What is a Clown Fiesta in League of Legends?

Many players prefer to be serious when playing ranked matches in League of Legends. Typically, being serious means that you’ll win more games. But what if everyone started having fun and created a funny clown fiesta in League of Legends? 

If you don’t know what a clown fiesta is, then this is the place where you’ll learn. And, on top of that, you’re going to see the best clown fiesta moments in Esports League of Legends. 

Now, some of these funny moments happened way back in 2014, some earlier and some later. But, it’s essential to point out the silly side of professional gaming.

And, these clown fiesta moments might seem funny to us, but the professionals, not that much. For instance, imagine you’re a professional LoL gamer, and there are millions of people watching your tournament stream. You wouldn’t want to look silly, don’t you? Well, this happens to Esports gamers all the time.

Although we got used to it, they’re only human after all. And, let’s start with defining the clown fiesta in League of Legends.

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What’s a Clown Fiesta in League of Legends?

Clown Fiesta is a term used by casters referring to two different types of matches.

  1. Matches where both teams aren’t playing seriously. And these kinds of matches usually happen at the end of a split or a tournament with zero implication for either Esport team in the standings. Typically, both teams pick unusual champion picks or builds choices, players switching roles, and hyperaggressive gameplay from both teams.
  2. Matches where neither team can hold or get an advantage despite playing seriously, are often perceived to be the outcome of ineptitude from both sides. In this particular case, Clown Fiesta is used derisively. This situation is characterized by frequent high kill counts, lengthy game times, and lead changes.

Now, Clown Fiesta moments don’t just occur in tournaments, they can also occur in your normal everyday queues. Some players create new accounts on LoL to troll ranked games or build something that has never been built before. And you might experience a challenging game when a smurf joins the enemy team. 

Best Clown Fiesta Moments in Esports

1. G2 Esports vs. Fnatic (2019 LEC Spring)

While most European fans are a little bit used to the thought of G2 Esports defeating everything, the 2019 roster would ultimately go down in record as the most incredible European lineup.

Now, G2 is well-known for trolling games, but against their most formidable competitor Fnatic, most people anticipated them to bring their finest. Instead, they devolved from a Fnatic-favored massacre into a string of hopeless shots by G2 to claw back into the match. After a series of backdoor tries by none other than “Hylissang” Rakan, Fnatic hardly won out in a restless base race.

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2. Dignitas vs. Renegades (2016 LCS Spring)

This match between the two bottom-tier groups wasn’t thought to be anything remarkable. Weirdly enough, the match had two moments that happened almost back-to-back that will stick with fans forever. 

By nearly five minutes, the match reached a shape where there were four total dyings without a single crew getting a kill because two fellows of Dignitas died to the tower while another two associates of Renegades died from Rift Herald. Renegades eventually appeared victorious after a proper backdoor from top laner “Seraph” Wooyeong Shin, but that was the sort of game no one could feel excellent about winning.

3. Complexity vs. Curse (2014 LCS)

Complexity and Curse are names planted deep within the past of LCS. While it’s doubtful that either group will make another impression in the LCS in the future, they’ve left their mark.

Everyone may associate Curse with the fourth place (and Team Liquid), but this around-80 minute match is probably the only whiff left behind by team Complexity. And this game was probably one of the best Clown Fiesta moments in League of Legends. The game was primarily stagnant for the first 50 minutes until multiple teamfight throws ensued. Despite having numerous chances, none of the crews could end until ADC Robert “ROBERTxLEE” took the Nexus out himself.

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4. Royal Never Give Up vs. T1 (2019 Worlds Group Stage)

At the 2019 World Championship, fans desired the game to be as exciting and long as possible. RNG and T1, from the respective LoL Champions Korea and LoL Pro League, are groups with so much celebrity power that it’s hard to envision them stumbling up in a significant way.

RNG was in charge of a good part of the competition. The two squads ended up throwing the orb back and forth between them. Just as RNG created what could’ve stood as their final push, “Faker” called on his crew to teleport into the opponent’s base, and they ended up finishing the match once and for all.

5. 100 Thieves vs. TSM (2020 LCS Playoffs)

TSM has only earned an appearance in the finals once till now. And, the 2020 lineup was thought to allow them to do so once again. So, after displaying inconsistencies in all divisions, their playoff game against 100T could have gone either way.

That was a brutal five-game string that very quickly could’ve been a neat 3-1 by 100T. When all hope appeared lost in the fifth round, they barely crawled out of a teamfight before shooting 100 T’s base. Then, right before TSM brushed off, team leader Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg slipped in the very last auto attack needed to finish the match. If he hadn’t, team 100T would’ve been capable of ending right then and there.

Final Thoughts

The Clown Fiesta in League of legends can be very hilarious because of the spectacle players create. But, this sometimes can also be lousy gameplay from both teams. And, in the end, it never gets old to watch these pro teams screw the whole match up by playing silly.

So, this is all for today. We’ve covered what’s a clown fiesta and saw the best clown fiesta moments in League of Legends. Make sure to tell us which moment was your best. And your experience with clown fiesta in the comments below.

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