Do Ignites Stack in League of Legends?

Ignite is one of the most useful and popular summoner spells in League of Legends. 

It deals a minimum of seventy and a maximum of four hundred ten damage in True Damage, meaning the damage can be reduced by neither Armor nor Magic Resistance. 

Ignite deals damage over the course of 5 seconds and grants true vision of its target as well as applying forty percent Grievous Wounds on the target. 

So, if an enemy champion is Ignited, they will be seen by you and all your allies regardless of where they are or what skill they use and all the healing effects they get will be vastly reduced. 

Besides all its good properties though, Ignite has one downside: It does not stack. If you Ignite an enemy that has already been Ignited, they won’t take damage as though they have been hit with the same spell twice. 

Instead, the Ignite spell on them will just be refreshed. So, it might not always be a good idea to Ignite an enemy who has already been Ignited.  

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