Top 7 Fastest Jungle Clear Champions in League of Legends

Jungles have a different playstyle than any other roles in League of Legends. Being the ones who spend most of their time clearing jungle camps and deciding which path to take, junglers need to be really strategic on deciding. 

Speed is also a huge factor to consider if you want to make a huge impact on your team. After all, the first one to clear his camps is the one who will be the earlier jungler to gank his teammates. 

Jungle clear speed is one of the main things to consider when picking a jungler champion, each of these champions also has their own jungle clear path at ganking styles, today, I will show you all of these things to get you up to speed on who to pick and how to gank lanes with said champions. 

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1. Olaf

Olaf has the fastest clear speed in the game thanks to his Q, it deals heavy damage even at level one and it also deals AOE damage, meaning he can deal the same amount of damage to camps with multiple enemies at one throw. 

The neat thing about this skill is that it can reset its cooldown every time Olaf picks up the ax he threw. Not only does he have an early AOE spell that reset its cooldown he also has the W that gives him bonus attack speed and life steal which gives him enough sustain to last long in the jungle given that he has a blue buff. 

His E is like a mini smite that deals true damage and just like his Q, it can also reduce its cooldown by hitting enemies with a basic attack. 

What Smite To Take?

Red Smite

Having the ability to slow enemies, Olaf doesn’t really need his blue smite to slow enemies anymore. Red smite also gives Olaf damage reduction which is great whenever he is invading the jungle camps of his opponent jungler. 

2. Karthus

Nobody really played Karthus in the jungle back in the day, he was mostly played in mid lane as a control mage that thrives in the late game. But when in the Jungle, Karthus is a great clear speed champion.

His Q has a really low cooldown and deals a burst of damage with short intervals. He can also last hit minions and restore a portion of his mana which is great for sustainability. His E is also a great jungle spell that lets him deal DoT or damage over time on enemies. Which makes him a great champion on camps with multiple monsters.

What Smite To Take?

Red Smite

Use this smite to make Karthus tankier whenever he faces enemies 1v1 and this should be his choice simply because he already has a slow effect on his W. 

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3. Kayn

Another staple champion when it comes to jungle clear speed is Kayn. You can determine champions with fast clear speed if they can start raptors and kill it really quick. Kayn easily disposes of Raptors thanks to his Q that deals two instances of AOE damage.

His W also lets him deal AOE damage which can be combined with his Q. Another great factor about Kayn is that he can walk through walls which saves him time instead of waking the normal paths. 

What Smite To Take?

Red Smite

Kayn excels at jungle invades and meaning he will be in 1v1 fights most of the time, red smite gives him the upper hand during 1v1 fights as it makes him tankier and it also lets him deal bonus damage to his enemy while he is using his ultimate.

4. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is an assassin champion with mediocre AOE damage coming from his W, but during mid game clear speeds, he can quickly clear buffs in just 3 or 4 Q strikes.

Once he upgrades his Q it will deal damage the same as that of smite and it will also have a reduced cooldown on isolated enemies, meaning he can deal tons of damage on epic monsters like both of the buffs and the rift scuttler. 

What Smite To Take?

Blue Smite

Kha’Zix is an excellent champion when it comes to damage and damage avoidance so he really doesn’t need red smite’s active effect. Blue smite lets him kite around his opponent when using his full combo of his passive, his Q, and his ultimate. 

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5. Graves

Champions who can jump or walk through walls are the fastest champions to clear the jungle. Graves deal tons of AOE damage from early to late game meaning he can clear jungle camps really fast and jump walls to get to another fast as well.

His basic attack can also deal AOE damage if you distance and position yourself well enough when attacking jungle camps with multiple monsters. 

What Smite To Take?

Blue Smite

Graves needs to kite his enemies because of his passive that only lets him shoot to basic attacks per instance. He can increase this to three basic attacks with his E. He needs to slow enemies down with blue smite so he can make up for his short-range. 

6. Hecarim

Hecarim’s abilities are mostly composed of spells that deal AOE damage, he also has his E which gives him a huge boost in movement speed that he can use whenever he is transitioning between camps. 

His Q has a really low cooldown that can be stacked to have an even lower cooldown and higher damage. He can also use the W that lets him deal AOE damage and heals him for a percentage of the damage he deals to his enemies. 

What Smite To Take?

Hecarim needs to take blue buff to beat his opponents in terms of speed every time. Taking a blue buff also guarantees that he will catch his opponents with his E or he can even use this as a disengage ability which synergizes well with his E. 

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7. Fiddlesticks

There is an available trick that Fiddlesticks can do to clear the red and raptor camps at the same time, his W that deals AOE damage and heals him is his ability to perform this trick. 

You need to stand to a certain point between red buff and Raptors and have both of them attack you without leaving the aggro range of each camp, this way you can use your W to damage both camps and save time on clearing other camps, he can also do this with blue buff and gromp.

What Smite To Take?

Blue Smite

The slow effect of this smite will greatly synergize with Fiddle’s ultimate because if enemies have sow movement speed, they won’t get out of his ultimate’s AOE fast enough. 

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