How Long Does It Take To Reach Level 30 in LoL?

League of Legends is a MOBA game where your character can level up and be the strongest to destroy to opposing team, at the same time you also have a client where it shows the level of your profile. Profile level is important especially if you are new to the game, your level is like the pass that allows you to play certain modes or be eligible for some rewards. 

League of Legends used to have a profile level cap at level 30 but now it has been removed to provide further satisfaction for the player. After you exceed level 30, it really doesn’t matter how high your account level is, what matters is if you are new to the game you need to level up to be able to play some modes. 

Some summoner spells are also locked for new accounts and is unlocked for each succeeding level you reach. If you played during the earlier seasons of League of Legends when the runes haven’t been reforged yet, the rune slots also require level scaling. But on to the question now:

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What Can I Do To Gain Exp For My Profile Level?

League of Legends has many ways for you to level your account up, there are multiple game modes that give EXP to you, some may vary in speed because of the actual play you need to complete one game. There are also boosts and other methods besides playing a game of summoner’s rift for you to earn EXP. Here are the things that you can do along with the corresponding EXP it gives. 

Summoner’s Rift (Normal game/Ranked game)

This is League of Legends’ most basic game mode where all new players are put to test. Games here usually last around 30 – 45 minutes and actually depends upon the balancing of the matchmaking, but sometimes good players are pitted against bad players that is why games end even before the 20-minute mark. 

Wins on PVP normal game give approximately 5.767 base XP plus 6.626 XP per minute of game length. This basically means that the longer the game is, the higher the EXP you will receive. 

Although the minimum time to receive any reward even EXP in PVP matches needs to be 7 minutes, below that and the game is considered a remake. It is also worth noting that playing this mode in PREMADE games are the only way to gain EXP from it, playing it on the custom mode will not yield any rewards at all.

Co-op vs AI

Co-op vs AI is designed for new players and the EXP it gives to players is actually reduced starting at level 10, the higher your level is the lower EXP you receive from this game mode. Seasoned players especially smurf players use this game mode to rush their EXP so they will be eligible for a ranked game already. 

Smurf players usually finish a game of Co-op vs AI within 15-20 mins giving them a huge boost in EXP gain. In this game mode, if you are level 1-9 you will gain 100% of the base EXP this mode gives you. 

At levels 10-19 you will only receive 90% EXP, levels 20-29 will give you 80% EXP but get lowered to 65% after 180 minutes each day. Summoner level 30 and up grants 75% EXP but it becomes 55% after 180 minutes each day.

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First Win of the Day

This is League of Legends’ way of rewarding the player for the first time he wins per day, this chance gets reset each day and starts a 20-hour timer after the first win. This is usually what makes players come back to the game every day. 

Some players come back to the game every day because they want to raise their ranks, but for some, EXP and LEVELS are the most important thing. The first win of the Day is a daily mission that can be acquired through match-made games. This daily mission gives 50 – 400 EXP. 

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How Long Does It Take To Reach Level 30 In League Of Legends?

Reaching level 30 is no small feat for new players, but for seasoned players who make new accounts or Smurf players in short, they know that the game requires 37,392 EXP to reach the desired level 30. With each Summoner’s rift game averaging 200 EXP, it would mean that you will need 200+ games or wins to reach level 30. 

But you can shorten this with boosts, each EXP boosted game gives you a flat amount of 216 EXP regardless of playtime, so add it to the average EXP and you have 400+ EXP per game lowering the number of games you need to 100-120. With games averaging 35 mins, you will need 3850 minutes of total game time or 65+ hours of playing League of Legends. 

This is equivalent to less than 3 days. If you really are willing to reach level 30 as fast as you can, this is the shortest period you can accomplish to reach level 30 and be eligible for ranked game modes. 

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