10 Hardest Champions to Play in League of Legends

You must remember your beginnings with the game League of Legends. You had to go through tutorials and meet champions. Like any game, League of Legends also has its easy-to-play champions and hard-to-play champions. Most players in League of Legends communities hate easy-to-play champions because they are usually champions who can do a lot of damage and require almost no gaming skill. 

However, champions who are hard to play can bring you a lot more rewards as it is obvious that many players do not know how to play with them. It’s your chance to shine and raise your rank. In this article, we will list the 10 most difficult champions in the League of Legends, and it is up to you to choose one or several of them and start honing your gaming skill.

1. Azir 

Azir has earned first place on this list as he is one of the few champions who require many hours of practice in order to playing perfectly with him. Even professional League of Legends players find it hard to reach high grades by playing with Azir. His soldiers are his main strength, and players find it difficult to put these soldiers in the right place. 

He has a small mana pool, which makes him weak in the early game, and that is his only disadvantage. But if Azir reaches the late game, he becomes the main champion on the lane and a threat to the whole enemy team. With his high mobility, crowd control, and fast wave clearing, Azir is definitely one of the hardest champions for playing.

2. Yasuo

We all hate Yasuo, seriosuly. Yasuo dominates the mid lane with its wave clearing and hurricane carrying everything in front of it. Yasuo is one of the champions who either you need to know how to play to the level that you will carry the whole game by yourself, or you will be the biggest noob, serving the enemy team for easy kills. 

Yasuo is not intended for players who are still beginners because it is easy to go wrong with it. And we know that in League of Legends, every mistake pays dearly, and there is no room or time to improvise.

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3. Nidalee

Nidalee is a savage warrior lurking from the bushes and ready to jump on anyone who proves to be a threat to her and her allies. Nidalee is on this list for a reason because her abilities are not easy at all if you don’t know when and how to use them. 

This cougar, however, has a low health pool which can cause her problems. Her attacks are mostly combos, so the player must have high gaming skill and many hours of practice with Nidalee to be ready for any situation and at the same time know when it is time to attack.

4. Vayne

Seriously, can any list go by without Vayne? We don’t think so. Vayne is a short-ranged champion which means she has to get closer to attack enemy champions, and we all know how approaching enemies can end if not planned properly. Her focus must be on targets, given that her attacks are slow and, as we said, short-ranged. 

Professional Vayne players know that almost the only chance to carry out the game is to focus on farming in the early stages of the game and try to make some easy kills. Otherwise, other teammates and enemy champions will overtake her, and Vayne will have an elusive mission to get back in the game and show how strong she really is.

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5. Akali

Akali will mostly be encountered on mid-lane or top lane, but she is usually so fast that she can come from one lane to another in just a few seconds. Also, she has various abilities that, if not used properly, can do more harm than good. 

If Akali plays 1v1, the chances are high that she will win, considering her choosing the right abilities, but Akali is also prone to be killed quickly when a jungler from an enemy team ganks her. However, this champion has a lot of potential to carry the whole game, and it just takes a lot of time to learn to play with her.

6. Rumble

Rumble has a basic kit, and he is seemingly harmless and lightweight champion. Well, think twice. Players who have already played with Rumble know that they need to pay attention to his Heat bar and that they need to keep it above 50%.

 Rumble can overheat if he uses all his abilities in a panic. Poor thing. Also, it would be best to focus on his ult to position it properly to do the serious damage. Rumble can really confuse players, so take enough time to learn how to play with him.

7. Lee Sin

Of course, Lee Sin is on this list. Riot is persistently trying to nerf him, but Lee Sin does not come down from the list of the most popular but also the most difficult champions to play with it. Lee Sin can pick up a few easy kills during the early game, but his strength and power come to the fore only in the mid-game and late-game. 

Then he becomes the leader in teamfights with his power to blow up enemies. If you want to learn to play Lee Sin, you have to do a good job of researching his build. Lee Sin relies heavily on items, and the right choice of items can make or break his power over enemy champions.

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8. Taliyah

Taliyah has the possibility of high damage ability power shots, which is both her curse and blessing. Well, not hers, but this is a problem for her players. Taliyah may sound like an easy champion, but she is actually one of the hardest champions to learn. She lacks high mobility, making her an easy target as she cannot quickly escape an enemy attack. 

Also, she has high cooldowns and spends most of her time roaming around the map to avoid being in danger. Her ult helps her allies, so Taliyah should focus on not falling into the enemy trap. Of course, when you learn how to play with Taliyah, you will become an unstoppable machine on the map.

9. Gangplank

Gangplank is one of those champions who can do anything – literally, anything. He can play as a support, he can gank enemy champions, he can split push other lanes, and also, he can be the beast in a teamfights. 

New players often don’t even know where to go when playing with Gangplank because so many opportunities and responsibilities that Gangplank brings with it simply become a burden to them. Professional Gangplank players, therefore, know how to get the most out of his abilities and take control of the rift.

10. Orianna

For the end of this list, we put sweet Orianna, who considering her abilities, is not so cute when you play against her. Orianna has one of the highest skill caps in the whole game. Professional Orianna players know how important this is for the whole team, so it is worth practicing playing with Orianna to achieve high gaming skill. 

That high gaming skill can carry the whole game, and Orianna will soon become the champion with the most kills in the game. Her disadvantage is that for a successful attack, she must be close to her enemies, and if an inexperienced player controls her, it means that she will lose her life in a few seconds. 

Don’t choose Orianna if you are an amateur, rather choose an easier champion or dedicate yourself to learning how to play with this magnificent champion.


We have reached the bottom of the top 10 hardest champions to play in the League of Legends. If you know how to play successfully with any of these 20 champions, consider yourself a quality League of Legends player. 

But if you have bad experiences or no experiences at the very appearance of these champions, start practicing how to play with them today. Trust us, knowing these champions will pay off in the long run. Good luck and have fun!

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