Yasuo Combos and Animation Canceling – The Ultimate Guide

Yasuo Combos and Animation Canceling - The Ultimate Guide League of Legends

There are over 150 champions in League of Legends that can be played across multiple roles in the game. One of the more popular champions in the mid lane is Yasuo. Thanks to the countless memes and how good the champion is, many players want to pick him. However, while he is easy to play, he is quite difficult to master. If you recently started playing Yasuo or want to play him, this guide will show you all the Yasuo combos and animation canceling so that you can climb the ranked ladder with him.

There are tons of combos that you can use on Yasuo. The popular ones are called “The Beyblade”, “The Airblade”, and “The Keyblade”. There are many animation cancels that you can do to keep the enemies on their toes and deal extra damage as well.

If you want to learn about all of these combos and how to perform some of the animation cancels, sit back, relax, and let’s dive right into this guide to see all the Yasuo combos. Before we begin, you should practice whatever combo you want to master since it can take quite some time before you get the timing correct. Do not be discouraged if you do not do well in a few games since you are learning. However, do not pick him in ranked if you want to learn the champion. With that said, let’s get started.

Yasuo Abilities

The first thing you should know about any champion is its abilities and the role it excels at. Yasuo is a mid laner AD champion that has great carry potential. On the other hand, a bad Yasuo will stick out like a sore thumb. Before you get to the combos, let’s talk about all of his abilities so that you know what we are talking about in the next section. If you are already familiar with his kit, you can skip this part and move on to the next one.

Firstly, Yasuo’s passive allows him to gain a shield whenever he gets damaged by an auto attack or a spell. To see if your shield is available or not, look at the meter where your mana is normally found. Since he does not use any mana, you can see the meter fill up with a white color. If it is full, it means that the next attack from an enemy will proc a shield that will block a decent amount of damage.

The second part of his passive allows Yasuo to gain twice the number of crit chance. If you would gain a 20% crit chance with an item, Yasuo will gain a 40% crit. This means that you can quickly get your crit chance to 100% and still have space in your inventory for other defensive or offensive items depending on what the situation of the game is.

Yasuo Abilities in League of Legends

His Q allows Yasuo to thrust his sword in front of him to deal damage. While this is a good ability to poke any enemy that tries to fight you, it also has another use. If you successfully stack your Q two times in quick succession, Yasuo can fire a tornado if he uses Q again. This tornado deals damage and knocks up all enemies in a straight line. Plus, the cooldown of this ability is quite low and can become even lower if you make attack speed.

Yasuo Attack Speed in League of Legends

His W places a wind wall in the direction Yasuo wants. This wall will block almost all projectiles and auto attacks in the game. It can be used to make the enemy ADC useless in the teamfight while your team can freely damage the enemy. You can also use it while running away to stop any auto attacks or skill shots from hitting you.

Plus, you can even use this ability in the laning phase when the enemy is under their tower to deny them farm. Keep in mind that you cannot block turret shots from this ability so do not try to use it in that case. What you can do is block damage from both sides so you can stand in the middle to block all damage for a few seconds.

Yasuo Damage Block in League of Legends

Yasuo’s E allows him to dash through enemy units in quick succession. This is a great ability to force the enemy to retreat or miss their skill shots since you can easily reposition yourself. However, if you use E on an enemy, you cannot dash through them again for a short period of time. The best way to use this ability is to either chase enemies by dashing through minions or while running away. Plus, you can use it on a few minions to close the gap between the enemy to damage them and use your E to safely get back to safety.

Yasuo Damage Ability in League of Legends

Finally, his R allows him to instantly teleport to the enemy and slice them in the air. After a few slices, he slams the enemy on the ground to slow them and deal additional damage. However, this ultimate can only be used if the enemy champion is knocked up in the air. You can either use your tornado to knock the enemy up or use your R off of your allies’ knock-up. Regardless of how you use it, Yasuo refills his shield meter as soon as he uses his R and also gains additional armor penetration for a few seconds as well.


As with many other champions, Yasuo has some insane combos that will instantly make you a better player if you use them. Some of these combos are extremely fast and they will not give your enemy time to react. While the champion does not have any built-in combos, players have discovered many mechanics over the years to improve the champion. Using the correct combo in the correct situation will not only make for a good replay highlight but also confuse the enemy since they will not have seen anything like it. The higher you climb in ranked, the more of these combos you will see.

The Beyblade

Yasuo The Beyblade in League of Legends

Starting off with the first combo that is quite handy to learn, The Beyblade. This combo is surprisingly easy but players do not use it in the lower elo. While this can be only done if you have your flash summoner spell up, using it allows you to avoid a messy teamfight and go straight to the enemy backline and surprise them.

To do this, you must first use your Q two times to gain the stack for your tornado. Now, instead of firing your tornado, use your E to dash in the minions or enemy champions. While your E animation is going on, quickly press your flash in the direction of the enemy backline or any champion that you want to target. Immediately after pressing flash, spam your Q to knock up the enemies in that area. If done correctly, you will knock up the backline while they think that you are going to use this on the front line.

Once you get used to this combo, you can make it better to take away any reaction time from the enemy. Charge your tornado and use your E. Then, use your Q to do the Keyblade and then flash to the enemy. You will need to be extremely quick and press everything correctly to ensure that it goes according to plan. This way, you will instantly knock the champions up as soon as you flash and they will not get a chance to react.

The Airblade

Yasuo The Airblade Damage in League of Legends

This is the most basic combo on Yasuo that you must know if you want to use the other ones. After charging your tornado, use your E, and while in the animation, press Q to knock up all enemies around you instead of firing a tornado. This is great against enemies that otherwise dodge your knock-up.

Once you get the hang of this combo, you can go one step further. Once the enemy is knocked up, you can hit them with a few auto attacks and quickly press R before they land on the ground. This will maximize your damage and deplete their HP immediately. Since your attack speed is quite fast thanks to your build, you can easily land 2 or 3 auto attacks while they are in the air.

The Keyblade

Yasuo The Keyblade in League of Legends

This is the ultimate Yasuo combo and it will take a lot of practice. You will want to head over to the practice tool and learn how to do this since it involves combining the previous combos to deal the maximum amount of damage that you can possibly do. While the damage is extremely high, you will need to be really quick and use everything precisely.

To do this, use the Airblade (E and Q) and combine it with the Beyblade (E, Q, flash) to knock up the enemy. Once they are in the air, you can use your E on them and auto attack them a few times before using your R. Since you will not have used your E on them to reach them, you can use it now to deal the additional damage.

All of this will take a lot of skill and practice. Even the most skilled players mess up this combo since even one wrong move can mean that you ruin the whole combo. If done correctly, the enemy will never live after your ultimate and it looks smooth as well.

Animation Canceling

Yasuo Animation Cancel in League of Legends

There are quite a few animations cancels that you can use but the ones we will mention are the two best ones. These are not just for show unlike other animation cancels and they will come in handy in a lot of situations. First of all, you can cancel the animation of your auto attacks if you time them with your E.

Use your auto attack on a minion or a champion and wait for your sword to come near them. Once it is almost about to hit them, use your E at that moment to cancel the animation of your attack. Your auto will steal damage while you dash through them, dealing even more damage. This can be a bit difficult once you gain attack speed since it can be tricky to keep track of where your sword is.

The second major animation cancel is to help you knock up the enemy without them even realizing it. Charge up your Q until you get the tornado. Once you have it, use your Q to throw your tornado but as soon as your tornado is about to be released, use your wind wall immediately. This will not only cancel the animation for your wind wall but also for your Q. The enemy will be quite confused by this and it will give you a higher chance to knock them up.

However, if you use this, you cannot use your wind wall until it comes off of cooldown. This means that you will be vulnerable when you slam the enemy after using your ultimate. However, in a 1v1 situation, there is no better thing to do.

Also, you can technically count the Keyblade and Beyblade as animation cancels but I consider it to be a combo rather than this.

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