Top 7 Most Annoying Mid Laners to Play Against

Everyone playing League of Legends must have started their experience trying to play mid lane. 

Yet since almost everyone wants to try this lane, about half are pushed out to other lanes while the other half fight for their lives to get their supposed rightful place.

Yet regardless of where they go, both will understand some strengths and weaknesses of going mid lane. 

The duty of having to help take control of the river along with the river, the burden of being a carry, and duty of ganking lanes once in a while are some things that players will find from a mid laner.

Mid lane champions have strengths that excel in fulfilling each duty; some being capable of more than just one or maybe do better in all aspects. Yet which champions are capable of doing this? 

Which champions are unique and weird to match up against? Here we discuss some of the most annoying mid lane champions to go against in your League of Legends games.

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7. Veigar

The Yordle master of dark sorcery is capable of infinitely stacking his Ability Power (AP) as time goes by. His carry potential knows no bounds, and is only beholden to the skill of its player.

The damage he brings mainly comes from both his Q – Baleful Strike and W – Dark Matter, hitting champions and killing minions also builds up his passive – Phenomenal Evil Power which grants him permanent bonus AP. 

His E – Event Horizon is a great zoning spell which stuns champions on the edge of a circular area, this allows him to scare away enemies, trap enemies inside it, or stun them when they are hit. 

When Veigar finds his enemy with enough low health, he can cast his R – Primordial Burst to finish him off.

His early game is his greatest weakness as he will lack some AP to deal reliable damage and will lose mana quickly trying to damage enemies or build up his passive. However, taking advantage of this is quite a trouble as his Event Horizon provides him enough space to run away from enemies or safely farm minions. 

In the late game he becomes a nigh unstoppable force if he builds enough AP through his passive and apply extra damage from item effects or bonus AP.

Regardless, he lacks mobility so this is a possible exploit for players going against Veigar. 

His lack of defensive stats and weak early game are one of his biggest weaknesses, but once he has built defensive items then this might become more of a problem. 

His wave clear may be slow in the early game, but a good enough Veigar player is capable of properly building AP, managing a minion wave, and conserving mana in times of need.

6. Vladimir

Are you finding a champion in mid lane who has good sustain and little to no resource management needed? Then Vladimir is one of your best choices.

Vladimir boasts insane healing and bursting capabilities. Capable of stealing health from enemies with his Q – Transfusion, and safely avoid damage using W – Sanguine Pool. 

He can also deal extra damage using his E – Tides of Blood which blasts enemies around him with AP damage. 

If that is not enough then he can deal extra damage not only to one champion, but all enemy champions with his ultimate Hemoplague which increases all damage taken of enemy champions hit by this skill. 

Then after a few moments, enemies hit by Hemoplague suffers burst damage of at least 350 health points (hp) and only increases as Vladimir gets more AP from items.

While being a mage has its stereotype of being squishy, Vladimir is surprisingly durable not only through his healing but also his passive – Crimson Pact that gives him extra health based off of his AP. 

Your hope is to kite him down and reduce his healing through anti-healing items such as Morellonomicon, or Mortal Reminder.

5. Katarina

Another champion that excels at avoiding enemy abilities and clearing minion waves with ease is Katarina.

Trying to catch her and her cooldowns can be very tricky as her passive – Voracity allows her to reset her relocation skill and damage nearby enemies; including minions, by picking up daggers. 

Her playstyle surrounds using this passive to the fullest along with her Q – Bouncing Blade that lets her throws a dagger to her enemies to deal damage and set up a relocation spot, W – Preparation to drop a dagger in place for another relocation spot, and E – Shunpo to relocate herself towards a dagger. 

All this together allows her to completely turn the tides of a battle with her ultimate – Death Lotus, which lets her deal continuous damage to enemies within her attack range.

Playing around the location of her daggers and holding her down will do the job in killing her.  

While that is her weakness, it is one of the hardest things a player needs to do especially if the Katarina player is exceptionally skilled with the champion.

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4. Zed

We continue our list with another champion that excels at avoiding enemy abilities, the assassins shrouded in shadows; Zed.

Zed is a physical damage assassin that aims to deal with opponents in intermittent bursts of damage in the early game. His Q – Razor Shuriken that lets him and his shadow clone throw a shuriken, W – Living Shadow that makes him place a shadow clone and switch places with it, E – Shadow Slash that allows him to slow and deal damage to nearby enemies, and passive – Contempt for the Weak that buffs his auto attacks against enemies below half of their health, makes him a pain to trade with.

He deals significant damage enough through his basic abilities that when he uses his ultimate – Death Mark, enemies hit by this along with his basic abilities are most likely dead after its activation. 

Death Mark makes him mark his enemies and relocates beside them. He leaves a shadow clone in his place, and recasting this skill lets him swap places with his shadow clone. 

His ability to relocate and deal significant amounts of damage in bursts makes him akin to Katarina. 

Yet one exploit that one can use against Zed that is not with Katarina is the fact that Zed has no skill resets, making him rely on cooldowns to reposition and recast his skills. 

Moreover, his abilities also rely on his energy and having no energy entails a vulnerable Zed.

3. Lux

With this champion, we go back to the basics. Lux is one of the champions we are allowed to play in the tutorial section of the game. 

While her skills are very straightforward and easy to understand, trying to go against it may be a trifling matter.

The abilities of Lux allow her to properly zone her enemies into vulnerable positions. Slowing enemies with her E – Lucent Singularity and snaring them with Q – Light Binding is key to dealing damage or setting up enemies for their imminent death for Lux. 

Allies that may need shield; or even just herself, can be saved by her W – Prismatic Barrier which may seem weak at the start, but will become significant with enough AP provided. 

Finishing off enemies from afar is also there for Lux with her ultimate ability Final Spark. This allows her to effectively roam and deal damage from a distance, which may kill weak stray enemies or help out reduce their health.

Her passive – Illumination allows her to make effective trades marking enemies hit by her abilities, making them take extra damage from an auto attack by Lux.

As annoying as she may be, she is still easy to deal with when you can dodge her abilities. She is squishy and possesses no mobility ability, therefore making her prone to ganks with the right decisions made.

2. Yasuo

A certified classic pick ever since his release, Yasuo. Even though there are stereotypes that Yasuo players can only do one of two things: Feed or Carry, there is a reason why he is such a viable champion in the mid lane.

His marketability to be picked in the mid lane is not only through the fact that he looks cool and his abilities are edgy, it is also because he is a formidable champion capable of snowballing a game. 

The dash, poke, and wind wall he possesses allow him to go in and out safely of the fray. His W – Wind Wall allows him to protect himself from all projectile attacks, keeping him safe from most mages in the mid lane and auto attacks from both champions and minions. 

Dashing through enemies with his E – Sweeping Blade and poking enemies down with Q – Steel Tempest makes him an annoying champion to trade with. 

He can also knock up an enemy using his Q2 setting up for allies to pounce on the victim, or his ultimate – Last Breath to close the gap and deal significant damage.

His abilities provide him great outplay potential and his passive – Way of the Wanderer grants him bonus critical strike chance. 

This critical strike chance buff allows him to deal constant critical strike damage, this bonus damage is both useful to hurt enemies as well as keep him alive using the damage with his lifesteal from items.

His squishiness and reliance to combos are his greatest weakness so players should aim to hold him down and burst him, kite him from a distance, or duel him in hopes that his healing is less than the damage you are able to dish out.

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1. Irelia

Much like Yasuo, another champion that excels at closing the gap and taking trades is Irelia. His playstyle is surprisingly similar to Yasuo albeit the details being different.

She attempts to go in and out of combat, dashing from one minion to another then towards the champion with her Q – Bladesurge. 

Holding opponents down with her E – Flawless Duet allows her to set up for both short and extended trades, or ganks for her allies.

Her ultimate ability – Vanguard’s Edge, allows her to slow down and trap enemies hit by this skill. 

Furthermore, it lets her dash towards champions hit; ensuring a duel to happen between her and the victims.

While her defensive stats do not make her a tank, a player should not underestimate her durability. The damage she dishes out is significant enough that when combined with lifesteal, makes her durable in fights. 

She may also use her W – Defiant Dance to mitigate incoming damage for a period of time.

Much like Yasuo, the way to deal with her is to hold her down, kite her, or reduce her healing. 

Bursting her down may be an option but more often than not she will build enough HP and lifesteal to either soak up the damage or regain lost health.

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