5 Best Supports for Vayne in League of Legends

Vayne is one of the staple ADC champions of bot lane that showcases players’ skills at handling ADC champions. She is a hard carry that can demolish teams of 5 in the late game, incredible as it seems to be 1v5 in the late game; she needs to have extreme patience to reach this power spike.

Therefore, champions who can give Vayne peeling and survivability are the best to pick with Vayne. Here are 5 of the best support champions you can use when paired with a Vayne ADC. 

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5. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is the king of the early game thanks to his rocket grab, one hit from this spell will guarantee a takedown or two summoner spell burns. Blitz is also an excellent champion throughout the game and can be played aggressively and defensively. His laning kill pressure is high, which significantly benefits early takedowns, making him great support for Vayne.

The Best Item on Blitzcrank

Shurelya’s Battlesong

The speed boost works excellent, especially when setting up fights in the bot lane; instead of using your hook to close the gap between you and an opponent, you can use this item’s active effect so that you can hit the enemy with your hook if they try to use flash to escape your engage.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Your hooks will determine if Vayne will dominate the lane early on or will she struggle to find a lead by farming minions. Try to a position where your hook can lead to a Vayne’s condemn; one great example of placement is in the bot lane bushes or inside the alcove. It’s easy to hit a Vayne condemn because you have your E that can knock enemies up.

Mid Game Playstyle

Blitz’s value doesn’t fall off no matter what phase of the game you’re in; his hook already has so much value for the entire team, so try to roam once in a while but make sure to come back for Vayne. She is squishy in the mid-game.

Late Game Playstyle

Vayne can easily pick enemies off in the mid-game once Blitz hooks one. Her late-game damage is just insane; she can burst even tanks in a matter of seconds. When you’re not playing for picks, though, try your best to peel for her so that she can effectively take enemies down.

4. Yuumi

Yuumi is the best enchanter support that can boost the movement speed of her allies and their stats. Given enough utility items, she can enchant Vayne to insane heights making Vayne virtually unstoppable. 

The Best Item on Yuumi

Ardent Censer

Yuumi already has a powerful heal; this item will make it even more robust, and she enchants on Vayne. 

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Try to play safe and wait for Vayne’s power spike in the mid or late game; in the meantime, try to poke your enemies with your Q from time to time but make sure you don’t use all your mana for it. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Once Vayne has her core items, try to find kills with her and boost her every time she is on a chase. Your ultimate is also great when chasing or disengaging from enemies. 

Late Game Playstyle

Vayne becomes unstoppable in the late game, and you being on her side all the time is just immaculate. The bonus stats and attack speed you give Vayne will make all other ADC champions cry as they see their HP bars go from 100 – 0 in just a matter of seconds.

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3. Soraka

Babysitting champions is the specialty of Soraka, and that is the only thing you should know about her; she has one of the best healing abilities in the game, and while she is alive and healthy, you will never see Vayne’s HP go down to 0. 

The Best Item onSoraka


Soraka has all the heals and shields she can give Vayne, but the active effect of this item is just perfect for a late-game Vayne. A single crowd control ability can quickly stop Vayne’s assault; having this in your arsenal will guarantee that Vayne will be unstoppable.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Try to zone enemies away from minion range using your Q and E; make sure that Vayne farms ideally by healing her every time enemies try to poke her. Focus on river vision to assist your jungler in taking scuttler and dragon.

Mid Game Playstyle

Pretty much the same in the early game, except that Vayne can fight enemies now. Always stay at her side and heal her whenever she needs it when she does. But try to stay safe because if you die, Vayne becomes vulnerable.

Late Game Playstyle

Even if Vayne charges the enemies and tries to go on 1v5’s, do not follow her; instead, stay at the backs of your tanks and heal Vayne from a distance. You have your ultimate to heal her wherever she is, and you have your passive to catch up to her if she is in critical condition.

2. Lulu

Lulu extends Vayne’s lead to the enemy by enchanting and peeling for her at the same time. Her ultimate makes Vayne like a tank ADC, and her polymorph is also pretty valuable for the early game as it can lead to a kill during the laning phase.

The Best Item on Lulu


This is an excellent item used during team fights or when Vayne starts a skirmish. Redemption will heal Vayne and damage enemies caught in the circle. 

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

Play passively in the early game, but when you can take on the enemy bot lane, try to talk to Vayne and engage enemies. Your enchants and peels are strong once you reach level 3, easily killing. 

Mid Game Playstyle

You can play aggressively now thanks t your ultimate; depending on your item builds, Vayne can dominate the bot lane and snowball to a victory towards the late game. There is a saying that there is no weak ADC if Lulu is the support.

Late Game Playstyle

Build utility items to help Vayne’s survivability every time she goes in for the kill. Your spells are great, but with added active effects from utility items, you will make Vayne confident that she won’t die even if she tries to 1v3 enemies. 

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1. Braum

Braum’s passive will work nicely, especially if Vayne has her condemn off cooldown. One proc from this would lead to a chain of crowd control abilities. Braum is also a grand champion when protecting ADC’s thanks to his shield and dash that increases Vayne’s defensive stats. 

The Best Item on Braum

Locket of the Iron Solari

The passive of this item (consecrate) increases the defensive stats of nearby champions; the same goes with its mythical passive. This effect dramatically synergizes with Braum’s W, making Braum formidable support to protect ADCs. 

Different playstyle for each phase

Early Game Playstyle

If you land your Q on the enemy, try to find kills or winning trades with it. Ensure that if you engage, you have your shield off cooldown, so Vayne is protected from the retaliation damage of the enemy bot lane duo.

Mid Game Playstyle

If Vayne is on a lead, try to initiate fights with your ultimate or Q; otherwise, play safely and focus on preventing Vayne from taking damage.

Late Game Playstyle

Be the wall in front of your team, especially during team fights, prevent enemies from getting near Vayne. Your ultimate is the best peeling ability you have that can knock enemies up and slow them down after. 

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