How to Farm Successfully in Mid-Game?

The mid-game is a very interesting period because when the laning-phase ends, it’s usually a little chaotic on the map. ADCs and mid-laners are pushing aggressively for farms and kills, but for the kills, they need the frontline of the junglers/support/top-laners, depending on which one of them is the tankiest one. 

But continuing the process of farming in the mid-game is something that will help your gameplay much more, as you’ll be able to continue the gold-gathering process which will help you in building itemization in a faster manner. 

However, in a situation where all champions are pushing for more gold, how do you farm in a more successful manner? Stick with us until the end of this guide as we’ll explain how to be the best version of a “farming champion” in the mid-game.

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The Importance of Farming in Mid-Game

As we mentioned earlier, mid-game is critical for you to continue the “quest” for full build in a more successful pattern. This means that if you manage to have a proper kills/CS ratio, then the full build will come at a much quicker pace to you. 

On the other hand, if you struggle a lot with kills and are constantly getting killed on ganks or getting caught in the jungle, farming will help you in keeping up the step with your enemies.

Imagine that you are an ADC that got ganked 3 times in the laning phase, with the enemy ADC having all of the kills. Your turret is destroyed, and you have no defensive leverage for safe farming. 

The enemy ADC already has 1-2 items more than you in the mid-game, and you have no chance of fighting with them. This is why you need to rely on farming in the mid-game as the main gold income, and it goes by nature that ADCs and mid-laners take a majority of the farm available. 

Of course, the Relic Shield of your support can also proc here, especially on the cannons, as that way both of you will gain the gold of killing it. 

But you still have to stay safe because if you go farming alone on a top/bot wave with 20-30 minions, you could die soon rather than later. 

So, it is very important for you to be safe in situations where the leverage and advantage are in the enemies’ hands, as the last thing you want is to be the “feeding and griefing player” in your team.

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How to Farm Successfully in the Mid-Game?

One very successful tactic for both champions that have and don’t have an advantage in this stage of the game is the push-roam-catch tactic. Push means that you’ll push the wave of the lane you’re farming in into the enemy tower. 

This needs to be done under strict regulations, like warded river and tri-bushes, or with your support behind you. After this, you’ll roam and do something else on the map, which could be clearing enemy vision or killing neutral jungle camps. 

While you do all of this, you need to keep close to the lane that you have just pushed. After 1-2 minutes, the third phase comes, which is the catch one. This means that you’ll have to go back to the enemy minion wave that is pushing towards your turret, clearing more minions. 

Of course, the optimal thing to do this is to go alone as the XP granted would be amazing, but if you are in a situation where you cannot defend yourself, then having support nearby would be a great thing! 

Clearing jungle camps is also a good idea, especially if you manage to clear the enemy ones. This could be done by using the vision granted by the plants in the river, as you’ll gain information if the enemy has a vision over the area that the camps are in. 

If the area is clear, secure it with vision and try to clear it as fast as possible. That way, the enemy jungler will be a little “set-back” by your side, and with this little step, you’ll be able to come back into the game much quicker than just stalling at mid and waiting for a teamfight.

We said that CS is probably the most important part of the gold income, but that is mostly in the early game. If you decide to roam to a lane that has an enemy wave with minions pushing it, it’s easy for you to set up a trap for your enemies. 

Some of your teammates could set up an ambush in the bushes, and enemies will have a vision of you and you only. If they jump on you, try to escape as fast as possible to the bush and grant yourself some much-needed kills. 

That way, you’ll be able to grant a huge amount of gold in just one play, both by the kills and the farms.

If a teamfight happens at a lane that you aren’t currently in because you left to farm on another lane, your thinking needs to be critical. If you can help them turn things around, it’s good to leave the lane and kill as many enemies as possible. 

If not, then push as much as you can and make sure that you won’t be caught. Standing in the middle of this situation (more precisely, wandering around the jungle) won’t help you with anything, as you won’t commit to a single situation happening on the map. 

Bad teamfights can happen, it’s up to you to figure out how to utilize the most of it, even if it means clearing additional 20-30 minions on top or destroying a turret.

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Mid-game is a very important part of the game depending on where is your champion currently. If you are in a situation where you need to gain back the lead, then having the right strategy of farming and pushing lanes can help you in winning the game much quicker than anticipated. 

If you are in a situation where you dominate the game after the laning phase, continuous pushes on top/bot would help you secure both vision in the enemy jungle and control the game in your favor.

With that being said, we hope that our guide has helped you in learning how to farm properly in mid-game. If you play ADC or Mid, it’s very important to know that usually, these two roles have the highest priority when it comes to farming in mid/late game. 

This is because their full-build situation would be the highest damage-dealing one compared to other players, and the prioritization in itemization should always “fall” on these players.

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