Best Waveclear Mid Laners in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends players! Are you ready for summer holidays and League of Legends matches all day long, to shorten the summer heat? All gamers know that there is no better time than summer to relax and play games in the shade under the air conditioner. 

At least in Europe, which has already started with summer temperatures and heat waves. Fortunately, with League of Legends (and the Internet) it will never be boring. Today we have prepared another guide that contains valuable tips important for your game. 

We will talk about the famous waveclear mid lane champions and what makes them special. You will probably be familiar with these champions without even knowing that they have the ability to be the best waveclear champions. 

But that’s why you’re here today, and after reading this article, be prepared to take your gameplay to the next level.

But first, the basics.

Are you already familiar with the term wave clear? Do you know what it means when players say they will now push the wave or freeze the wave? Or do you look confused because you don’t know what this one is saying? Let’s find out what wave clear is in the League of Legends.

League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that was launched on the gaming market back in 2009. Since 2009, many things have changed, the way the game is played, the map on which the match takes place and much more. 

League of Legends has become a topical game in esports competitions, and professional League of Legends players promote the League of Legends on a daily basis through a variety of streaming platforms. 

So, being part of the League of Legends community is a very positive experience that offers players the opportunity to become professionals and turn their favorite hobby, gaming, into a professional career as we see it every day.

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What is Wave Clear in League of Legends?

As we all know, League of Legends has its own terminology and vocabulary that is sometimes difficult to follow. Players imaginatively create new concepts and incorporate them into their regular speech when playing matches or commenting on League of Legends forums. 

Some terms like “noob” or “lag” are common to us, but some are not. One of them is the term ´wave clear´ which is related to complete ´wave management´ in the League of Legends. Are you confused?

Well, don´t be, now you will see how easy it is to learn this concept.

When we talk about wave management in the League of Legends we are actually talking about controlling the minions that come in waves every 30 seconds. Wave clear is when your champion cleans the lane of minions to get to the enemy turret as soon as possible, simply put. 

Players can clean the lane for other reasons, for example, if they want to go and help players on some other lane, they will want to clean theirs as soon as possible and let the minions do the work.

So, if you are on your lane and killing minions, it is in that situation that the wave clear takes place.

Like everyone in the League of Legends, some champions are much better at it than others. That’s why we singled out 5 best wave clear mid lane champions and put them on the list.

5. Ahri

The most famous fox in the gaming community, Ahri, is great at cleaning mid lane from enemy minions. Also, she looks great while doing it. With her Q and W abilities she can very quickly clean up the lane and go help her teammates. 

She deservedly took a place on this list because she is the AP champion, when the game comes to its later stage Ahri is very powerful and can be a big threat to enemy champions. 

Also, she has an ult that allows her to escape quickly if she finds herself in danger, or that ult can help her go head-hunting. It is said that she ate her boyfriend a long time ago, minions will come as a snack for her.

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4. Lux

Everyone who likes to play with Lux knows how ideal her “Final Spark” is in a situation when you need to quickly clean the lane of enemy minions. Especially when the cooldown gets short so Lux can very often use her Final Spark. Her Q and E abilities are ideal when she wants to control a minion wave. 

Later, when Lux buys a few key items she becomes an even stronger champion whose stun can determine the result of team fight. Also, she doesn’t have to be next to her teammates because her ult has a long range so from any position on the Lux map she can help her teammates. 

Her ult is ideal and if she wants to steal Baron Nashor or Dragon from the enemy team, she just has to make sure to cast her ult on time.

3. Twisted Fate

There’s nothing worse than when Twisted Fate finds himself nearby and starts throwing cards from his card deck. It is not known if it is worse to be hit by a blue, yellow or red card. 

But, if you choose to play with Twisted Fate, you will be able to easily clear your lane of enemy minions and thus take control of lane. At the beginning of the game Twisted Fate needs poke minions all the time and from time to time to attack the enemy champion, but nothing more than that because it endangers his life. 

When he gets his ult that allows him to teleport, Twisted Fate can gank other lanes to help his teammates, or he can go to other lanes and clean it up quickly. 

Choose Twisted Fate if you want to harass your enemies at the same time and push the lanes whenever you want.

2. Talon

With his W, Talon can quickly clear the entire lane of enemy minions. When he collects enough gold (which is very fast in his case) he can buy items that will further help him strengthen and embark on a campaign against the enemy Nexus. 

If Talon has Ignite it is assumed that he will play aggressively. His dominance will very quickly come to the fore and ensure he kills the enemy champion who gets in his way. 

With Youmuu´s Ghostblade he will be able to move even faster on the map, which means that he will be able to clean other lanes as well.

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1. Vel´Koz

In the first place is Vel´Koz who has a perfect kit which makes him an ideal champion for clearing the mid lane from minions. 

At the very beginning of the game his W is most significant when it comes to wave clearing. When he takes control of his lane Vel´Koz can go to other lanes and help his teammates. 

His aggressive play will come in handy when the game reaches its peak, and the abilities he possesses will help him easily kill enemy champions and clear lane from minions, at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Now it is a little clearer to you what we are talking about when we talk about wave clearing. Wave clearing is a term we use when we want to talk about cleaning lane from enemy minions. 

That way, the road is cleared for our minions who can easily reach the enemy turret and start destroying it. Some champions have abilities that unfortunately cannot be applied to minions, while others have ideal abilities that can quickly and easily kill enemy minions. 

On this list there are only 5 champions who play on mid lane, and at the same time who are the ideal choice for wave clearing. If you think we forgot someone, feel free to comment. Good luck and have fun playing League of Legends!

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