How to Deal with Perma Grouping

How to Deal with Perma Grouping

Perma grouping is a big problem that is mostly plaguing low ELO matches. It removes the fun from games and can completely ruin their flow. Often times it can even cause the better team to lose.

Thankfully, those who asked the question “how to deal with perma grouping” are the ones who will be the first to break out of this pattern. Since this problem is mostly caused by autopiloting, being mindful quickly puts an end to this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Perma grouping is caused by poor game knowledge
  • Perma grouping can be broken up by split pushing
  • Clearing enemy jungle will give you an XP and gold boost while teams are stuck fighting

Split Push a LaneSplit Push a Lane

Split push is definitely the easiest way to deal with perma grouping. If you go to a sidelane and start clearing the minions and towers, you will force the enemy to respond. This will naturally break groups created by both teams.

Now this might not be fully universally applicable, since some champions are not that great at split pushing, but 99% of champions have enough wave-clear to draw the attention of enemies.

To be successful at split pushing, make sure to pay attention to the enemy’s location. The last thing you want is to get killed by the enemy for not paying enough attention to the map. A good way to stay safer during split pushing is by warding the surrounding area.

Depending on the lanes where you are, there will be multiple warding hotspots. These are the locations where enemies are most likely to go through. To make sure you are able to accurately predict the enemy pathing, there are two most important factors.

The first factor is your location, and the second factor is the enemy’s start location. For example, if you are under the enemy tower, the enemy will have many approach angles. They might come from their side of the turret, they might flank you, and so on.

In the case you are in the middle of the lane, the enemies will have fewer efficient routes to your spot. They will usually go straight to the river, so it is best to ward off that location.

In any case, you will learn these things as you go. There are a few options that enemies can opt for, and you will know them intuitively with enough experience. This is great, as you will be able to ward off these areas and play in the space you know you are safe.

Clear ally and enemy jungleClear ally and enemy jungle

If you are stuck with two autopiloting teams, who are constantly clashing in groups, and you are unable to split push for whatever reason, there are still things you can do to maximize your impact.

The thing that I found the most efficient is clearing the jungle, especially the enemy side. Clearing the jungle gives you XP, gold, and sweet buffs like Red buff and Blue buff. It also negates the enemy of all these, in the cases where you are clearing their jungle.

To make sure this works, make sure you convey to your team that you are not going to be around them anymore. I usually like to spam pings until they get disabled, and I don’t shy away from sending messages either. It might annoy your team a little, but it is better than having them killed and losing the game.

The clearing jungle strategy is quite simple, and it works wonderfully, especially when you are on the same page with your team. 4 people can easily defend against 5 people, provided that 5 people group does not have a baron buff or something.

The only time when you should not consider this strategy is when an objective is coming up. If you and your team can contest it as 5, there is no reason to leave your team randomly.


Perma grouping is a phenomenon that has all two opposing LoL teams fighting themselves at all times. The groups created can be hard to break up, especially in the lower elos. However, there are some things that have proven somewhat efficient.

For example, you can consider split pushing a lane, or having an ally do it. Additionally, you might consider clearing the enemy, and ally jungle. This way, you can make use of the teams that are stuck in limbo, and get yourself some extra gold and experience.

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