How To Fix Mouse Jitters In League Of Legends

How to Fix Fix Mouse Jitters In League Of Legends?

League of Legends is an extremely competitive game, where the slightest misplay can turn the tide of the game. Among other factors, lack of accuracy might end up losing you a crucial game that you would otherwise have won. This is why it is of utmost importance that you eliminate any possibility of inaccuracy, and have maximum control over the situation.

Mouse jitters in League of Legends can be caused by dust on the mouse sensor or mouse pad, as well as faulty wireless transmitter/receiver and USB Port. Sensitivity and DPI settings in Windows and the game can also cause jitters.

Mouse jitters are as common as they can get, but they don’t happen without a reason. Here we will discuss every factor that can cause this issue and look to eliminate them so you can play with complete precision and confidence.

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What Are Mouse Jitters?

Mouse jitters or stutters are defined as the tendency of the mouse cursor to make abrupt and unpredictable movements that are not caused by your own actions. These sudden movements are not a result of planned tracking but are caused by various hardware and software faults.

Various factors might be causing these jitters are we must eliminate the easiest and most probable issues before moving on to the harder solutions.

Mouse Hardware Problems:

This is the most common culprit in most issues relating to the movement of the cursor. The various issues and their solutions are listed below:

Clean The Mouse Sensor:

The most common cause of mouse jitters is the inability of the mouse sensor to properly pick up light signals. You should clean the sensor from the outside to avoid opening the mouse without reason. Please use a microfiber cloth and thoroughly clean any dust particles or hair that you can find on the sensor.

Signal Interference:

Signal interference can prevent the mouse from transmitting precise information. If you are using a wireless mouse, make sure there is no device in the way that might interrupt the signal transmission between the mouse and the receiver.

Switch USB Port:

The USB Port you have plugged your wired mouse into could simply be malfunctioning or damaged. This also applies if the receiver for your wireless mouse is plugged into a faulty USB Port. Try changing the USB Port the mouse is plugged into.

Clean The Inside Of The Mouse:

If cleaning the mouse from the outside doesn’t help, then it might be time to take a look inside. Please carefully open the mouse by removing any screws holding the two halves in place. Once open, you will be able to take a better look at the sensors and scroll wheel. Gently clean the inside of the mouse with a microfiber cloth and refrain from damaging the wires.

Fix Mouse Jitters in League of Legends: Clean Inside Mouse

Test The Mouse On Another Computer:

If you have another device that can operate a USB mouse (Another PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc), you can try plugging the mouse into that device. If the mouse works without errors, then we can safely assume that the mouse itself is not causing the issue.

Switch To A Wired Mouse:

If you are using a wireless mouse, try switching to a wired mouse instead. The wireless transmitter or receiver might be the cause of your problem and switching to a wired mouse might fix the problem.

Try A Different Mouse:

Try using a completely separate mouse on the same system. If the issue persists, we can safely assume that the mouse is not causing the issue and it is either the system or the game at fault.

Replace The Mousepad:

Over time, mousepads may gather dust and various other particles that disrupt the light transmission to an optical mouse sensor.

If you have a spare mousepad, try switching your mouse over to that one. If you lack another mousepad, try using your mouse on various smooth and clean surfaces to check if the surface is causing the issue.

Fix Mouse Jitters Replace The Mousepad League of Legends

Check The Batteries:

If you are using a wireless mouse, it might be wise to keep your batteries in check. As the charge in the batteries goes down, the wireless mouse might receive less than optimal power. This could result in jitters or unpredictable jumps in the cursor movement.

Checking The Sensitivity And DPI:

If mouse jitters are not being caused by hardware problems, then it is time to check settings inside the game or in Windows to make sure a change in sensitivity isn’t the cause of the problem.

Check Windows Mouse Settings:

  • Press the Start button and click ‘Settings’.
  • In the Settings, click Devices. From the left side, select ‘Mouse’.
  • The mouse settings will appear in front of you. Make sure the cursor speed is set to whatever you normally use, and has not been altered.

Fix Mouse Jitters Check Sensitivity DPI League of Legends

Check Sensitivity Settings In League of Legends:

  • Open the game client.
  • From the top right corner, click the Settings button.
  • Once opened, click the option that says ‘Game’ from the ‘In-game’ section on the left side of the settings.
  • Here you can see ‘Mouse Speed’. Make sure this is adjusted to whatever you normally use and has not been changed.

Fix Mouse Jitters Check Sensitivity Settings In League of Legends

Disable Mouse Acceleration:

People who are not used to mouse acceleration may find their cursor flying off the screen with a slight, but fast stroke. Follow these steps to disable Mouse Acceleration:

  • Open Mouse Settings as described above (Start>Settings>Devices>Mouse).
  • Here you will see ‘Additional mouse options’, click it to open the settings.
  • Switch to the ‘Pointer Options’ tab.
  • Now uncheck the first box that says ‘Enhance pointer precision’.

Fix Mouse Jitters Disable Mouse Acceleration League of Legends

Check Your Mouse DPI:

If your mouse comes with variable DPI settings, make sure they have not been changed in the brand-specific software that comes with it. If your mouse comes with a button to change between multiple DPI settings, make sure you’re not accidentally pressing it and changing DPI while playing.

It is worth mentioning that certain third-party applications have the option to change DPI based on the program being used. Make sure that’s not causing the altered DPI in-game.

Alternate High Mouse Speed And DPI:

One of the ways to increase the precision of your mouse is to check both combinations of Sensitivity/Mouse Speed and DPI settings:

  • Set the Mouse Speed in League of Legends below 50 and increase Cursor Speed in Windows to compensate.
  • Decrease the DPI of your mouse and increase sensitivity in Windows settings first, and then in the game settings to compensate.

Roll Back And Update Drivers:

Drivers that are out of date, or simply malfunctioning because of a fault in their installation may also cause these issues. Here’s how to fix them:

  • Search for ‘Device Manager’ in Windows and open it.
  • Expand ‘Mice and other pointing devices’.
  • Right-click the device that represents your mouse and click ‘Properties’.
  • In the ‘Driver’ tab, click ‘Rollback Driver’. If the option is greyed out, click ‘Uninstall Device’. Keep the mouse plugged and restart.
  • Windows will reinstall the driver on boot. If it still jitters, follow the previous steps and click ‘Update Driver’ this time.
  • Restart after installing up-to-date drivers.

Fix Mouse Jitters Update Drivers League of Legends

Decrease The Polling Rate And Frequency:

Use the software that comes with your mouse to decrease the polling rate of your mouse. If that doesn’t help, change the polling rate back to high and this time decrease the frequency of the mouse. If the problem persists, please make sure to change both of these settings back to their original value.

Other Windows Fixes:

If the above fixes fail to resolve your issue, you can proceed to try these fixes instead. Although niche, these changes can be the primary factor between a smooth gameplay experience and lag.

Turn Off Game Mode:

  • Search ‘Game Mode Settings’ in Windows search and open it.
  • Turn off Game Mode.

Use High Performance Power Settings:

  • Search ‘Choose a power plan’ in Windows, and open it.
  • Check the ‘High performance’ power plan.

Fix Mouse Jitters High Performance Power Settings League of Legends

Disable Fast Startup:

  • Go to Control Panel and open Power Options.
  • From there, click ‘Choose what the power button does’ and then ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’.
  • Uncheck ‘Turn on fast startup (recommended)’ and click on Save changes.

Disable Game Bar:

  • Click Start and open Settings.
  • Click Gaming and then open ‘Game Bar’ from the left menu.
  • Disable the Game Bar.

Fix Mouse Jitters Disable Game Bar League of Legends

Disable Windows Scaling:

  • Click the Start button and open Settings.
  • Click System
  • Now set the ‘Change the size of text, apps, and other items’ setting to 100%.

Other Minor Fixes:

  • Disable Razer Game Scanner in the services if you have Razer Synapse.
  • Always run League of Legends as an Administrator.
  • If you’re using an OMEN Laptop, try killing the OMEN Command Center in the Task Manager, or uninstalling it to permanently fix the issue.
  • Make sure your version of Windows has received all the necessary updates and fixes.

Other League of Legend Fixes:

  • Lower the Game’s Graphical Settings
  • In Settings>General, Enable ‘Low Spec Mode’.
  • Enable ‘Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode’ in Settings>Game.
  • Cap your framerate once you are in a game.
  • Switch between Fullscreen, Borderless, and Windowed mode to see if it helps.
  • Disable ‘Wait for Vertical Sync’.
  • Try repairing the game using the Riot Repair Tool which can be found here.
  • Reset your configuration by following the instructions here.
  • Uninstall any 3rd Party Programs that might interact with the game.
  • Reinstall the entire game from scratch if all else fails.
  • If nothing works, try to contact Riot Support.

Problems Related To macOS:

Hot Corners:

  • Go to the ‘Apple menu’ on the top left corner and click on “System Preferences.”
  • Then click on ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’, click Screen Saver, and then ‘Hot Corners’
  • Change the Hot Corners preferences to “-” or add modifier keys.

Shake Mouse Pointer To Locate:

  • Open System Preferences as described above.
  • Once there, click on “Accessibility” and then “Display” from the left-side panel.
  • Disable “Shake mouse pointer to locate.”

Fix Mouse Jitters Shake Mouse Pointer League of Legends

Disable Use Sofware Mouse:

  • Open the settings in the League of Legends client
  • Click ‘Game’ from the left panel.
  • Uncheck ‘Use Software Mouse’.


While mouse jitters are usually easier dealt with if they are caused by dust accumulation on the sensor or mousepad, it is still necessary to make sure we eliminate every minor factor that might contribute to the inaccuracy. If you want to perform your best in League of Legends, you need to make sure nothing gets in the way.

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