Hardest-To-Kill Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has just taken a durability update following more than a year-long game state where incalculable amounts of damage have been prevalent, one-shotting enemies or melting tanks in mere seconds.

Despite the previous game state, there have been champions that have remained nigh unkillable that only got even tougher due to the durability update. 

We list down champions in League of Legends that most players will find near-immortal. Here are our top seven (7) hardest-to-kill champions in League of Legends. 

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7. Tryndamere

The first on the list is a champion literally too angry to die, Tryndamere. The barbarian king hailing from the northern parts of Frejlord reigns terror among players across different rank levels in League of Legends.

While Tryndamere does not have the highest stats to make him durable enough to be considered a tank champion, he has abilities that allow him to evade death in multiple ways.

Tryndamere is capable of healing, dashing, and temporary immortality that many players find hard to play against.

The innate passive Battle Fury stacks Fury with each attack dealt on an enemy and each Fury increases his critical strike chance. 

The ability Q – Bloodlust heals Tryndamere in lane and stacks a passive that grants him increased damage with lower health. Additionally, the heal consumes Fury and will heal more with more Fury consumed. 

His ability W – Mocking Shout slows enemies with their backs turned against him and reduces the attack damage of surrounding enemies. 

Last in his basic abilities is his E – Spinning Slash lets him dash with a spin to a direction and damages enemies along the path. Finally, his ultimate ability Undying Rage grants him temporary immortality for 5 seconds.

Tryndamere pays off teetering between life and death. His ability to stay healthy in the lane while dishing damage makes it hard for champions with melee basic attacks. 

Ranged champions are also not safe with his dash-in and possible burst damage with critical strikes. The dash ability can also be used to get away from bad skirmishes or ganks, making him very versatile offensively or defensively. 

In times of extreme danger or clutch situations, his ultimate ability opens up game plans that cannot be done otherwise.

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6. Aatrox

Closely tied in various ways to Tryndamere is Aatrox, another champion that likes to edge himself close to death.

The old in-game story between the two champions tells us that Aatrox decimated Tryndamere’s tribe and gave the latter his great strength and immortality. 

Additionally, the pre-rework Aatrox released in 2013 showcased a revive mechanic that almost paralleled Tryndamere’s ultimate. The revive mechanic was retained after the rework but eventually removed due to its potential game-breaking nature.

Despite the constant nerfs, Aatrox has remained a menace in the top lane with his spell vamp, itemization, and newfound durability due to the recent update.

Much like Tryndamere, Aatrox can stay healthy in the lane through his healing from physical damage dealt with enemies. His innate passive Deathbringer Stance allows him to steal some health from enemies with a basic attack every few seconds. 

The damage his ability Q – Darkin Blade inflicts enough damage on multiple enemies to keep them at bay and heal back lost health. Finally, his ultimate ability grants a steroid of some sort that buffs his spell vamp and movement speed.

The other basic abilities of Aatrox provide minor benefits but still help him in the lane. He has some mobility with his E – Umbral Dash to let him reposition his ability Darkin Blade, move away from skill shots, or run away from enemies. 

His ability W – Infernal Chains do not do much, but it gets enough done to slow or pull enemies back.

If you cannot close the gap, crowd control, or kite Aatrox, killing him becomes a chore in skirmishes or team fights.

5. Fiora

A champion that keeps enemies on their toes in the lane is Fiora.

Fiora is squishy, Fiora has low health, Fiora does not armor, so Fiora is easy to kill, right? Not really. 

Fiora is very agile in the lane and heals a lot even in extended trades. Trying to burst her or put her on a crowd control may backfire when she can effectively avoid all damage and return them to you.

A good Fiora player will make use of her innate passive Duelist’s Dance that creates a Vital on an enemy. 

Hitting these Vital points grants her movement speed and healing but will also deal percent health true damage to an enemy. Paired this with her ability Q – Lunge, catching her on her way in becomes very tricky.

Going for extended trades may seem a good idea since her in-and-out playstyle may point you to this as her weakness, this is actually a wrong play most of the time. 

Melee champions going for skirmishes even in a two-on-one situation may find themselves in a sticky situation when she reduces a champion’s movement speed with her ability E – Blade Work. 

She would then gain bonus attack speed and a guaranteed critical strike that can chunk an enemy immediately and then properly reposition herself.

When players think that they caught her with a crowd-control or burst damage, she can bust out her ability W – Riposte to grant her invincibility from these effects. Additionally, when an immobilizing ability is timed with Riposte, an enemy hit in return by her Riposte will get stunned. This gives her an outplay potential even in disadvantaged situations.

Fiora’s ultimate ability Grand Challenge will target an enemy and create four (4) vitals on an enemy. When Fiora hits all 4 Vitals, grant her and her allies are healed. Most often than not, the enemy caught in this ultimate needs to run away or simply survive.

The capability to play around distance, stay in movement, deal large amounts of damage, and heal up makes it hard for most players to kill a good Fiora player.

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4. Garen

Steering away from duelists that excel in life steals or mobility in combat to stay alive, Garen is a tank champion that stays healthy by staying out of combat.

Garen has an innate passive called Perseverance that will let him heal back up when out of combat. 

This innate passive may not seem broken given the chaotic nature of the top lane, but a good Garen player would know when to create safe moments by shoving lanes. Due to this, Garen effectively has a built-in Warmog’s Armor effect in his kit.

Even outside laning, Garen can stay in extended team fights by taking short breaks from these skirmishes to heal back up. 

Pairing this innate passive ability with Warmog’s Armor and other healing-increasing items such as Spirit Visage, Garen becomes unkillable on the map.

Garen’s basic abilities and ultimate gives him minor offensive capabilities, but some provide him even better chances of living with armor, tenacity, and movement bonuses from his ability Q – Decisive Strike and W – Courage.

3. Tahm Kench

Another champion with great self-healing capabilities and durability is Tahm Kench.

Much like Garen, Tahm Kench can heal back lost health through the passive effect of his ability E – Thick Skin. The passive effect allows him to “store” some of the damage recently dealt to him to either heal back up when out of combat or convert to a temporary shield. 

This gives him flexibility for extra health in combat when converted into a shield or extended stay in lane by healing it by backing out from combat for a few seconds.

The ability Thick Skin alone grants him insane amounts of health in and outside of the lane, especially with tank items built in the later parts of the game.

The other abilities of Tahm Kench do not contribute that greatly in the durability part but the offensive capabilities grant him enough threat for enemies to back off since he surprisingly deals significant damage as well.

Activating his innate passive Acquired Taste will deal percent health damage to enemies and stuns them when used properly with the ability Q – Tongue Lash. Slowing an enemy is also possible when Tongue Lash is used alone.

Aside from Tongue Lash, creating more distance more directly can be done with the ability W – Ability Dive which lets him disappear from his initial location to reappear in another. This can be used to knock up enemies when needed which can give him ample time to run away or give allies time to help.

While his basic abilities and innate passive help Tahm Kench, his ultimate helps his teammates by taking away an enemy from combat or granting an ally respite in his mouth and then giving the ally shield afterward.

Tahm Kench is extremely durable with supplementary abilities to create distance between him and enemies, these allow him to both take enemies head-on or avoid them when needed.

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2. Malphite

A champion that can be played like Tahm Kench through innate durability, temporary shields, knock-ups, slows, and mobility is Malphite. He is an old champion focused on soaking up damage in team fights, duels, or skirmishes.

Maokai is capable of avoiding damage by playing around with the innate passive Granite Shield that grants him a temporary shield that stays active unless destroyed. 

This will recharge once he stays out of combat for a few seconds. The amount of temporary shield is based on 10% of Malphite’s maximum health, giving players the direct goal of giving him health for better usage of this passive effect.

With this in mind, Malphite is capable of going in for trades dealing damage with his Q – Seismic Shard, W – Thunderclap, and E – Ground Slam. 

He may also opt to just poke enemies from afar with Seismic Shard if the trade seems unfavorable.

Aside from this, Seismic Shard slows and steals the movement speed of an enemy. Creating distance becomes surprisingly easy with Malphite even with no ultimate.

Finally, the ultimate ability Unstoppable Force can also be used as an escape tool from dangerous situations.

The durability of Malphite combined with his surprising mobility makes it hard to catch Malphite and beat him down to death.

1. Vladimir

Other candidates can be considered unkillable like Sett, Alistar, Leona, and Singed but our last champion on the list is Vladimir.

Vladimir’s whole kit is based around regenerating and stealing health. His ability Q – Transfusion steals a chunk of an enemy’s health and becomes stronger with each Bloodthirst stack consumed.

The ability W – Sanguine Pool grants Vladimir temporary invulnerability by becoming a moving pool of blood.

Enemies passed through by Vladimir while in this form are slowed and have their life drained along the way.

Hemoplague is a great ultimate ability by Vladimir that marks enemies hit granting him extra damage with his abilities and dealing magic after some time. Vladimir also heals from this ability for each champion hit.

The burst damage and low cooldowns of some abilities by Vladimir become a threat to enemies that ganking, dueling, skirmishing, and team fighting are all dangerous even for an enemy team with a numbers advantage.


What makes champions hard to kill differ from one another. Some champions are hard to kill due to their outplay potential like Fiora, and Tryndamere. 

Some champions stay healthy by stealing health like Aatrox or Vladimir. Some champions regenerate health and are extremely durable like Tahm Kench, Garen, and Malphite.

The windows of opportunity for each of these types of champions will be different, so game plans and strategies will also be different. Some of these are more exploitable, while some will need more grind and grit to pull off. 

Regardless, finding which of these caters to you will depend on your patience and game sense. Knowing what champions do will give an advantage, but knowing yourself is most important.

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