The Best Valorant Knives in 2022

Valorant offers tons of cosmetics for its players to choose from. They can acquire them by either buying from the shop or through the Battle Pass rewards. 

These cosmetics range from simple accessories such as gun buddies, player cards, and sprays to whole reskins for weapons like the Vandal, or Operator. The most popular out of all cosmetic choices? Reskins. It allows players to completely change the design of the gun they are using.

How different is a gun with skin? The plain black-colored Vandal could go from having simple lights on its stock and magazine to becoming a miniature dragon spitting fire bullets at enemies, or a cyberpunk rifle shooting lasers out of its muzzle.

In fact, last year has been a generous year for Riot in releasing Valorant skins for their players. 

From the Snowfall collection, Champions 2021, Radiant Crisis 001, RGX 11z Pro 1.0 to the Run It Back 1.0 bundle, we list our top seven (7) choices of Valorant knife skins released in the year 2021 – not ranked in order.

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1. RGX 11Z Pro Blade 1.0

Our first pick on the list is the katana knife version of the RGX 11Z Pro Blade or simply called RGX 11Z Pro Blade 1.0. It was released in the first bundle of the RGX 11Z Pro collection last October 2021; not to be confused with the second bundle released last April 2022.

Along with skins for the Frenzy, Stinger, Guardian, and Vandal, this knife skin boasts a slick futuristic design on the weapons. The skin bundle is inspired by modern high-end gaming equipment of LED lights, transparent panels, and light-gray frames – more apparent by the spray paints in the bundle.

This katana knife skin has a unique switch weapon animation where the katana is initially pulled out with only the hilt, then further extends the blade from the hilt, and finally lights up along the blade’s edge. 

Furthermore, the katana is held in reverse as opposed to the standard grip most swords are held. In other words, this skin intends to make you feel like a futuristic ninja.

2. Broken Blade of Ruined King

If you have played Riot’s MOBA game; League of Legends, then you most likely recognize the lore where this skin came from. For newer players, the Ruination event might be their introduction to the lore of this item. 

Whichever introduction the player is introduced to with this skin, the hype Riot set up for the Broken Blade of the Ruined King has definitely been successful.

The Broken Blade of the Ruined King is undeniably a unique skin, having a significantly different visual when sheathed and unsheathed. This skin boasts four color choices for the player to choose from; Bluegreen, Green, Orange, and Purple.

When this skin is equipped, the knife in First-Person View shows the player holding a magical Zweihander above the chest and shoulder with two hands and the blade pointed forward. When this knife is unsheathed, the knife shown initially is a sword with a broken blade from which shadows suddenly form at the end constructing the rest of the sword – making it complete once again. 

The skin also gives the player three different attack animations when equipped; two slashes and one stab.

However, the sword is seen differently when viewed from another person’s perspective. Looking at a player holding a knife with this skin equipped only shows the indicated player holding a Zweihander in its middle hilt, instead of the two-handed grip in the First-Person View.

3. Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb

If you ever wondered where Yoru keeps his stylish comb back during his reveal in Episode 2, here it is. Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb was first seen when he was introduced back in January 2021, and Riot has finally allowed you to grab hold of this weapon with the Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Collection released on September of the same year.

As gimmicky as it may seem, it does not lose any coolness no matter how you look at it. The butterfly knife; or comb works just like any other butterfly knife, spun around when inspected with a handle that splits into two. 

However, the inspection animation and attacking animations do not seem to be unique in any way.

Regardless, the main selling point of this is not the unique animation or its design. The fact that you have Yoru’s comb during his reveal should be enough to make it a worthy keepsake and knife to use on your enemies.

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4. Origin Crescent Blade 

You might have seen videos of Vandal trickshots involving the Origin skin, this is because the Origin Vandal skin has a unique characteristic where the inspect animation stays indefinitely. This is the same with the Origin Crescent Blade.

The Origin Crescent Blade is already unique on its own, being the only knife skin in the game that is of a half-circle shape – not including the Celestial Fan skin as it folds in that changes its shape.

The inspect animation indefinitely staying once played is a cool characteristic already, but there is more to it with the visual being cool enough to make a player buy it as wel. 

The Origin Crescent Blade disassembles itself and floats in a stasis-like motion when inspected, and the pattern on the skin resembles supposedly alien-made symbols or astronomical markings of orbits and celestial objects.

If you are into Alien-like civilizations or astronomical marking designs, then this is for you.

5. Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat

One of the most conceptually unique designs in the game; breaking the themes of anime and realism, is the Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat. This one-of-a-kind skin gives players owning it a breath of fresh air.

The Baseball Bat; which is what we will call it for easier referencing, lends sound and visual design from the world of comics. 

Hitting enemies will create an emphatic bonking sound accompanied by comic book lines used as visual cues for the swinging motion to indicate its sound effects such as Swish!, Whiff!, and Ffoom!

If you enjoy the gimmicky nature of this skin and you are almost always in a – literally – comical mood? Then, get yourself the Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat.

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6. Champions 2021 Karambit

At the start of the Valorant Champions Tournament (VCT) 2021, a new skin bundle was announced by Riot, commemorating the event. The Champions 2021 bundle contained a skin for the weapons Vandal and Tactical Knife. Sadly, this skin is no longer available, meaning the only way to use it is by getting a Valorant account owning it or hoping it returns to the shop.

The Tactical Knife skin is called Champions 2021 Karambit. Much like any karambit, the weapons skin sports a simple color pattern which is black, white, and gold – the colors  VCT 2021 uses. 

The Karambit resembles a claw with more curvatures as opposed to the Prime Karambit which was minimalistic and angular in design. Ridges for the fingers can be seen on the handles and the gold blade is laded by a streak of black ink.

One of the least known characteristics of this skin is that it glows when the user is on the top of their scoreboard in a game.

Furthermore, the knife skin has its unique inspection animation which consists of extended spins. This is unlike other karambit inspections which only spins the knife about twice or thrice in the same position.

If you find the black, white, and gold regal colors enticing along with the intent of showing your superiority with the glow of the Champions 2021 Karambit, then go ahead and get this knife to show your skill and support for the game.

7. Celestial Fan

Last but not least, one of the best-released knife skins in 2021 is the fan-favorite – no pun intended – Celestial Fan.

The Celestian Fan knife skin is part of the Celestial bundle made with the celebration of Lunar New Year in mind. Design choices revolving around the moon, clouds, South East Asian style ornaments, and characters are used in the bundle.

The weapon-change animation and inspect animation are designed specifically to its design – a fan. When the player switches to this weapon, the fan is pulled out open and spun once to show the insides of the fan. 

Inspecting with the fan on hand opens it up and motions it as if cooling down the player using it.

However, the attack animation seems to be the same as the attack animation of the Oni  Claw – a three-attack combination of two slashes and one stab – with the only difference being the grip on the Celestial Fan knife.

While there are surely some great skins left out in this list like the Prosperity and Demise, Waveform Knife, Snowfall Wand, Magepunk Shock Gauntlet, and Recon Balisong, these 7 knife skins stand above the rest of the knife skins released in 2022.

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