Does Yuumi Go Invisible With Twitch?

Does Yuumi Go Invisible With Twitch in League of Legends?

Yuumi is a support champion in League of Legends that can heal her allies and poke the enemy as well. She is a great support that can change the entire teamfight thanks to her strong abilities. While most players dislike her, it cannot be denied that Yuumi is quite strong and you should almost always ban her in ranked matches.

The best – or worst depending on how you look at it – part of Yuumi is that she can become untargetable and attach to her allies. This allows her to use her healing and poking abilities without any worries of getting attacked.

Since she can attach to every champion in the game, most new players often ask if she can go invisible with champions that have abilities such as Twitch.

When Twitch uses his invisibility spell, Yuumi can go invisible with him as well. She will only be revealed if she detaches herself from Twitch or uses any spells.

If you are curious to know what you should do as Yuumi when Twitch is invisible, continue reading to find out. Plus, we will also talk about Yuumi’s abilities if you are a new player wanting to main her.

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What Does Yuumi Do?

First of all, let’s take a look at what Yuumi does so that you can be familiar with the champion. If you want to main her or are a new player, it is crucial to understand what she does to ensure that you properly play her.

Does Yuumi Go Invisible With Twitch in League of Legends? Complete Guide

Yuumi’s Q allows her to throw a projectile that travels in a straight line. After a second or two, it grows larger and will deal more damage to the enemy. Plus, it will also slow the enemy that it hits.

On the other hand, if Yuumi is attached to any of her allies, her Q remains the same but she can control it. The projectile will follow your cursor. So, you can easily move it around minions and hit the enemy champion.

What does Yuumi do when Twitch becomes invisible in League of Legends?

Her W is the reason most players hate Yuumi. She can attach to any of her allies and become untargetable. While she cannot use her auto attacks when attached to an ally, she can use the rest of her abilities. Plus, Yuumi also gives some stats to her ally that she is attached to as well.

Does Yuumi Go Invisible With Twitch in League of Legends? LoL Guide

Yuumi’s E allows her to heal either herself or her ally. If she is not attached to anyone, she heals herself and moves faster. On the other hand, if Yuumi is attached to a champion, she will heal them and increase their movement speed as well. This is a great ability to sustain your ally during the laning phase or during a fight.

Does Yuumi Go Invisible With Twitch in League of Legends? Explained Guide

Finally, her R is a strong ultimate that can allow you to either engage or disengage the enemy. Upon using it, Yuumi will use her magical book to fire seven spells in a straight line. This ability has a decent range and size.

Any enemies hit by it will take damage and be slowed. If an enemy is hit with three or more spells, they will be rooted and will not be able to move for a while. You can use this while running to ensure that you and your ally get away safely.

Alternatively, you can also use it while chasing an enemy to make sure that they do not run away and are killed. Plus, during teamfights, you can use your ultimate to root the majority of the enemy team while your team damages them.

The best part about this ability is that since the projectiles come from Yuumi, you can move around to make sure that it hits everyone. Plus, you can even use your W to attach to a different ally as well during this phase.

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How to Play As Yuumi When Twitch Becomes Invisible

Play Yuumi when Twitch becomes invisible in League of Legends

Now that we know what Yuumi is capable of, let’s talk about how you should play when you are attached to Twitch. First of all, make sure that you are always poking the enemy in the laning phase. This will ensure that they cannot engage on your ADC.

If they damage your ADC, you should heal them so that they can stay in the lane longer and farm minions. Plus, this will allow your ADC to stay alive and not give kills to the enemy as well.

When you are running low on mana, detach from Twitch and try to land an auto attack on the enemy champion. This will not only give you some mana back but also give you a shield as well. If you attach to your ADC then, they will also gain that sheild.

Now, when Twitch goes invisible, make sure that you do not use any of your abilities. If you use your Q, the enemy will see the projectile. While Twitch will remain invisible, the enemy will be aware that you are around them.

Instead, only use your E to give Twitch some movement speed. When you are certain that he is about to engage, you can start using your spells. Ideally, if both of you are level 6, wait for Twitch to get close to the enemy and use your ultimate.

This will allow your ADC to easily kill the enemy while they remain rooted. Plus, the enemy will not be prepared for you and they will not know what hit them. Keep in mind that you can attach to Twitch even after he goes invisible.

However, in that case, the enemy will know for certain that Twitch is around them and he is invisible. You should try to attach to Twitch when he is out of vision so that the enemy does not know what’s going on.

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