5 Best Supports for Ezreal in League of Legends

Ezreal is one of the best ADC that you can play on weakside bot lane. Weakside means playing alone in one lane without the aid or scams of any of your other teammates. This means his support will be roaming around more often than staying to help Ezreal. While you can play the weak side, there are still support champions that work great at helping ezreal and staying in the lane instead of roaming around. With that, let us look at five great support champions you can pair with Ezreal.

1. Lux

A heavy poke lane that can lead to lethal wombo combos. Nothing beats the early game of this duo, as their poke is pretty solid and long-range. Lux is also excellent support that can transition to a carry in the late game. The deadliest engagement of this duo is when Lux catches one enemy with her Q; once this happens, it’s pretty much game over for the champion that’s been caught

Best item for Lux

Luden’s Tempest

Being a poke champion, you need an item that gives you a boost in mana and enhances your AOE damage. Luden’s tempest is an excellent buy on Lux. Even if it’s not complete yet, its item components have unique passives that help Lux become a better lane poke champion.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Aggressive poking while keeping in mind your mana is the best playstyle you can do with Lux as support for Ezreal in the laning phase. Ezreal doesn’t have significant damage during this phase, so that the damage will come from Lux’s combos. 

Try to poke enemies to get them to half health and wait for all of your cooldowns to come back. Once they are all off cooldown, look for an engagement that Ezreal can easily follow up on. With Ezreal’s E, it’s pretty much easy to secure an early game kill even if the enemy flashes away.

Mid Game Playstyle

Try to find picks alongside Ezreal in the mid-game; your burst is enough to bring any champion’s HP down to a quarter, making it easy for Ezreal to hit last and secure gold leads. Ezreal can also be built aggressively to snowball until the late game. Try to end the game during this phase, though Ezreal’s value might fall in the late game.

Late Game Playstyle

If the game comes to this point, you will deal damage instead of Ezreal. Ezreal’s damage loses value in the late game so try to burst enemies down whenever you can. Both of your pokes are still valuable before starting teamfights, however, so try to do that while avoiding being damaged back.

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2. Karma

Joining Ezreal’s pokes is the best way to support him and win the lane in the early game. After all, if you can push a lane fast enough that it stays under the tower, both you and Ezreal can harass enemies under the turret. This is an excellent tactic because it puts too much pressure on your enemies, and they will also have a hard time taking CS. 

The best item on Karma

Imperial Mandate

Kara’s pokes are frequent, meaning she can proc this item’s passive multiple times before running out of mana. It will also be accessible for Ezreal to proc the effect of this item as Karma’s Q has a slow, making It harder for enemies to sidestep.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

If the opposing laners have weak pokes and trading abilities, try to play aggressively and engage using your Root and empowered Q combo. Ezreal can easily follow up on this with his combos, and if you manage to gain the HP advantage over them, try to control the minions, so the enemies don’t have any means of gaining gold and exp. Once you have a lead, try to push the lane fast enough to bring the wave under the tower every time. Poke them every time they try to CS and push the tower fast.

Mid Game Playstyle

Karma has an excellent initiating ability, and her shields can also be used when initiating a fight. Her pokes are still relevant in the mid-game, so continue abusing it. 

Late Game Playstyle

Once the late game comes, Karma should stay beside Ezreal in the backline and use both of their abilities to poke enemies just before team fights erupt. Her burst damage is substantial whenever it is empowered by her ultimate. Combine their long-range pokes, and this duo will demolish team fights even before it starts.

3. Thresh

It’s pretty hard to hit your Q’s, especially when facing players who sidestep like a faker. Luckily you can pick a support that can stun, slow, and displace enemies while also dealing lots of early game damage himself. Thresh is excellent support for Ezreal as he makes Ezreal even more mobile with his lantern. No champion can run away from this duo.

Best item for Thresh

Shurelya’s Blessing

A great item to initiate kills or engages enables him and Ezreal to chase enemies better and disengage faster. If Thresh’s lantern is down along with Ezreal’s E, they can use it to disengage from team fights. 

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Try to be aggressive with your hooks in the early game, especially if you have the aftershock rune. Thresh has great level 1 damage stats to easily trade with enemies. Once you hit a champion with your hook, it will be easy for ezreal to hit his W + Q poke that can bring the enemy’s HP down to a half. A hp advantage in the laning phase is always great and can gain lane dominance.

Mid Game Playstyle

Deward often so you can set up kills for Ezreal more frequently; hiding in bush and surprising enemies with your hook or Flay is a great way to secure kills. Try to be aggressive while staying in the front line because you will be a tanky champion in the mid-game. You can use your lantern to peel Ezreal even when on the front lines.

Late Game Playstyle

Late game Thresh is quite tanky because of all his collected souls. Engaging enemies with your hook flay and ult will be much easier, and you don’t have to worry about leaving ezreal behind in the backline because he can self-peel with his E ability. 

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4. Morgana

Once Morg catches an enemy with her bind, Ezreal can quickly cast his Q multiple times on that enemy. YOUR Q WILL ALWAYS BE LETHAL whatever ADC you are playing with when using Morgana as support. Your damage as Morgana is already relatively high and is enough to bring an enemy’s HP down with just your Q + W combo. 

Best item for Morgana

Liandry’s + Demon Embrace

This is a very poke-reliant build that can be lethal once both items are built. The mid-game will see the value of this item combo and will likely kill enemies even without Ezreal’s pokes’ aid. 

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Gain lane dominance by using your Q and W combo on the enemy ADC every time you see an opening; if you manage to keep him away from minions, you can use this to control the minions for five waves and gain a level and gold advantage with Ezreal. After this, push them under the tower and continue harassing them with your long-range abilities along with Ezreal’s pokes. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Peel Ezreal with your black shield but continue initiating fights with your combo; your ult is also a great way to initiate fights and lock enemies down for more than five seconds. That is, if they survive your initial damages along with Ezreal’s burst.

Late Game Playstyle

Continue poking alongside Ezreal, but every time a team fight erupts; try to find a five-person stun with your ultimate. Ezreal can also deal AOE damage with his ultimate, and your skills stacked on each other is enough to bring multiple enemies down, and your team can easily follow up. 

5. Yuumi

Yuumi’s value comes from the boost in stats she gives in every champion she clings on to. She also heals massive and is a great lifesaver every time a fight erupts. Yuumi can constantly cling to Ezreal and help him poke enemies. Her ult is also great at keeping Ezreal safe.

Best item for Yuumi

The staff of Flowing water

This item gives Ezreal the ability to haste every time yuumi shields her, making him cast his Q even faster.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

The only thing you can do in the early game is to poke enemies with your Q and heal Ezreal whenever he needs it. However, your stats boosts are significant, as they help Ezreal deal bonus damage with his spells.

Mid Game Playstyle

Ezreal doesn’t have the means to 1v1 champions, but both of you are great at poking enemies. It will help if you are looking for an all-in engagement when you see enemies on half health and initiate with your ultimate. Once every enemy is rooted, Ezreal can follow up with his ult to deal AOE Damage as well. It will be easy to chase enemies as Yuumi boosts your movement speed every time she heals you.

Late Game Playstyle

Your stat boost on Ezreal is already relatively big by now, and this could skyrocket Ezreal’s poke damage if he picks the correct items and runes.

Final Thoughts

Ezreal, despite his long-range, is still very squishy. Look out for assassins and adapt your build accordingly. Ezreal is a poke champion and is not great at fighting 1v1 against a Vayne or a Kaisa.

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