Does Gangplank’s Orange (W) Remove Zed’s Ult?

Does Gangplank’s Orange (W) Remove Zed’s Ult? League of Legends

Gangplank is a fun champion that can be quite strong in the right hands. One of the best parts about him is his W ability. He eats an orange to remove all disables from him while healing some of his HP.

This is a great ability that can allow you to outplay the enemy since you can essentially make one of their disabling spells useless. However, does Gangplank’s W work against Zed and remove his ultimate? Let’s find out!

Unfortunately, Gangplank’s W will not remove Zed’s ultimate. It only works against disabling spells like stuns, roots, and slows just to name a few. Plus, it will heal you for a portion of your HP. 

If you recently watched Tobias Fate and were impressed by his Gangplank skills and want to try the champion out for yourself, we will show you what he does and how you can play better. Plus, we will list down what spells he can remove with his W as well.

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What Does Gangplank Do?

What does Gangplank´s W do in League of Legends?

First of all, let us dive right in and talk about what Gangplank does and what his abilities are. You need to know what a champion does before you play him. So, let’s get started.

Gangplank’s Q allows him to fire his gun and hit a single target with his bullet. This is a strong ability that is ideal for poking the enemy. Your Q can critically strike to deal more damage.

If you have a few items in your inventory, you can kill the enemy ADC or other squishies with just 2 or 3 Qs. On top of that, you can also use this ability to explode your barrels – which we will talk about in just a bit.

If you use your Q to destroy a barrel, it will deal more damage. Plus, since this spell has a decent range, you do not have to get close to the enemy to deal damage to them. While it requires a lot of mana early on, you will not have to worry about mana after making Sheen.

How does Gangplank´s W remove Zed´s Ult in League of Legends? Gangplank Complete Guide

His W is a strong ability that allows Gangplank to remove all crowd control effects from him. He cannot remove their debuffs but he can remove the CC effect like stun, root, slow, and suppression just to name a few.

Use this ability wisely and you will never get CC’d by the enemy and can always roam around without any worries.

Does Gangplank W Remove Zed Ult in League of Legends?

His E is the reason why Gangplank is so strong. He places barrels on the ground and can explode them with his auto attack or his Q. The best part is that his barrels can critically strike as well. If you have enough damage, you will kill the enemy squishies in one hit.

Does Gangplank W Remove Zed Ult in League of Legends? Complete Guide

Finally, his R is a global ultimate that allows Gangplank to signal his ship to fire a cannon barrage at a location. All enemies inside the radius of his ultimate will take damage and will be slowed as well.

You can upgrade this and add additional effects like true damage, giving your allies movement speed, and more cannon waves by spending Quicksilver. This is a special currency that GP can earn by killing minions with his Q or with his barrels.

Since this is a global ultimate, you can use it to help other lanes. If you see a teamfight happening in the bot lane or a gank in the mid lane, you can use your R to save your allies. This will also allow you to get a few random kills if the enemy has low HP.

Apart from that, you can use it against your laner to slow them and land your barrel combo on them for a guaranteed kill.

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What Does Gangplank’s W Remove?

What does Gangplank´s W remove in League of Legends?

Now that you are aware of what Gangplank does, let’s talk about what his W can remove. In short, it removes all crowd control (CC) but it does not remove any debuffs. For example, you can remove the movement speed slow from Exhaust but you cannot remove its damage reduction.

At the same time, you can remove the stun from being airborne but you will have to use a summoner spell like Flash to remove the displacement. If you are curious to know about all CC that it removes, here is a list of them:

  • Crowd control:
    • Blind
    • Forced action
      • Berserk
      • Charm
      • Flee
      • Taunt
    • Cripple
    • Disarm
    • Drowsy & Sleep
    • Ground
    • Root
    • Silence
    • Slow
    • Stun (Suspension)
      • Suspension’s fake airborne is also removed when the stun is.
    • Suppression
  • Summoner spells:
    • Ignite
      • Does not remove the Grievous Wounds debuff.
    • Exhaust
    • Chilling Smite
    • Challenging Smite
      • Does not remove the true damage burn.

Gangplank’s W is a strong ability that can change the entire fight in your favor if used correctly. You can even remove Malzahar’s ultimate which is something that even the summoner spell Cleanse cannot do.

On top of that, you can also use your W to end Mordekaiser’s ultimate instantly. This will make his R useless against you.

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