10 Hottest Female League of Legends Champions

Ever since Riot Games released League of Legends, players have been busy creating all kinds of crazy and fun ideas. A lot of the time these concepts involve a new character or two that doesn’t exist in the actual lore. However, more often than not there are people who take this one step further by actually building a champion from the ground up. 

In this list, we’ll take a look at 10 of the hottest female champions that have been built over the years. Some are well-known and popular but others might be much more difficult to find!

10. Ahri

Ahri is a nine-tailed fox who also happens to have quite an ample bosom though she shows them off in style with her revealing outfit as well as being famous for her alluring curves. Ahri’s beauty is well known and much celebrated throughout Valoran. Her lilac skin is contrasted by her elegant fur which seems as soft as silk and flows gently as she walks the Summoner’s Rift. 

She is a very complex woman, embodying both ferocious power and primal grace; this juxtaposition leads to an air of true elegance that only those who’ve seen her in action can attest to. She definitely deserves a place here just because she sets out to seduce you from the very beginning. Her charm is so great in fact it’s even gotten me to watch some videos of her doing the catwalk-style walk over the fields of justice.

9. LeBlanc

I bet most people wouldn’t have expected this choice, but I’d say LB certainly deserves a place on the list.LeBlanc is the only champion that doesn’t have an age. She has an unknown age, but she looks like a young adult in her early twenties. 

The beautiful ‘sad’ magician, LeBlanc does everything she can to turn heads when walking onto the Summoner’s Rift which specifically means wearing very revealing clothing that leaves little to the imagination with rather large assets. Though I’m sure there are more reasons that would make you want to check out this high-skill cap champion besides her looks…

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8.  Sona

The Maven of Strings, known for her angelic appearance and very revealing clothing, also deserves a place on this list. Though she has an extremely high-skill cap I’d say it’s worth the trouble walking onto Summoners Rift several times to check her out just because of how stunningly beautiful she looks while playing. Not only that but her hair is another reason for anyone with a liking for anyone to keep an eye on her.

Maybe I’m just blinded by her beauty, but every critique that is made about her seems to fade away in my mind. She’s got the kind of charisma that can influence even the most radical change-makers; maybe it’s because she has the persona of an angel. If you ever want to start a revolution or you need any book recommendations, Sona is your girl! Her looks will send you into cardiac arrest and her brain will stimulate you too much for your own good. It’s okay though; love makes us do crazy things.

7. Evelynn

Cleavage, fishnets, and a corset, need I say more? There’s no denying that most guys who play League of Legends have this champion as their most played or at least on their list somewhere which gives you a hint as to how popular she actually is. Whether it is her extremely revealing clothing which just begs for everyone to check out what’s underneath or her appealing facial features which clearly aim towards seduction, there’s no way you can avoid finding this lady attractive!

Oh, and she can also pretty much “one-shot” anyone. *wink*

6. Katarina

The Sinister Blade, Katarina is quite the beauty. Her hair gives off an air of mystery about her, while her charming eyes are able to entrance just about anyone they gaze upon. While she may be well known for being a champion in the League of Legends, it could never highlight her natural beauty better than appearing in our article. Kat’s hair seems to be one of the most “iconic” things about her. Everyone immediately recognizes this style… enough so that appropriating it gets you entry into some exclusive events. But what makes this hairstyle work? Firstly, Kat is (in my opinion) one of the only people who can get away with how vibrant her hair is. It’s… really eye-catching, and actually one of my favorite colors.

Secondly, it just looks like a lot of effort was put into styling it every day – as if she’s constantly checking the mirror to make sure everything is still in place before she leaves. This attention to detail makes us viewers feel as if we’re part of that world as well – that such items such as nail polish or makeup are an everyday occurrence for us too.

Katarina has been described as both a “sex bomb” and a high-level assassin. One thing is definitely true – she can slay just about anyone, male or female… And yes, even YOU!

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5. Sivir

This beautiful summoner almost makes me feel sorry for those who don’t have enough gold to purchase all the sexy skins available for this champion. Though she doesn’t wear incredibly revealing clothing like most of the other female champions do, she’s still extremely attractive and with such a large portion of players owning her, you can’t avoid seeing her on Summoners Rift at least once in your life. Her impressive weapon and even more stunning hair make it obvious why this is one of the most popular choices for ladies in League of Legends.

4. Ashe

The Frost Archer sports long brown hair and similarly colored clothing which may cause some to think that she isn’t very sexy but I beg to differ. What makes Ashe so appealing is that she has quite an exotic look about her just like Miss Fortune who also made this list which adds onto how many guys would want to check out their favorite archer when they get the chance to. When you think about it, Ashe is one of the few characters who actually wears proper clothing which makes her all the more attractive since she also has quite an athletic build. And if that doesn’t give you the ‘chills‘, well, I don’t know what would.

3. Fiora

Though I love all of Riot’s female champions for different reasons this one definitely deserves a mention when talking about League of Legends’ most beautiful females. What makes her so damn hot and appealing is that she looks like your average girl and not some character from another story in a fantasy setting… but with weapons! 

That’s my favorite kind of woman there is, someone who looks innocent yet very deadly at the same time, which just adds to Fiora’s sexiness, even more than it already was. You can’t deny that this lady is a catch and no guy would ever want to see her leave after a wonderful night together.

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2. Zyra

With long black hair, green eyes and vines growing out of her back this plant summoner is, without doubt, another extremely attractive female who deserves a place on this list. With the only thing covering her body being some leaves, you know exactly what to expect when playing Zyra. Which in my opinion makes it even sexier considering that she’s one of the few ladies who wear clothes yet still looks incredibly sexy to all League of Legends players. 

She also uses seeds as weapons which just adds to how much more inviting she becomes since it creates the idea that everyone will be lucky enough to receive several gifts from this gorgeous lady! Be careful you don’t get on her bad side though, you might find yourself in a ‘not-so-favorable position’, seeing as she can completely ‘reverse the roles’ by tying YOU up with her vines. Hehe.

1. Miss Fortune

The leading lady when it comes to League of Legends female champions and for good reason! An extremely attractive pirate who looks like the kind of girl you’d find at any beach in real life just strolling down the shoreline looking for someone to play with. Her weapons and outfit definitely suit her style as well which makes me wish League of Legends just had beaches already so we can see more of this beauty in a bikini which is essentially the way most people would describe her. 

There’s no other character in the game who is associated with sexiness like this one which makes her very popular among all players. Whether it be her skimpy clothing, stunning figure or seductive facial features make you want to check out your favorite female champion more than any other – especially since everybody owns her. 

She also has a very exotic look about her which gives the impression that she’s never been just another ordinary woman because there’s always something different about someone you can’t ignore. I’m sure we’re all glad this lady made it on our list.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many beautiful female champions from League of Legends and it’s really hard to decide who is sexier than who, since everybody has their own specific taste. I’m sure this list may contain some of your personal favorites but for those who didn’t find their wifey in this list, I’m sure she’s as gorgeous as the ladies above as well. Thanks for reading y’all!

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