Is Gangplank AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Gangplank is one of the most feared late-game champions in the league of legends; despite his fragile early game, he can demolish entire teams of five in the late game. GP excels at AoE and single targeted damage, and both can deal the same amount of damage to different targets. 

His ultimate has a global range which he can use to assist his teammates wherever he may be, it may not have significant damage, but its large AoE slows all enemy targets within it. He can use it to initiate a team fight or block the paths of disengaging enemies. 

He can also deal true damage with his passive, which works like ignite, and its cooldown can be reset every time he destroys a keg. With all of these things out of the way, is GP AD or AP? 

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Is Gangplank AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

GP is an AD champion that relies on AD items, although his W is a heal scale with ability power. You can increase your ability power to increase the heal from your W, although it might not be wise to put AP items on GP as none of his major offensive abilities scale with ability power. He can build crit and lethality items for him to be able to one-shot squishy champions. 

When he builds crit items, he can excel at basic trading attacks with enemies, but when he builds lethality, he can one-shot enemies with your Q and your kegs. Here are some of the best builds that you can do on Gangplank. 

The Best Item Builds on Gangplank.

  • Trinity Force – the principal value of this item on gangplank is the item’s mythic passive along with the spellblade proc. Triforce gives Gangplank bonus movement speed for each legendary item he has. The spell blade procs also empower his damage every time he uses his Q. 
  • Hull breaker – As you are mainly a split pushing champion or find it more beneficial if you are always soloing a lane, Hull breaker is an excellent purchase on him. Gangplank can also use the bonus defensive stats he gains whenever champions try to trick him into countering his split push mechanics. 
  • The Collector – This is a late-game item that executes enemies. This item works excellent on GP because it combines critical strike and lethality and has a unique passive that executes enemies that reach a 5% hp threshold. So say goodbye to those days that enemies get to escape with a sliver of health.
  • Mortal Reminder – This can be procced most of the time thanks to GP’s low cooldown on his kegs and Q. His ultimate can also be used to help teammates deal with their lane enemies as it can continuously proc the grievous wounds effect of this item. 
  • Prowler’s Claw – This is an alternative Mythic item for Gangplank; this is great for 1v1 because it increases the damage GP can deal with his target enemy; the active effect of the item also gives GP the only thing he lacks, a gap closer. 

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Best Runes on Gangplank

  • Grasp of the undying
  • Demolish
  • Bone plating
  • Overgrowth
  • Biscuit delivery
  • Time warp Tonic
  • +9 adaptive force
  • +9 adaptive force
  • +6 armor

When is The Best Time to Pick Gangplank?

GP is an excellent pick if there are no early game abusers in the enemy team comp. Lane bullies will heavily counter him, so the best and only time to pick him is if you are going to face a mid to late-game jungler and top laner. 

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Gangplank is an AD champion that can stack on AD items to one-shot most enemies. His kit also allows him to deal tons of damage even to tanks that stack up on health and armor. His passive deals true damage that ignores all defensive stats of the enemy. Thanks to his ultimate, he can be great early game support throughout the map once he reaches level six. 

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