How To Build on Blitzcrank – Everything To Know for Season 13!

Blitzcrank skin in League of Legends

Blitzcrank is one of the few champions in the game with a hook ability in LoL Season 13. That being said, Blitzcrank’s hook is arguably the most obnoxious to face and the biggest ‘F U’ to the face of any ADC player that dares to step anywhere near its maximum radius.

While Pyke or Thresh’s hook might not always result in instant death at level 3, a Blitzcrank handshake would certainly bring you close if not finish you off most of the time, unless of course you preemptively flash it.

This is what you should know about Blitzcrank in Season 13 as a champion in League of Legends.

Blitzcrank is primarily a Tank champion in League of Legends. His Q and R do have an AP ratio but since he is reliant on being successful by building tank, he doesn’t usually build AP to utilize those AP ratios.

However, there are builds for Blitzcrank that include some AP items alongside the standard tanky ones since his ultimate is on a relatively low cooldown and does decent damage when he builds AP. Blitzcrank is known to tank and pull people whenever he pleases. A Blitzcrank hook is an ADC player’s worst nightmare in lane.

Blitzcrank makes use of mental torture a lot in his gameplay. Since his hook is on a 20-second cooldown at level 1, most players will get level 3 and hover and zone the enemy ADC away from the minions with the threat of the hook, without actually using the hook itself until they see fit.

This sort of gameplay keeps the enemy team always on edge and unable to perform to their capacity, since they spend half their time wondering when Blitzcrank is going to try to hook them.

It is for these reasons that Blitzcrank has historically been one of the most played supports in Solo Q when the meta favors him. After the recent durability update, enchanters have phased out engagers in the bottom lane, but there will be a time soon enough when blitzcrank is on top of the winrate ladder yet again.

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Is The Standard Blitz Build Worth It In LoL S13?

Blitzcrank may not be known for his damage, but he is notorious for his hooks. Even though his winrate feels lackluster right now to say the least, I would argue that he is still better than most other hooking champions after the durability patch. Currently, he rests on a respectable 50.1% winrate in Platinum+.

How Do You Play Standard Blitzcrank In LoL S13?

If you are looking for a build for Blitzcrank that will dominate while working well in the current meta, We have it.

Best Runes for Standard Blitzcrank  in LoL S13:

Best Runes for Standard Blitzcrank

  • Glacial Augment- Immobilizing an enemy champion will cause 3 glacial rays to emanate from them towards you and other nearby enemy champions, creating icy zones that last for 3 (+ 100% of the immobilizing effect’s duration) seconds.
    Enemies within the icy zones are slowed by 30% (+ 3% per 100 AP) and have their damage reduced by 15% against your allies. This means that in addition to the confirmed grave that is your Q, even if they manage to instant flash after being pulled, they will still be slowed for a minimum of 3 seconds, which is plenty of time for your ADC to kill the enemy you pulled.
  • Hextech Flashtraption- While Flash Flash has a remaining cooldown greater than 2 seconds, it is replaced by Hexflash.
    You can begin charging for up to 2.5 seconds, increasing Hexflash’s range over the duration. After at least 1 second, you can reactivate the spell, which is automatically done so when the charge completes without reactivation. Releasing the charge earlier than 1 second or entering combat with an enemy champion will put Hexflash on cooldown for 10 seconds.
    Upon recasting, you blink to the target location within range.
  • Biscuit Delivery- Receive a Biscuit at 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00. Consuming a Biscuit will instantly restore 40 mana and permanently increase your maximum mana by the same amount, in addition to its effects.
  • Cosmic Insight- Gain 18 summoner spell haste and 10 item haste.


  • Bone Plating- After taking damage from an enemy champion, for 1.5 seconds, the next 3 spells or attacks you receive from the same enemy champion deal 30 − 60 (based on level) less damage (including true damage).
  • Unflinching- Gain 5% − 25% (based on missing health) slow resist and tenacity. 

For bonuses, go AP and double armor or Mr depending on the matchup.

Best Standard Blitzcrank Item build in Season 13 (in order):

  • Mobility Boots- Very good to pressure enemies into a hook or just to zone them off of the wave. Also, a great tool to roam more efficiently.
  • Locket Of The Iron Solari- An instant shield to Protect yourself and/or your ADC from instant death, possibly saving their lives.
  • Zeke’s Convergence- Gives your ADC a burning fire attack on hit when they use their ultimate ability, really good to increase the DPS of your ADC
  • Watchful Wardstone- Gives decent stats for the money and offers an opportunity to hold more than two control wards at the same time
  • Knight’s Vow- Shares the damage your ADC takes vs a burst-oriented team and directs a portion of it to you, making them tankier.
  • Force Of Nature- Gives you a lot of magic resistance as well as flat reduced magic damage taken.

Other than these items though, Blitzcrank can also build Plated steelcaps, Mercury’s treads, Everfrost, Hextech Rocketbelt, Imperial Mandate, Evenshroud, Anathema’s Chains, Frozen Heart, and Thornmail.

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What Lane Is Blitzcrank?

Best lane for Blitzcrank

As stated before, Blitzcrank is a support champion through and through. While in the past people have tried to play him in various lanes including in mid and toplane, he can only really work as a support. His kit is designed in such a way that to play him in a solo lane is comparable to shooting yourself in the foot to try and run a marathon.

This build is specifically chosen to work the best in the bottom lane alongside an ADC, so that is where I would recommend playing him if you feel like winning.

When To Pick Blitzcrank?

Blitzcrank is best picked into anything other than Morgana or Zyra in the support role as well as Ezreal and Samira in the bottom lane. Blitz is especially good to pick into immobile ADCs like Ashe and Aphelios because there is little they can even do versus your pressure and your hook combo.

Even though Blitz has been weaker ever since the durability patch that made every champion a bit tankier, Blitz is still an excellent pick over many others due to the versatility of his playstyle. However, Do consider picking Blitzcrank when your team has enough damage to finish the champions you manage to pull. You wouldn’t want to aim well to pull someone only to have your team sh*t the bed and do nothing because they have no damage.

Final Thoughts

Blitzcrank is traditionally one of the most popular support champions in League of Legends Season 13 for good reasons, some of which I have listed here today. If you have never played him before, I would urge you to give him a try with the runes I recommended above, and see if you like it. If not, that’s okay.

There’s a different champion for everyone in League, and you just need to try all of them until you land on something you like more than the others.

I sincerely hope this article has proved helpful in providing basic insight into the fun experience of a champion that is Blitzcrank in the new LoL S13. Do leave any thoughts or suggestions down in the comments section below, it helps us out a ton!

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