How To Carry As An ADC in League of Legends?

How To Carry As An ADC in League of Legends? Complete Guide

Carrying your team to victory is one of the greatest adrenaline rushes one can get from a MOBA. Add the difficulties of being an AD carry to the mix, and there’s no one better than you on the rift. Unfortunately, being able to carry games as an ADC is easier said than done.

Since the role is generally the most mechanically complex in League of Legends, you’ll be finding yourself out of position much more than you might think. Luckily, there are a plethora of changes that you can make to your game style in order to live the prime carry dream.

As an AD carry, you’re generally required to play as safe as possible while dealing the maximum amount of late-game damage. Since you’re squishy, there are a lot of avenues for you to get one shot. Thus, your carry potential is defined from the draft.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at all the strategies and tips that can help you become a better ADC with a boosted carry potential. With that said, let’s jump in and get started!

How Does An ADC Work in League of Legends?

Carry as ADC Explained Guide in League of Legends

An ADC, as the name suggests – is a role where you’re expected to output consistent damage for your team. While this role is generally mostly played by marksmen, you do get to see some unconventional picks like Yasuo and Yone.

AD carries are not expected to come online from very early on. Rather, they farm up to reach their item power spikes to take over the game in the mid to late game. However, there are a handful of champions that do not follow this general rule.

Having said that, being an AD carry is a huge responsibility since you need to deal damage and kill the enemies while your team tank for you. Since you’re generally squishy, it’s very easy to take you down without much effort, thereby allowing your enemies to win the game.

Starring The Laning Phase

Since most of the action is performed by the supports in the early game, you won’t be looking to trade or pop-off much – unless the kills are served to you on a golden platter. That being said, your main focus is to farm up as much as possible in order to purchase the items you need for your late-game carry.

Assuming you’re aware of the income generated by CSing, you will be mostly good to go as long as you play this laning phase correctly. Unlike supports, the only time you’ll be rotating is for taking objectives, covering farm in the lane – or participating in winning teamfights.

Judging Your Power Spike

Carry as ADC Power Spike Guide in League of Legends

There are certain points in the game where certain champions become stronger than their opponent counterparts, or against all the opponents in general. While this power spike moment generally comes from items, it’s entirely possible for you to be going 16/0 and being ahead of the curve than anyone else.

That being said, you generally need to identify the moment where you’re legitimately stronger than anyone else on the board. If that moment doesn’t come, try identifying the time when you feel most confident in fighting. While your judgment might be false for the first few rounds, you will eventually get it correct.

Therefore, we recommend you to pay close attention to how your champion works on a ground level, so you can know when it’s a good time to take fights and when it’s not. Consequently, you will also have to take note of the flows of an ongoing battle. Whether it’s worth continuing the fight, or if it’s time to disengage.

Building Effectively

Carry as ADC Building Effectively Guide in League of Legends

ADC builds generally cost a lot when it comes to value for money. Since every game is played differently, you might have to change your builds to adjust according to the situation. For example, you might have to go Blade of The Ruined King in a match to counter their tanky Ornn and Braum.

In another battle, you could just be looking to weather the storm by purchasing Bloodthirster and Immortal Shieldbow. Regardless of your intentions, the end result is everything. Therefore, if you feel like you’re not gonna survive, then building damage is useless.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t forsake damage either, there is an entire pool of ADC items to choose from. Therefore, you won’t have much trouble as long as you can identify the correct ingredients to concoct the perfect build for a match.

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Don’t Get Cocky

Carry as ADC Cocky Guide in League of Legends

An ADC is a role that gets punished really hard if you overstep your bounds. No matter how fed you are, there is always that possibility for that 0/15 Darius to outright one-shot you solo. Hence, always try to play to peak perfection.

MOBAs demand your complete attention while gaming. Unlike FP Shooters, you don’t just have to reach. Rather, it’s an entire amalgamation of thinking, analyzing, eliciting, and countering in a fraction of seconds. Therefore, every second is a valuable unit.

In SoloQ, most leads are often thrown due to players getting a bit too cocky and making a major blunder. Riot has implemented massive comeback mechanics in the form of objective bounties into the game, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Work On Your Kiting

Carry as ADC Kiting Guide in League of Legends

As an ADC, your main task is to get the enemies away from you in order to survive. While this might sound easier than actually pulling it off, you can still improve your kiting in order to lower the chances of enemies catching you.

This includes better positioning, efficient clicking back and forth towards the target, and simply knowing the danger zone. As common sense entails, getting too close to a melee opponent enables him/her to damage you, thereby having a potential kill threat on you.

Therefore, instead of kiting in their face, it’s recommended that you remember the direction you’re facing in order to gap your opponent while dealing effective damage. While this mechanic can be used on certain melee champions as well, the ADC is the role where it all starts from.

Distribute Gold Effectively

Carry as ADC Gold Guide in League of Legends

There’s nothing on that map that doesn’t belong to you as an ADC. Kills? Yours! Objective Gold? All yours! Late Game Red Buffs? Yours to take! That being said, it is often better to only take what you can handle, and leave the rest for your team to capitalize on.

While you could be the goblin of your dreams and drain your teammates from their basic gold necessities, you shouldn’t then expect them to be effective meatshields either. Why? Because they don’t have the gold to build defense.

Therefore, it’s better if you take the situation of you and your team into consideration before going on your farming journeys. Also, if you’re getting starved due to your teammates hogging all the kills, then consider building Collectors.

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All in all, you could be the strongest character in the game, and still cannot carry unless you know how to snowball the game. This includes making fewer mistakes, punishing the enemy for your lead, and not making stupid decisions in general.

This is because they can come later to bite you in the back. While you can mitigate most of this by showing your post-defeat stats, they generally don’t matter. The nuance of ‘I carried’ only applies to players that try to lead their teams to victory.

League of Legends isn’t a hyper-casual game, nor is it a First Person Shooter. Therefore, you will have to do your best in order to get better and carry your team. High damage charts don’t mean you carried. Instead of being the superstar, try being the enabler instead, and your lead will automatically blossom into carrying potential.

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