Does Grievous Wounds Stack in League of Legends?

Does Grievous Wounds Stack in League of Legends? Complete Guide

League of Legends has been stirring up quite a bit of hate amongst its player base because of how much damage has been added to the game. This has power crept the game so much that Riot had to release the Durability Patch to stop everyone from getting one-shot.

If everything is broken, nothing is broken – Riot, probably

Popular streamers and experts are wondering whether Riot wants League to remain a good MOBA in the long run or if they’re just trying to make as much as they can in a short period of time. Whatever they’re trying to do, one certain thing is that League has constantly been declining for the last couple of years.

The only thing that can fix League now is if they remove power creep from the game by ripping out all the overpowered mechanics and items from the game.

One of these mechanics is “Grievous Wounds”. Although the Durability Patch has hurt Grievous Wounds a lot, it is still one of the best options to counter champions with excessive healing. 

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Grievous Wounds

Does Grievous Wounds Stack in League of Legends? Explained

Grievous Wounds is a passive shared by many items and spells in the game. It is a debuff that reduces the healing of any unit it is used against by either 25% or 40%. It is extremely effective against a “heal heavy team comp”. It used to be a lot more effective but Riot nerfed its debuff in the Durability Patch. Before the Durability Patch, it used to reduce healing by either 40% or 60% but now it is at either 25% or 40%.

Riot nerfed Grievous Wounds along with healing itself because it was power creeping the game too much. Now, even though it is a shell of its former self, it is still the only way to counter healing or life-stealing champions.

All the legendary Grievous Wounds items reduce the healing of a unit by only 25%, you have to perform an additional task in order to get a 40% healing debuff. For example, in the case of Mortal Reminder, if you manage to hit the enemy with 3 consecutive abilities and/or attacks in 3 seconds, they get debuffed by 40%. However, if these conditions are not met, they only get debuffed by 25%.

Note: Shields are not affected by Grievous Wounds at all.

Items/Summoner Spells That Apply Grievous Wounds

  • Bramble Vest Bramble Vest – 25%
  • Oblivion – 25%
  • Executioner’s Calling – 25%
  • Ignite – 40%
  • Chempunk Chainsword – 25% / 40%
  • Chemtech Putrifier – 25% / 40%
  • Morellonomicon – 25% / 40%
  • Mortal Reminder – 25% / 40%
  • Thornmail – 25% / 40%

P.S: All of these items have different uses, every class in the game get their own Grievous Wounds items.

Does Grievous Wounds Stack?

No! Grievous Wounds doesn’t stack. Having multiple items of Grievous Wounds provides no benefit to the player. Grievous Wounds applies for 3 seconds, so having a second item might refresh its duration but it will not stack its debuff amount.

In simple terms, you cannot go over 40% debuff no matter how many items of Grievous Wounds you buy.

This isn’t just in the case of Grievous Wounds, but any items with the same passive do not stack. If two or more items in your inventory have the same passive, the item with the better version of that passive will be used.

For example, if you have Bramble Vest as well as Mortal Reminder in your inventory, the Grievous Wounds from Mortal Reminder will be used because it has 40% debuff compared to Bramble Vest’s 20%.

Champions To Use Grievous Wounds Against

  • Soraka
  • Aatrox
  • Swain
  • Most of the ADCs in the Late Game
  • Yasuo in the Late Game

There are too many champions to count but the champions mentioned above are the ones where it’s crucial that you buy anti-heal.

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Has The Durability Patch Affected Grievous Wounds?

On paper, Grievous Wounds did get nerfed during the Durability patch. However, in reality, it didn’t matter because healing itself was also nerfed. So in the end, everything balanced itself out and it removed power creep from the game.

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Objectively speaking (without any biases), the Durability Patch has been one of the best updates for League of Legends in recent years. Although the champions with high sustain damage have been out of control in this patch, it is still a step in the right direction to remove power creep from the game.


Grievous Wounds items are good to have but they are not as important as people think. It’s better to not waste an item slot in your inventory if another member of your team (Preferably AOE Champions) can build it.

If you’ve found this article helpful or if you have any questions, be sure to comment down below and let us know.

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