Riven Combos and Animation Canceling – The Ultimate Guide

Riven Combos and Animation Canceling Ultimate Guide League of Legends

Out of all the champions in League of Legends, Riven is often considered to be quite complex due to her insane combos and animation cancels. Most high-ranked Challenger players will only play Riven since she has a high carry potential. Plus, if you have the mechanics to properly play her, you will mostly win your games. That is why this guide will take a look at some strong Riven combos and animation canceling. 

Some of the popular Riven combos like her “Normal combo”, “Fast combo”, or “Doublecast combo” are quite useful in most situations. Plus, there are a lot of ways in which you can cancel her animations of either her ultimate or various items to quickly kill the enemy.  

If you want to learn about all these combos and how to perform some of the animations cancels, sit back, relax, and dive right into this guide to see all the Riven combos. 

Before we begin, you should practice whatever combo you want to master since it can take quite some time before you get the timing correct. Do not be discouraged if you do not do well in a few games since you are learning. However, do not pick her in ranked if you want to know the champion. With that said, let’s get started. 

Riven Abilities

The first thing you should know about any champion is its abilities and the role it excels at. Riven is a top-lane AD champion that has great carry potential. On the other hand, a bad Riven will stick out easily. Before you get to the combos, let’s talk about all of her abilities so that you know what we are talking about in the next section. If you are already familiar with her kit, you can skip this part and move on to the next one. 

Her passive is called Runic Blade and it allows her to deal additional damage with her auto attacks. This is a great passive since it can allow you to farm easily and deal more damage to the enemy during the laning phase. In most 1v1 fights in the top lane, you will have more damage than the enemy champion.

Runic Blade Combos and Animation Canceling Guide League of Legends


Her Q is what makes Riven one of the strongest top lane fighters. She can use this ability three times, each allowing her to dash forward. Each time you recast it, you will deal damage to all enemies around you. On the final cast, Riven will jump and slam the ground in front of her and knock up any enemies hit by her sword. 

Riven Ability Combos and Animation Canceling Guide League of Legends

Riven’s W is a simple ability that allows her to stun any nearby enemies. This is extremely useful if you want to either stop an enemy from escaping or stunning them so that they do not deal damage to you during a fight. During the laning phase, you can use this ability when you engage the enemy. Since they will be stunned for a while, you can safely deal damage to them and retreat to a safe spot. This will allow you to keep your HP high and potentially kill the enemy.

Riven Combos and Animation Canceling Guide League of Legends

Riven’s E causes her to dash a short distance in a selected direction. She also gains a shield that blocks all incoming damage. This is a great ability to block any damage so that you can always win the trades. You can either gap close with your E or use your Q to start the fight. During the fight, use your E so that you gain the shield and keep your HP high. 

Riven Abilities Combos and Animation Canceling Guide League of Legends

Finally, her R empowers her weapon and forges it to be complete again. She gains increased attack damage and a little bit of extra range on her auto attacks. The best part is that you can recast your R once while it is active to release a powerful ranged attack that deals damage to all enemies hit by it. This is a great spell to finish off any running enemies since it deals more damage to targets with low HP. 

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As with many other champions, Riven has some insane combos that will instantly make you a better player if you use them. Some of these combos are quite swift and they will not give your enemy time to react. While the champion does not have any built-in combos, players have discovered many mechanics over the years to improve the champion. 

Using the correct combo in the correct situation will not only make for a good replay highlight but also confuse the enemy since they will not have seen anything like it. The higher you climb in ranked, the more of these combos you will see. That is why you will see that most high-ranked Challenger players one trick Riven. 

Normal Combo

This is the most generic combo out there and most Riven players will only use this. This is not to say that it is a bad thing because you can use this combo during the laning phase to deal damage to the enemy. It mostly consists of three parts, and we will discuss them right now. 

Firstly, you can use your Q three times to deal damage to the enemy and knock them up before getting back to safety. To make this better, you can add your auto attacks between each Q as well. Ideally, you can add 1-2 auto attacks depending on the situation. If you time it correctly, you can even skip the animation of your auto attack as well.

Secondly, you can use your W as well if you are level 2 or 3. This will allow you to deal damage with your Q, auto attacks, and your W as well. Plus, it also stuns the enemy which either makes it easier to hit them or run away once you are done with your combo. 

Finally, you can add your E in this combo as well. Doing so will allow you to gain a strong shield that will block all damage from the enemy. This allows you to use your combo on the enemy while they cannot deal that much damage back to you. Plus, you can either use your E to gap close or run away. Ideally, use this in between your Q’s and when your W stun ends so that you gain a shield at that time. 

Fast Combo

The fast combo is similar to the normal one but you have to do it quickly. It involves you pressing two abilities at once so that you can skip a few animations and instantly get the required results. An example of this is when you use your W and instantly press E. Alternatively, you can press your E and use your W instantly as well. 

However, be careful since you might notice that your W’s effect takes place where your E initially started rather than where it ends. This is something that you will automatically fix if you have enough practice. 

Full Combo

Finally, her full combo will often leave the enemy dead while you can push the lane safely. To do this, you need to implement both of the previous combos but use your ultimate as well. Now, there are a few ways in which you can use your ultimate. First of all, you can use your R and then dive into the enemy. 

However, that will give your enemy a lot of time to react and prepare for you to come close to them. To avoid this, I suggest that you cancel a few animations by using your ultimate instantly after pressing E. This will allow Riven to fix her broken blade while in the animation of her E, saving you a few seconds. Plus, the enemy will not have enough time to realize what just happened. 

After you have your ultimate active, do the usual Q, auto attack, Q, auto attack combo three times. After that, use your W to stun them and hit them with about 2 auto attacks. Now, your E will be almost off of cooldown and your Q will be back up. Use them again if you need to otherwise move on to the next step. 

After you have used all of your abilities effectively, recast your R to fire the wave and execute the enemy. Since this deals more damage depending on how much missing HP the enemy has, you need to ensure that you are using the second part of your R to finish off the enemy. 

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Animation Cancelling

There are quite a few animation cancels that you can use but the ones we will mention are the best ones. These are not just for a show unlike other animation cancels and they will come in handy in a lot of situations.

The first thing to know is when to use your ultimate and your E. If you time it correctly, your ultimate animation will be skipped thanks to your E. Normally, Riven stand at a place for about 0.5 seconds and forges and broken blade. However, if you press E instantly after pressing R, you will save those 0.5 seconds and get close to the enemy as well. 

Also, you can hide your auto attacks between your Q jumps to not only deal about 30% more damage but also kill the enemy quickly. To do this, you need to press Q right before your auto attack is about to hit. If done correctly, your auto attack will deal damage but your animation will skip and you will transition into your Q animation instead. 

Since you can use your Q three times, you can do this three times as well. It can be a bit hard to do at first and you might completely miss some of your auto attacks but with enough practice, you’ll get there.

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