How to Carry a Losing Team as an ADC

How to Carry a Losing Team as an ADC in League of Legends?

When playing ranked in League of Legends, the chances are that your team was losing in both gold and objectives. Since everyone on your team is behind the enemy, the game might look like it’s over and you cannot do anything. However, if you are an ADC player, worry not because we will show you how to carry a losing team as an ADC.

To carry your team as an ADC, you need to make sure that you focus on farm and have good positioning. Alongside that, you must also choose your fights extremely carefully since the enemy team will be quite strong and can easily ace you.

However, that’s not all. There are many things that go into carrying your team to victory. If you’d like to know more about that, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and find out how to carry a losing team as an ADC.

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Focus on Farming

Carry Losing Team as an ADC Farming Guide in League of Legends

The first thing you need to focus on is farming. You should also tell your team to focus on taking minions and jungle camps whenever possible so that they can decrease the gold lead. While I’m not saying that you should get the 10 cs per minute farm, you should focus on getting as many minions as possible. If your team is behind, the chances are that enemy minions will be mostly on your side of the map.

Take advantage of this and farm those minions as soon as you think it’s safe to do so. On top of that, always make sure that you clear out your jungle monsters. Otherwise, the enemy team will get them, forcing you into a rough spot. However, do not venture into your jungle without vision.

Make Use of Good Wards

Carry Losing Team as an ADC Good Wards Guide in League of Legends

Speaking of vision, you need to ensure that your team has good vision control of the map. Try to ward your side of the jungle as best as you can. This will ensure that you can roam into your jungle without worrying about getting ambushed by the enemy. As an ADC, you should buy the blue trinket that allows you to place a ward from far away. This saves you the hassle of going near a bush to place your ward; hence, keeping you out of danger.

Ask your support and other members of your team to ward the side of your jungle where you need to roam. This will allow you to avoid tons of free deaths and eventually catch one of the enemies off guard.

Avoid Teamfights For a While

Carry Losing Team as an ADC Teamfights Guide in League of Legends

Now, when you are behind the enemy team, you will want to avoid teamfights for a while. This can be quite difficult since this is something that isn’t entirely in your control. However, you can ping your team to be careful when the enemy is grouping up or avoid fighting more than two or three enemies at once.

By making use of good ward placement, you can catch one or two enemies roaming around without their team. This is your moment to strike. Attack them as a team and immediately run away after killing them. This will allow you to not only get picks on the enemy but also keep you safe as well.

Plus, only teamfight if you know it is in your favor. You can try to fight the enemy for drakes or baron if it comes to that. Otherwise, there is no use fighting the enemy if they are ahead and grouped up at mid.

Always Have Good Positioning

Carry Losing Team as an ADC Positioning Guide in League of Legends

This is an essential tip that can decide between a good ADC and a bad one. During a team fight, you must always ensure that you have good positioning. While this can be extremely difficult to do all the time, you must do it since your team is behind. Make sure that the enemy cannot get to you without having to go through your team.

Since ADCs are ranged champions, you can position yourself behind your team and preferably behind a wall or something as well. This will allow you to get free hits in without the enemy dealing damage back to you.

If the enemy has champions that can jump to you or dash toward you, make sure that you are next to another champion in your team so that you can use them to distract the enemy. Items like Galeforce help out a lot in these scenarios since you can use it to dash a short-range and reposition yourself to safety.

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Practice Kiting

Carry Losing Team as an ADC Kiting Guide in League of Legends

When playing ADC, you must be familiar with kiting. Mastering this mechanic will make you one of the best ADC player in your rank. There are several ways to kite so make sure that you practice them either in practice mode or during games. Kiting allows you to maximize your damage output while running away from the enemy champions simultaneously. However, this isn’t an easy mechanic to master so don’t worry if you don’t get the hang of it in a few games.

Adjust Your Build Accordingly

Carry Losing Team as an ADC Build Guide in League of Legends

I’ve seen many ADC players ignoring to build defensive items even when they are losing. Having defensive items can potentially save you from getting one shot from the enemy assassin. Especially after the recent durability update, you now have the chance to survive longer while having more time to make decisions.

If you feel that the enemy focuses on you, make sure that you build a Guardian Angel (GA) so that they cannot kill you instantly. It will not only provide you with good stats but also will revive you after a short duration when you are killed.

During this time, your team gets a chance to deal free damage to the enemy since they were too busy fighting you. Once you get revived immediately position yourself and start dealing damage again. Keep in mind that GA has a long cooldown so try to only pick teamfights when it is up again.

Apart from this,his, you can also make items such a Galeforce if the enemy has a lot of dashes. This will allow you to dash away and also avoid skillshots. On champions with low mobility such as Jhin, Aphelios, or Jinx, Galeforce is a good item to build.

On the other hand, if the enemy has a lot of tanks, you can build Kraken Slayer to ensure that you deal more damage to them and quickly dispose of the enemy team.

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Pick Meta Champions

Carry Losing Team as an ADC Meta Champions Guide in League of Legends

While you might disagree with this tip, picking meta champions with high winrates will help you win more games. Since the champions that are in meta are buffed by Riot, they have tons of damage and potential to carry games.

Make sure that you follow various League of Legends channels on YouTube or use some websites like Mobalytics or to find out what the latest meta picks are for every role.

This will help you choose the best champions and win more games. Plus, you’ll know what to ban as well after taking a look at which champions are performing well in the latest patch.

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