How Does Conqueror Work in League of Legends?

What is Conqueror?

Since the release of League of Legends, Conqueror has been one of the most significant runes in the game. It has actually been a part of the Precision tree for eternity. What sets Conqueror apart from the other runes in League of Legends is its potential for power. Any champion that picks up Conqueror has a hidden buff of sorts. And if the player is skilled in using it, you may have difficulty defeating that opponent.

Every champion in the game began employing Conqueror from the very beginning. It was so effective that even mages started to prefer it to their regular keystones.

Why? Because Conqueror provides two things, two very crucial things: A lot of damage, and a lot of healing. Any fighter who can stay engaged in a prolonged fight may earn huge boosts right after only a few seconds of combat. Riot eventually nerfed the effect on ranged champions, though melee fighters still thrive when using it.

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How Does Conqueror Work?

Simply put, it’s all about stacks that you create by fighting. The challenge is to keep fighting as long as possible in order to fully utilize its abilities. And here’s how it works.

When you attack a champion, Conqueror gives you between 2 and 5 stacks based on your current level of domination. You may gain up to 5 Adaptive Force per hit on higher levels, which is really, really useful. Each hit with an auto-attack or a skill counts as one stack if you’re a ranged champion. Although, if you’re playing a melee champion, you get two stacks per hit, doubling the value of the keystone. This lasts for 6 seconds before disappearing. As a result, keeping in combat becomes a compelling option!

The final stage, 12th stack, is a long way off. As you can see, melee fighters reach this level more quickly than ranged ones. However, when full stacks are reached, Conqueror fully unlocks and provides additional healing depending on the damage dealt. When damaging an enemy with full stacks of Conqueror, melee champions gain 9% health back, this is reduced to 6% for ranged champs, although it’s more than enough considering they’re, well, ranged.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Conqueror

Below, we’ll answer some common Conqueror-based questions.

Which League of Legends Champion are good with Conqueror?

There is no definitive answer, as any champion that utilizes Conqueror can become a force to be reckoned with. However, some champions tend to work better with this keystone than others.

Some champions who excel with Conqueror are Illaoi, Master Yi, and Tryndamere. These champions are all melee fighters who benefit greatly from the increased damage and healing that Conqueror provides. They are also fairly easy to keep in combat, which is crucial for earning those all-important stacks.

What is the difference between ranged and melee champions in terms of Conqueror’s stacks?

Ranged champions will earn up to 2 stacks per hit with auto-attacks or skills, whereas melee champions will earn up to 5 stacks.

How do I stack up more quickly on my current stack for Conqueror?

There are a few ways that you can stack up more quickly on your current stack for Conqueror. One way is to make sure that you’re always in combat. This means that you should try to stay near your opponent and keep attacking as often as possible. Another way is to make use of your summoner spells and abilities.

Should I use this keystone if I’m a tank champion or an assassin champion?

Tank champions and assassin champions both can use Conqueror, but tank champions may find it more beneficial to use other keystones. Assassin champions may find that Conqueror amplifies their damage significantly.

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Conqueror is a keystone that can be used by any champion. However, it’s most useful to melee champions who are able to stay in combat for long periods of time and deal high amounts of damage. 

Ranged champions may find Conqueror less beneficial because they’re not as effective at staying engaged with enemies for extended periods of fighting or dealing large amounts of damage quickly. Nevertheless, any champion can make use of Conqueror if used correctly.

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