Top 7 Hardest-To-Dodge Abilities in League of Legends

Top 7 Hardest-To-Dodge Abilities in League of Legends

Due to the vast diversity of champion abilities in the game, players who already know what to expect from their enemy champions tend to do better in League of Legends. However, it does take a certain amount of time to learn how the abilities of different champions function.

But sometimes, knowing the enemy abilities will still not allow you to stay safe from them, especially when it’s one of the harder ones to dodge. That said, you can be more mindful of them if you know you’re going to have a hard time against a certain champion.

In this article, you will learn about the hardest to dodge abilities in League, so you do not beat yourself over getting destroyed by one of these and not being able to do much about them.

The Importance of The Dodge and The Sidestep:

Mages and AP champions rely completely on abilities for their damage output, and if you can dodge or sidestep these, you will most likely survive a duel against any of them.

Even AD champions usually have abilities that they need to finish enemies off. As such, it is important to learn to dodge abilities, and sidestep when needed.

Hard to Dodge Abilities:

But even with all your precautions and safe positioning, there are some abilities that need extra care on your end to be avoided effectively. These are:

Vel’Koz Q

League of Legends Hardest-To-Dodge Ability Vel'Koz Q Guide

Velkoz is an awfully technical champion. Generally played as support or mid, each one of his abilities is a skillshot, and every single one of them can be used in a vast variety of situations in a million different ways. This is exactly what makes Vel’Koz so deadly.

His most dangerous ability is his Q (Plasma Fission). It can be launched at any angle, and splits into two further projectiles which move at a 90 degree angle to the original shot dealing the same amount of damage! This amount of damage dealt by this ability is insane, so avoiding it is a must.

Because of these infinite possible trajectories, it can be impossible to dodge Vel’Koz’s Q. As long as the Vel’Koz player has a good grasp over geometry, there can be no escape for you. No matter which direction you run, you’re gonna get caught!

Viktor E

League of Legends Hardest-To-Dodge Ability Viktor E Guide

Viktor is an incredibly high damage control mage champion generally played in the mid-lane. Each one of his abilities packs a painful punch, but none of them is as annoying or painful as his E (Death Ray).

Viktor’s E is an incredibly fast paced ability, and once Viktor is on top of you, you can forget all about dodging his abilities. In addition to having an insane amount of damage, sometimes unfairly so, Viktor can use his passive Augment to upgrade his abilities. Upon upgrade, his E is followed by an explosion, as if it wasn’t unbalanced enough already!

Because of the high speed, a repetition after Augment and insane damage of Viktor’s E, it is one of the most difficult abilities to dodge in the game. It would be in your best interests to keep a safe distance from any Viktor you find yourself laning against.

Xerath R

League of Legends Hardest-To-Dodge Ability Xerath R Guide

Every single ability in Xerath’s kit is incredibly damaging and painful to withstand. He deals high amounts of damage through focused magical attacks, and can be a pain to deal with at any point in a match. However, his ultimate (Rite of the Arcane) is one of the most annoying abilities to dodge in the game.

At the cost of immobilising himself, Xerath gains the use of long range projectiles which crash onto and damage enemies severely. The problem is that the hitbox is a bit too generous, and the projectiles always come a split second too early to dodge. If you’re low and get caught up in his barrage, you’re dead meat.

Although the unfairness of Xerath’s R is balanced out by his immobility during the cast time, it’s not much of a relief to champions caught on the frontlines. It’s almost impossible to dodge a Xerath R while you’re fighting off 3 other champions in the middle of a team fight.

Blitzcrank Q

League of Legends Hardest-To-Dodge Ability Blitzcrank Q Guide

Blitzcrank is one of the scariest champions to lane against. His kit is composed of abilities that have the potential to destroy anyone who gets caught by his infamous and feared hook, his Q (Rocket Grab).

Blitzcrank’s Q is a very fast paced ability. If you do not predict it BEFORE he launches it, you’re dead meat, because his other abilities are specialised in locking down anyone who gets caught by his Q.

It is difficult to dodge because of the element of surprise – you’re always at the edge of your seat just waiting for it, but he launches his Q when you’re least expecting it! RIP.

If it’s any consolation, once you learn the play-style of a certain Blitzcrank player, it becomes a bit easier to predict and dodge his Q. However, you should not overthink it because it’s also very easy to walk into his Qs when you are trying a little too hard to dodge them. Stay safe from the crazy robot!

Kai’sa W

League of Legends Hardest-To-Dodge Ability Kai’sa W Guide

Kai’sa is one of the highest quick-burst ADCs in the game. With a very offensive arsenal of spells and abilities, she can shut down enemies at the slightest leeway. She can launch a barrage of missiles (her Q) followed by yet another missile (the W) and then dash to you to finish you off.

However, her W (Void Seeker) is quite hard to dodge because it is a very fast paced and long ranged projectile. It is a straight shot missile, has high damage, and stacks her passive. Unless you’re at the very edges of her missile range, it’s probably going to hit you, and it will hurt, especially if she builds AP and gets her W upgraded.

Swain E

League of Legends Hardest-To-Dodge Ability Swain E Guide

Swain deals a high amount of magic damage for a drain tank, and all of his abilities also have quick cast times, so it can be hard to deal with an experienced Swain main. However, his E (Nevermove) is one of the more annoying parts of laning against a Swain.

This ability is a bit slower than most of the other abilities in this article, but this is one of its strengths. You always think it won’t reach you, but then it does, and you’re already dead. This ability also returns to Swain, and has the power to pull you back to Swain if he so desires.

As a result, this ability is very hard to judge because of the eerie speed and cast time.

Illaoi Q

League of Legends Hardest-To-Dodge Ability Illaoi Q Guide

Illaoi is a top laner who is incredibly tough to deal with. Her passive constantly spawns creepy tentacles that deal an annoying amount of damage. However, her Q (Tentacle Smash) is one of the more difficult aspects of her abilities.

Illaoi’s Q works well in combination with her passive. It increases the damage done by the tentacles, and spawns a new tentacle that smashes down on the target area. The hitbox and range is quite generous, so it is difficult to judge if you’re new to the game.

The tentacles are also quite menacing, and the Q is near impossible to dodge if you’re too close to Illaoi. It’s best to keep your distance from this buff woman!


All abilities are created equal, but some are much more annoying than others. In the comments below, please feel free to share your own perspectives about the hardest skillshots to dodge!

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