Is It Possible to Receive a DDoS in League of Legends?

Is It Possible to Receive a DDoS in League of Legends? Explained

DDoS attacks have become a hot topic around the internet. Websites and services increasingly suffer from these attacks, entirely disrupting their functions (and their users). League of Legends is no exception, with players now wondering if they can get DDoS-ed while in a League match. 

Well, that’s what we’re here to answer. But since it is short, we will first look into what DDoS is, how it’s used and how much damage it can actually cause. Demystifying things and enlightening the minds of our readers is a top priority, so we hope you enjoy this quick tech crash course on DDoS-ing in League and otherwise. 

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What is DDoS?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is the act of overloading a server with enough requests that it cannot handle and subsequently shuts itself down. Vastly used by internet trolls to take down websites they don’t like, it has become a staple of cyber attacks and is ever-present today. No one is safe from DDoS, and here’s why. 

Attacking and overloading servers has never been easier. Hundreds if not thousands of easy scripts and programs exist solely for this purpose. It used to require at least some technological knowledge. However, with the advent of scripts, even the most uneducated and non-tech people could effectively DDoS a site or service. 

These people are script kiddies, mostly teens who have nothing better to do but cause widespread mayhem on the internet. We’ve all been there, but never could we do something of the magnitude that these kids today can. 

DDoS-ing is done through a massive number of computers all sending requests incessantly to a server, causing it to go down. League of Legends, being a game perpetually online, is subject to something like this. 

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What can a DDoS do? 

At most, DDoS attacks take a service or site offline temporarily. It never lasts too long and can rarely be effectively damaging to anything. However, if it lasts long enough, it can disrupt the service provider financially, causing them to either switch server farms or lose money due to being offline. Notable cases of DDoS-ing are Amazon, which hosts the world’s largest server farm, used by tech giants such as Meta and Google. You can, then, see why attacking Amazon servers would be a considerable risk and financial issue for these companies. 

Can you get DDoS-ed in a League of Legends match? 

No, you can’t. But you can get DDoS-ed in general if someone gets hold of your router’s IP address. They can then cause lag, making the game unplayable, or entirely take you offline due to router overloading. It will take some time to get back up and likely even require intervention from your ISP. 

League itself can get DDoS-ed in the middle of a match, making lag unbearable or booting you out of the match. Whichever it is, it’d certainly be unpleasant. 

While you are safe from being DDoS-ed through League, you should keep safe and never reveal your IP addresses to anyone. You never know who is malicious enough to attack your router and cause trouble. Using a VPN is a good solution and way of protection. However, if someone is persistent enough – not even this will save you. So, firsthand safety is critical, and privacy is all you need to keep safe around the net. 


DDoS attacks have become an everyday part of life. With how quickly technology advances, especially in terms of scripts, it is insane how huge these attacks will be in the coming years. It will take nothing more than a few bored high school kids to take off the entirety of the Big Tech conglomerates down for a while. An exciting prospect, to be sure.

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I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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