7 Easiest Supports in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends players, are you satisfied with the progress so far this ranked season? If you haven’t, luckily you have plenty of time to fix your score. In this MOBA game, the goal is to be part of the winning team that brings home the League Points at the end of the match. Winning League Points is not easy – many factors must match to win. 

Players must cooperate, have a common strategy in the fight against enemy champions, know how to use all the possibilities of their champion, and reach the enemy Nexus before the enemy team reaches their base. This mission is not easy but that is why it is a pleasure to win the League of Legends match.

So as not to babble too much, it’s time to tell you something about why you opened this article. You’re interested in the easiest support champions, aren’t you? In League of Legends, supports are forever on the wallpaper for harassment. Mostly because they steal minions in front of their ADC, don’t put wards on Summoner’s Rift map, or don’t protect their ADC. We can until tomorrow, surely everyone can say at least one reason why support champions are the most hated.

However, support roles are demanding roles because in addition to having to keep your back to your ADC, you also have to be careful not to die and to contribute to your team in any way. Some will say that support roles is the weakest and most incompetent role in the range, but this is really not the case. Supporting roles can be one of the most important roles during a match, only if you know how to play it properly.

As a support, you must know how to play with a minimum amount of gold and be of constant help to your ADC and Jungler. So, before you decide to build your career as a support player, study the guides on how to play with support champions, and until then we will show you the 7 easiest support champions for beginners in the League of Legends. Let’s go!

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7. Leona

Leona is the tankiest support champion in the League of Legends, so her role is extremely important in bot lane. This fearless warrior is an engage support champion, which means that her task is to get ready to fight or to start it herself. Leona is also the champion with the longest crowd control chain in the League of Legends. She can stun enemy champions for 4 seconds and thus stop them from attacking. 

Stunned champions are easy prey for Leona and her teammates, so Leona can serve the enemy champion on a platter for her ADC in one go and allow him to win an easy kill. Leona’s ult from a great distance can stun the entire enemy team, which is a great advantage because it does not risk her life. And also, she is of great help to Jungler of her team when it comes time to kill Dragons and Baron Nashor.

6. Soraka

Soraka is a true school example of a friend who will be with you no matter what. She is the biggest healer among the League of Legends champions, keeping her teammates alive by constantly poking their enemies. It also has the power to silence its enemies by cast a spell that activates a zone that prevents enemy champions from retaliating if they find themselves inside a magic circle. 

This is an extremely powerful weapon when it comes to teamfights, so if you play Soraka be a part of teamfights because you will help your team a lot. Soraka also shows how selfless she is because healing other teammates take away her health. She is enchanter support, her ult heals her whole team, so if you play Soraka be prepared to be a target for the enemy team.

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5. Blitzcrank

Uh, we really don’t like Blitzcrank. That is, to reformulate, we do not like to see Blitzcrank on the enemy team. Like Leon, Blitzcrank is also engage support which makes it very dangerous for enemy champions. Blitzcrank is known for his hook that quickly pulls enemy champions towards him and his (much stronger) teammates. Honestly, there is no stronger hook in the game than his Rocket Grab hook. 

That’s why Blitzcrank is so hated and it’s mostly banned into ranked games by players who don’t want to allow that particular hook to cost them a win at the end of a match. For beginners in the League of Legends Blitzcrank is ideal – just throw a hook and catch enemies and you won’t go wrong.

4. Sona

Sona, in addition to her musical abilities, has many other qualities that make her an extremely good support champion. Primarily, she is a healer which means she restores health to her teammates and increases their movement speed and attack damage. 

Sona is a very valuable champion if she finds herself in the middle of teamfight because her ult can help her team turn the fight in their favor. But be careful if you decide to play with Sona, she is an easy target for enemy champions so stick to your teammates and don’t even think of roaming around the map by yourself.

3. Nautilus

Nautilus is also an engage champion, as are Leona and Blitzcrank. His hook has a large hitbox which allows him to successfully cast a spell on the enemy champion, there is very little chance that he will miss. His secret weapons are his passive (W ability) which gives him a large shield that deals extra magic damage and an auto-attack that can root enemy champions. 

Nautilus is one of the support champions who is extremely strong in the early game and will be able to easily kill the enemy ADC in the first few minutes of the game. However, you have to remember that his hook can’t go through the minion waves, so be careful when you want to cast it on an enemy target.

2. Lulu

Lulu is one of those champions who are cute but at the same time very dangerous (Teemo, we’re talking about you!). She is an enchanter support who has the ability to shield her teammates and herself as well. Also, she can slow down enemies and thus prevent them from escaping, which makes it easier for her teammates to attack and kill them. 

Her secret weapon is the hex ability to turn enemy champions into critters who can’t fight. Did we encourage you a little to choose Lulu next time? Trust us, you will be surprised how strong and useful this sweet champion is to her team.

1. Lux

And the most famous of the most famous – the sorceress of light, the famous Lux. Lux is a mage, in addition to the support role, the mid role also suits her well. Her Q can stun two players at once and thus spoil their attack or slow them down if they go hunting for injured players of your team. With her W, a shield is activated to protect her sugars, her E is a pool that also slows down her enemies and does damage to them. 

And her ult is a beam of light that can kill enemy champions at great distances who thought that if they went on the run they had a better chance of escaping. Lux decided they didn’t have it after all. Lux is deserved in the first place because once she gets stronger, no one is equal to her and she can easily bring victory to her team.

Final Thoughts

As we said at the outset, a support role is not an easy role, no matter how everyone experiences it. Playing as support means being selfless and always putting the team first, which ADC champions often do not do and have a much higher capacity than support champions. 

Choose one of these seven support champions that are really easy to play with if you are a beginner and start building your career as a Support player. And of course, good luck and have a lot of fun!

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