10 Best Split Pushers in League of Legends 

In League of Legends, split pushing is a strategy used by many players and teams in dire moments. Usually, it is used when one team is behind and has no chance of winning team fights. Or have one fed champion who can effectively out-push waves and clear weak enemy lanes alone.

The top ten split pushers in Lol by this ranking are Yorick, Signed, Trundle, Teemo, Camile, Tryndamere, Twisted Fate, Nasus, Fiora, and finally, the best of them all, Jax. These are the best champions who can be used in split-push games effectively.

Below you will find more detailed information about what the Split pushing strategy is and when to use it. The top ten split pushers in League of Legends and some more information related to them.

What is Split Pushing?

One of the most effective late-game strategies to use in League of Legends is split pushing. This technique, when done correctly, can be a great way to distract your opponent and take down towers while they are distracted. But split pushing is a tricky strategy to master. If you do not do it right, you could end up causing more harm than good for your team.

Split pushing is when one or more players on your team push down a lane by themselves while the rest of the team engages in a team fight elsewhere on the map. That allows your teammates to take down towers and possibly inhibitors while the other team is distracted by the fight.

How to Do It Right?

As I said before, split pushing can be very risky if you are not careful enough. So, how do you make sure that you are doing it right? Well, there are several things that go into being successful at split pushing, and I will list them below:

There are three elements that go into successful split pushing:

1) Have a powerful champion who can easily solo clear waves and outlast multiple enemies.

2) Map awareness, so that you know when it’s safe to push a lane and when it’s not.

3) The ability to communicate with your team quickly, so that they know what you’re doing and can help out if necessary.

For example, a champion like Tryndamere can pretty much kill your tower by himself. While you are all distracted in a team fight Since split pushing is the act of going to a lane and attacking the enemy tower while the rest of your team fights, this is sometimes hard to stop. When split-pushing, you should always be prepared for what might happen next. If you see your team is fighting, don’t just sit there and try to kill their tower as fast as possible. 

You should be watching how the fight goes and deciding whether or not you should return to help your team out. If they are winning and it looks like it’s almost over, you can continue pushing their tower. However, if they look like they are about to lose, you should head back to help them win the fight so that you aren’t ambushed by all five enemy members later on.

10. Yorick

He is one of the best split-pushers in the game. Yorick deserves his tenth place, mainly due to his abilities. This champion ultimate is the main cause of this. The maiden he summons acts like a sixth player in the team. She can split-push on top while he is stalling the enemies in a different lane. If you have a team fight, he can send her to a faraway lane to put pressure on it and distract the enemies, relieving pressure on your lane.

Another great ability is his mist walker. They are huge forces when it comes to split pushing. If Yorick is pushing a lane, all he has to do is auto-attack and summon mist walkers to deal some high damage to the turrets. On top of that, the speed at which they deplete the health of the towers is quite good.

If this is not enough. When Yorick is split pushing together with his mist walkers and his maiden. He can easily push all the way to the nexus if no one stops him. Using all his abilities is equal to creating a massive wave of minions and two champions pushing together.

Yorick’s mobility is the only reason he is ranked tenth. The movement speed is not one of the best ones. He is slow and has no high mobility, which makes him an easy target if he pushes too deep. He will not be able to run and will be an easy target for the enemy.

That is why it is critical to pay attention to the map and have good map awareness if you play with him. Moreover, if you decide to split push, pay attention to the enemy positions and use wards. The only ability he can use to run safely from an enemy is his W ability. And that is if the enemies are not more than one or two.

The best way to split push with Yorick is to position yourself at the furthest point from the conflict. If your team is stalling the enemy in Bot Lane, You have to go on top, use your skills, and push the lane as much as possible, as fast as you can. Without being seen, the moment they see you, It is best to retreat and regroup with the team.

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9. Singed

Singed is the total opposite of Yorick when it comes to split pushing. While the first has tons of abilities aiding him in the split-pushing strategy, Singed has none of this. He has no ultimate appropriate for that purpose. Neither does he have great abilities to deal extra damage or destroy turrets like Ziggs. Singed doesn’t even have a strong auto-attack.

At this point, you may wonder what makes him good for split pushing. Well, he may lack a lot. But when it comes to this strategy, he has some other pluses which rank him above many others.

The best example of this is his speed and mobility. Oppositely to Yorick Singed, he is fast, and by fast, I mean very fast. He can easily position himself from the bottom to the top in no time. Find a weak spot in the enemy’s play and easily move to an exposed lane to push it.

His ability to clear waves is quite a on point. Poisoning the minions to death can definitely win time. And help in split pushing. For example, Singed can easily push the enemy wave, lead him to the tower, and start AA. Once another enemy wave is near, he can just go and kill them and be back on the push.

If this is not enough, the great mobility of this champion and the good crowd control absolutely allow him to survive in most cases. Yorick, for example, will struggle to avoid enemies while split pushing. Singed simply has to activate his skills and poison everyone around him. His ultimate also add to the survivability of this champ, buffing his defenses. 

In short, this is a fantastic champion who can move quickly to any lane without fear of enemies approaching him. Singed can easily run and won’t be chased by anyone who is sane enough to know that we never chase this toxic split pusher.

8. Trundle

You have already seen the difference between Yorick and Singed and their pluses and minuses over each other. Now it is time to pay attention to someone who is a little bit better suited for the role of a split pusher.

Trundle is a perfect champion for this strategy. The abilities of this champion, together with his passive Ensure his survival, speed, and, most importantly, damage.

This champion is a machine for destroying towers. He has all sorts of great abilities for this purpose. Trundle can gain increased attack speed and even damage. That makes him perfect for taking on turrets while the minions are tanking the damage. He can easily ruin a lane if you don’t pay attention to him.

As I said, he also has great chances of survival even if he gets a split while pushing. You saw the first example with Yorick, where he relied on his W to run from enemies, then you saw Fast Singed, who could run from anything. Now it is time to look at the trundle. Aside from his high speed, he also has great health regeneration. That makes him harder to kill in fights, be it one versus one or two versus one. His abilities are strong not only for split-pushing but also for fighting in such situations. 

The great damage he deals, plus the attack speed buffs and the life steal from his ultimate, are more than enough to tackle any enemy who goes on his way to stop him. He can heal and kill all of them if they haven’t grouped well, especially if they go after him one by one.

All of this makes this champion great for the purpose. Because he can move fast, heal, and destroy everything in front of him.

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7. Teemo

The little trickster is the next great split pusher on the list. Teemo has an amazing kit when it comes to this strategy. He is fast, has good vision, and can do decent damage with his auto-attacks.

When it comes to split pushing, you already know that map awareness is one of the most important things. Teemo is a champion who allows you to easily observe a lane. For example, you split push on the top, and you know you would do it there. You can use his ult and plant mushrooms to create a minefield in the bushes and in the river. 

By doing this, you will be able to observe the incoming enemies. The moment, in which they activate the mushroom traps. They will get slowed and take some great damage. At this moment, you can decide to either run, if there is more than one Or attack them and use the situation to earn some free gold.

As I said, Teemo is great when it comes to speed. With his abilities, he can easily avoid enemies. All he has to do is activate W and run as fast as he can.

Another thing that makes him a great split pusher is his ability to become invisible. For example, if you see multiple enemies surrounding you while split pushing. All you have to do with teemo is to get out of sight. Stay still and become invisible. Once you do so, your enemies will be confused and will have a hard time finding you. 

In the end, Teemo is perfect for spitting out. He can mine the whole lane, secure vision, and interrupt the upcoming enemies. He can take turrets easily by spamming auto attacks with the waves tanking the turret hits. On top of that, he can run fast with his sword and can become invisible. All of this guarantees his survivability and makes him perfect for the job.

6. Camile

Another super mobile champion, great for split pushing. As you already see, the trend for split pushing goes to the mobility and survivability of individuals. That is simply because no one wants a split pusher who goes top, for example, trying to push and get caught and killed. That will only bring the team down, so survivability and damage are the keys to the best split pushers.

Camile is the embodiment of these two. She is slippery and can dodge enemies well. She also deals great damage with her auto-attack and can even get a nice shield. Her kit is perfect for pushing lanes like this one. For example, when the enemies are distracted, you will at most face one or two opponents. 

If that is not enough, Camile is great for team fights. That means that even if she can’t push the lane to the end and finish the game. By gaining gold and going ahead. Camile will be able to add to the team’s total. Her abilities will allow her to give the team an advantage in one way or another. As long as you play properly and do not miss opportunities,

In the end, this champion has everything a split pusher needs. One vs. one or two vs. one. And finally, great damage to take down enemies, turrets, and minions.

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5. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is another example of a great split that is entirely dependent on his mobility. By mobility, in this case, I mean his ultimate ability. Aside from this one, TF doesn’t have any other skills that make him faster or allow him to easily outrun enemies.

The strategy with this champion is that you have to rely on items, his ultimate skill, and the summoner spell teleport. 

With Twisted Fate, you will need a good item build in order to do the damage on the turrets. Otherwise, he will not be able to push well. For example, you can make great use of him if you have Lich Bane. This item provides him with the stats he desperately requires. Some good movement speed bonuses. And the spell blade passive, which is a must for him if you want to split push.

When it comes to his abilities, TF’s best skill for split pushing is his R. This is simply because he can move to a different lane while the teams are keeping each other busy and in check. Then Twisted Fate will easily be able to push the minion waves and towers for quite some time.

He also relies on teleportation. Similar to his ultimate, he can use both for the purpose of split pushing. Or use one to teleport in a lane and when there is a danger, use the second to teleport out. That, of course, should be a last resort. Of his other abilities, the only useful one for split pushing is his W (pick a card). With this ability, he can deal extra damage to waves, get some mana, or stun an enemy that is chasing him.

In the end, he is a great champion for split pushing for the sole reason of his ult and TP combo. That gives him the great opportunity to be wherever he wants to be on the map. And to move out of there as soon as there is a need to. Using this strategy, Twisted Fate can easily push the lanes without dying and causing problems for the team.

4. Nasus

What makes him a good split pusher? Unlike the previous choices on the list, Nasus is a great split pusher purely for his damage and survivability.

Nasus is a top champion that can be built in a variety of ways. You can see players build him on ability power. Some on attack damage, or the most often built tank version. He is great for split pushing in his tank build. 

Now, although some may not agree, The Nasus tank is the hardest version of his build to kill. He will stack on armor and magic resistance with tons of HP. Together with his ultimate ability bonuses, he will be even harder to kill. All of this allows him to not worry about enemies who can come and try to stop him from splitting the lane. Especially in the late game, where he would be ahead with his stacks (Q stacks).

The champion relies on his stacks to deal damage with his Q. As you know, it takes time to stack properly in order to be able to deal serious damage. But it is very good. If you want to use the split push strategy in the late game or when your team is losing. It is great, simply because using only his Q. Nasus can destroy turrets like minions. He is strongly advancing all the way to the enemy Nexus if no one tries to stop him.

He also has a high life-steal percentage, which greatly aids his survival. Nasus can survive most one-versus-one fights when split-pushing and even one-versus-two or three enemies. All this if he has stacked well and has over 250 or 300 stacks. Another great ability of his. Is his W, which allows him to slow enemies. In this way, even if he gets outnumbered and can’t handle the fight, Nasus can simply run by slowing down the most dangerous of the opponents.

In the end, this champion is great for this strategy. Moreover, in late games or when no one has paid attention to him early in the game and let him stack well, If played with teleport and ghost, Nasus is even more dangerous and has better chances of surviving. Overall, he can push hard and survive no matter what.

3. Fiora

Time to move on to the top three split pushers in League of Legends. As for third place, I ranked Fiora. She is an amazing champion who can do the job perfectly if you know how to play her properly.

Fiora, like Thep, can rely on some mobility due to her Q skill. That allows her to properly position herself in relation to the enemy champions and even run alongside them if necessary.

The champion relies on attack damage, which means she will be able to deal a lot of damage in the mid-to-late game. As Fiora is a duelist, I doubt anyone would build her tank, but you never know. Anyway, once you have built her to some extent. Fiora will be able to poke the enemies. Deal great damage, run in and out. And be able to perform great split pushes.

One of the benefits of using her on this strategy is that she is extremely powerful in one-on-one battles. That her opponents will need to send more than one champion if they want to stop her split pushing. That is because of her ult and skills. Are made in a way that gives her the upper hand in duels. With her kit, she is even able to deplete the HP of the tankiest champions like it was nothing. That is why she is hard to deal with in one versus one. 

As you already know, unless they are super fed, no one would dare to one versus one her while she splits pushes. In this case, the enemy will most likely send at least two champions against her. That will give your team the chance to push other lanes or initiate team efforts while outnumbering the opponents.

You have few worries when it comes to survivability. Fiora skills, as I said, are great for fighting enemies, be it one vs. one or two vs one. She can simply use her ult, e, and q and easily kill the enemies. The healing and attack speed from her abilities will greatly aid this. And she will end up victorious.

Overall, there is nothing much different from the other champions on the list. The reason she is higher ranked than them is that, aside from her survivability. Fiora has probably one of the best chances to win when the opportunity comes to stop her split pushing. She doesn’t need to run and can easily overpower them. On top of that, she has great attack speed, damage, and even healing. All of this makes her perfect for the task.

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2. Tryndamere

Second, on the list is the nightmare for every team when it comes to spilled pushing. Tryndamere is a champion, which you will see mostly on the top lane. He is mainly played in the low to mid-elo of the game. As he is not used often by pros due to some of his weaknesses. 

Tryndamere is probably one of the best when it comes to this strategy. He deals tons of damage, has great mobility, great survivability due to his healing abilities, can slow the enemies and abuse them, and finally, his ultimate, which greatly aids him in his last push.

On to his early game, you can easily see him going in for fights with the enemy. He has a great advantage in the mid to early game purely due to his rage and abilities. 

If he has the items, he will frequently split push the enemy lanes in the late game. That is a normal strategy when you play Tryndamere. His build is based on attack damage. You need gold to get items, so farming and pushing are the best ways for him to get it. Especially if your team is behind in coins in comparison to the enemy.

When it comes to the split pushing itself together, This comes down to his basic attack. Based on his build, the attack damage of Tryndamere is quite buffed. That allows him to easily deplete the HP of the turrets and advance further.

When it comes to his E, he can use it either to clear waves, damage enemies or simply avoid them and run out to a safer point. That is his most mobile skill in the arsenal, which can be utilized in many different ways.

His Q, as you know, aids his survivability because it heals him based on his rage and specific to the skill level amount of HP. That, combined with the life steal, would have most likely made him capable of fighting, even against more than one champion.

These two abilities are sufficient for him to feel safe while split pushing. In case the enemy comes to stop him, Trynda can fight multiple of them, relying on his critical strike damage. Due to his healing abilities and great damage, it will be easy for him to win. In case the enemy decides to run, Trynda can simply use W and slow them down. 

In a situation where he is outnumbered and unable to run, You can use his ultimate ability. That will give him the chance to kill all the opponents and survivors. One small piece of advice I will give you is that, in most cases, you use R. It is better to fight and kill the enemy than to try to run away. That is the best option, even more so if your opponent is a squishy ADCC or mid laner.

As a final note for this chapter, I can say that he is great for split pushing. He can easily fight enemies, take turrets, and easily move in between lanes without getting bothered by enemies. His e allows him to roam the jungle freely if he must. All this, plus his great survivability abilities and high damage, makes him perfect if you have to split push to win.

1. Jax

Jax ranked first on our list. He is the perfect champion for split-pushing strategy. This champion has all that is needed for it. He is mobile, has damage, and has great survivability due to his ult and passives. Jax also has great crowd control, which allows him to split push even easier.

Let’s start with his mobility. You most likely know this or not, but he can easily jump over minions, allies, and wards. This ability to dash is what allows him to easily move around the map. Go deep into pushing turrets and then safely retreat, avoiding enemies. This skill is perfect when it comes to this strategy, as it allows him to position well and retreat if he needs to.

He deals tons of damage. It all depends on your build, but most of the builds you will see all revolve around the same or similar items. They give Jax the extra damage he needs when it comes to damaging turrets or fighting enemy champions. Due to his abilities, you don’t even have to build him a tank. His R and his CC ability are what makes it possible, and you can simply focus on the damage so you can push easily. If that is not enough, his W will even increase the damage you deal.

Crowd control, yep, he has that. Using his E, Jax can avoid most of the incoming attacks, if not all of them. That not only allows him to fight without fear, but it is even worse for Enemies. he does so, the enemy champs become an easy target for him. Combining E with his Q is what many people fear when they see this champion in a one-on-one match. Using them well will guarantee you an easy time when split pushing.

It is based mainly on his skills like E and Q. But also on his Ultimate ability, which gives him extra damage, armor, and magic resistance. For a short time, this can buff him to sustain more damage than usual. Allowing him to escape if he cannot handle the enemies.

In the end, Jax is the best for split pushing. That is because his overall skills cover all of the things you need for a perfect split push. He has mobility, damage, survivability, and crowd control. With Jax, it will be easy to control the lane, gain an advantage, and win the game for your teammates.


As a final word, I can say that every champion can split push. But that doesn’t mean all of them are good for it. 

In this ranking, you read about the best of the best champs who can split push effectively in League of Legends.

Each of them has its own pros and cons. With the higher ranking, the cons were getting less and less, until you finally read about Jax.

So far, he is the best in the league for split pushing. Given what you have read about He has mobility, deals tons of damage can survive almost anything, and if he can’t, he will simply run from it. If he decides he can take on his attackers, he will simply chase them down. With appropriate summoner spells, he will be even more dangerous.

Finally, League of Legends is a game with many strategies. Split pushing is merely one of them, and by far not the best. Everything in this game depends on how the matchup is going. There are too many details in a game to simply rely on a strategy you have learned. In the final, I advise you to pay attention to the game process, how the game progresses, and always be on the map.

Thank you for reading this article!

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