10 Funniest Skins in League of Legends

In League of Legends, the most interesting category for players is skins. It is very important which skins you have in your collection, and for which you collect money. Skins are something of a status symbol in the League of Legends, and players simply like to brag about how many they have in their collection. 

This reflects their power over other players who play with ordinary champions. Skins can sometimes be won as a reward for success in the League of Legends, players can buy them at promotions or other players can give them the desired skins in the form of gifts. 

For the most part, players need to save enough money to buy Riot Points and buy skins with them that are often not cheap at all. 

Fortunately, Riot is trying to create the most beautiful and special skins for his players, so that money is really worth investing in the new skin of your favorite champion.

What League of Legends is additionally known for are champion skins, Riot publishes them very often, and players have their own missions in which they collect skins and thus enrich their skin collection. From 2009 until today, a lot of League of Legends skins has been launched to the public. 

Each of them is special in its own way and gives a special charm to the champions, but also to their players who, with skins, arouse jealousy and envy among their teammates and enemies.

As we mentioned in the introduction, players can come into possession of skins in a number of ways. Now we will explain it a little better. The first and easiest way is to buy skins directly using Riot Points. 

First you have to buy a certain amount of Riot Points with real money. After that, with Riot Points you will be able to buy skin for your champion. This is the simplest step and takes only a few minutes.

The next step is to use the Crafting System to win skins. There, you can turn skin shards into an permanent skin. If you’re a little confused, every time you win a Mastery Chest (which is when your team wins a match with a minimum score) you can find a skin shard in it. So make an effort to win a match with a high score to win a Mastery Chest because it’s one step closer to your new skin.

For this article, we decided to compile a list of 10 most funniest skins of all time in the League of Legends. So, let’s start from number 10.

10. Brolaf

Brolaf is the nickname of Olaf, haha do you get it? Brolaf? Okay, maybe this is just funny to us. In this version, Olaf is obviously attending university and is part of a fraternity. 

Brolaf loves to drink beer, and with his passive called Happy Hour Brolaf is ideal for going out on a Friday night. Even if you don’t own this skin in your collection, it’s very interesting to play a match with Brolaf. We just can’t take him seriously!

9. Toy Soldier Gangplank

Gangplank is a champion who seriously instills fear in us. This pirate managed to die, as witnessed by one Riot’s event, and Riot decided to mock his strength and turn it into a wooden toy for children. 

It’s just comical to see Gangplank in this release, we can’t take it seriously either. However, one should not make fun of him because Toy Soldier Gangplank can still show a lot and blow his enemies to pieces.

8. Definitely Not Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is a champion so hated by everyone that Riot decided to make a skin in which Blitzcrank is disguised so that other players do not recognize him. As if that were possible, you ask? Well, it’s really possible considering that Definitely Not Blitzcrank looks pretty camouflaged and players can replace it with similar champions. 

However, Blitzcrank reveals his true face as soon as he throws his famous hook. Definitely Not Blitzcrank is even worse than real Blitzcrank, but if you want to annoy your enemies buy this skin right away.

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7. Emumu

Emumu seems to have come from 2008 when MySpace was active and when everyone wanted to be a member of the emo movement. 

It was desirable to be as sad and depressed as possible, and special dark hairstyles with bangs falling over the forehead were an indispensable part of every cool teenager. Emumu is also cool! Emumu loves to cry and likes to throw tantrums like a toddler to draw attention to himself. If you miss the past times when the emo phase was popular, buy Emumu.

6. Pool Party Renekton

We have to admit, Riot really put in the effort when he created the Pool Party collection of skins. All the champions who got their Pool Party skin simply leave the players speechless. But we have to admit, the best and most smiling skin is definitely Pool Party Renekton. 

Imagine coming to a pool where an alligator is working as a lifeguard. This skin is one of the favorites, especially for players who most often choose Renekton. With Renekton as a lifeguard, there is no fear for pool visitors.

5. Pug’ Maw

Riot really hit the audience’s sympathies with this one. This is Kog’ Maw only in the dog version. How adorable it is! This dog may only look cute at first but when he starts spitting tennis balls on his opponents then he becomes a very dangerous dog. 

What’s even super cool about Pog ‘Maw are his animations that match this whole doggy theme. If you are a dog lover, then you will really like this dog. Especially when you know you have to fight strong enemies. What a shame for them if an ordinary dog manages to beat them. Woof – Woof.

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4. Baker Pantheon

Did someone say donuts? Wait a minute, we need to see the Pantheon is free. Wait, Pantheon ?! Can you imagine this powerful warrior putting his hands in flour and making the finest delicacies? 

Neither can we, but here it is. Baker Pantheon wears a white chef’s hat on his head and is ready with his butter knife to hurt anyone who dares to criticize his perfect pies. Is anyone hungry?

3. Corporate Mundo

Perhaps the inspiration for this skin was the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, given that the Corporate Mundo on the lookout for a fight for Nexus has to work in an office and deal with the stock market in order to make money and gain success. 

It’s funny to see Mundo in a suit with a business bag fighting the enemy champions. Corporate Mundo represents all the directors who are up to their necks in business but obviously still have time to have fun. Fun to life or death, however.

2. Dunkmaster Ivern

Is this a League of Legends match or an NBA match? Yvern went astray, as he wore a basketball jersey and looked like he had dropped out of the popular movie Space Jam. And when Daisy shows up, this game gets even more interesting. Are overtime games being played, anyone knows?

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1. Little Devil Teemo

Of course, Teemo is on this list, and in all its glory – the devilish form that befits him. For Teemo many players are told that he is the incarnation of Satan himself, and is regularly banned from ranked games as well. 

Tiny Devil Teemo has a distinctive costume for the devil – a red costume, including the devil’s tail and horns. It also has a damn trident instead of a blowpipe, and the recall animation first pulls him underground before returning him to base. 

This skin is ridiculous only in theory, but if we see Tiny Devil Teemo in lane against ourselves we will probably get annoyed as another fight against his mushrooms follows.


We hope you enjoyed the list of the 10 funniest skins in the League of Legends. If you have additional suggestions, feel free to share them with us, we may have forgotten someone. Good luck and have fun playing League of Legends!

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