Is League of Legends Famous In Korea?

Every League of Legends player knows who the most outstanding player is; he is a Korean player named Lee-sang Hyeok, better known as Faker. 

For the majority of the League of Legends players, they idolize Faker as he is regarded as the greatest player ever to play the game. How can we all forget that goosebumps-inducing moment where he outplayed Ryu as a Zed in a mirror match. 

That said, this is one reason why League of Legends is very popular in Korea. But that is not the only reason people dominate and love the League of Legends.

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Why Do Koreans Love League of Legends?

1. Faker’s Influence

Because of the widely popular back-to-back champion, Faker, the League of Legends became very popular in Korea. 

E-sports players are regarded as celebrities in Korea, and it only makes sense that all the boys out there want to be like Faker. There are lots of good players in Korea who dream of being like Faker.

Faker’s impact on the entire League of Legends community can never be replaced. Many players have been deemed as “The new Faker,” but nobody seems to beat Faker despite these titles. 

He continues to play in the League of Legends world tournaments and still dominates, making people perceive him as a national hero who brings fame and recognition to their country. Same as what Manny Pacquiao is for the Filipino people.

2. History of Gaming in Korea

Korea has been one of the countries that pioneered competitive gaming; they have dominated the competitive scene in gaming since the early 2000s. 

Another reason why Koreans are very good at competitive gaming is because of the normalcy of internet cafés there. These cafés install the most popular games making people play these games, and it just so happens that League of Legends is currently the most popular online game in the world. 

It continues to dominate YouTube and Twitch live gaming streams as the game with the most viewers. 

Its e-sport community is also unbeatable, seeing as how many people view the game every time the Worlds tournament is held in different parts of the world. 

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3. The Dream of Becoming Famous

League of Legends players becomes celebrities when they get into a pro team and compete at the highest level. There are also many perks when you get into one of the most popular and dominating teams in the League of Legends. 

Pro players are known to receive tons of perks when they represent one team. This includes a considerable sum of money as a salary for playing the game alone. These perks include a grand accommodation for each player and tons of sponsor items. 

The team of SKT is also known to be in commercials and many other projects that yield tons of money. Who doesn’t want to be in one pro team where all you do is play, and rich people give everything you need and want to play ore for them? 

You get paid and secure your family’s future while doing the thing you love. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you are not Korean, you probably love League of Legends which is famous worldwide. Be it you enjoy playing it or for the reasons I mentioned above. 

There is a reason why people love playing League of Legends a lot, and that is because the developers love their community. Developers and Riot Games listen to their community, but sometimes they overdo themselves, leading to the game’s imbalance, which they fix eventually. 

No matter what your reason is for loving League of Legends, know that you are not alone despite other people saying League of Legends is a dying game. GLHF on your next game, summoner. 

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