

Also, some players stated that they experience more threats, insults and swearing from their teammates than from enemy players, and that removing the all-chat segment from the game will not be of much use because most of the harassment comes from teammates.

This may be true, but we must not neglect the efforts of Riot Games to step by step to clean the League of Legends gaming community from scum. It’s hard to believe that removing this option will significantly contribute to a sense of harmony among players, but it’s certainly a step forward. Riot Games might be able to work on a banning system, toughen penalties and really punish players who verbally abuse other players. This would definitely bring a lot more benefits to the entire gaming community.

But, Riot Games decided to check which regions are the most toxic and this option will first be tested right there, and then it will monitor the results and improvements of the game. It remains to be seen whether there will be significant changes in the next game updates.

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Nowadays, it is definitely unthinkable for us to play multiplayer games without communicating with the team. Communicating with the team increases our chances of winning because in this way tactics are agreed, who will start the fight first, who will start killing the Dragon or who will try to bring down the enemy turret solo. Skillful communication can easily raise team morale and mentally influence players to do their best and not give up even if they lose a match. Sometimes this is much more important than the champion and his abilities.

In League of Legends, the chat option is a very important part of the game itself, and Riot is working to improve chat commands so players can communicate with their teammates in a variety of ways. They can do this with emotes, messages, pings, etc. In this article, we have listed all the chat commands that are extremely useful in League of Legends. Some relate to controlling champions, and some relate to ignoring players whose chat serves to verbally abuse teammates.

Learn these commands because I can really help you in the game, and if some players annoy you, just follow the commands from this article and put them on mute. Sometimes putting someone on the mute is the best possible option, so don’t hesitate if a player is particularly annoying you with their insults and comments. And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun while playing League of Legends, and if you know of some more chat commands we haven’t listed here, feel free to share them with us!

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