How Much CS (creep score) Should You Have In 10 Minutes?

League of Legends is a competitive team game where you face your enemies and strive to best them. If you want to play League of Legends. It is recommended to learn how to gather gold fast.

Most of you who play the game will already know the term “farming.” It is fundamental to how the game works. That is one of the things you have to do at the start of each match. It essentially means earning gold by killing minions (the CS count) and other players.

For some, farming is hard. That is because it takes a lot of time to clear the waves. Or maybe they just miss a lot of gold by not doing it properly, by missing to last hit on the minions. To avoid this, they should learn the basics and hone their skills by putting more time into the game and paying attention to the CS count while aiming for a big one.

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What is Farming?

When it comes to farming, we ought to say that this is the best way to gather gold in the game. It is more efficient to stay in the lane. Clear your minions’ wave and not run around the map aimlessly, trying to score a kill in an early game.

 Most experienced players are aware of this and thus prefer to keep their lane play on a level and not rush for kills. Particularly in the early to mid-game.

While clearing waves, the lane minions give you different amounts of gold. The game has a few types of creeps. They are the melee minion, the caster one, the siege one, and lastly- the super minion. 

The first three appear normally throughout the game, while the super minion appears differently. When an enemy destroys your inhibitor. It spawns in their base on the lane where you lost your inhibitor. They are stronger- than the regular ones and bring you more gold.

Aside from minions, farming, as we said, is related to all that brings you gold. Be it clearing the waves, killing or assisting epic monsters, or just the normal jungle ones. Each of these brings you various amounts of gold, so it’s critical to your game.

 Now to the real question: how to farm properly. Farming is simply last hitting the minions, usually with a basic attack or a low mana skill if you’re an AP user. As one of the most crucial parts of the game. It is essential to learn to do it properly. If you cannot farm well, you are bound to fall behind in terms of gold in the opponent’s hands and lose your lane fight.

The best time to focus on farming is in the early game. Many players know it as the laning phase. This is the best time, as you and your enemy still haven’t gotten all of the abilities of your respective champion. You have no complete items, and the common goal for everyone is to gain levels and gold for these two factors. Thus, in the early game, every sane person will focus more on farming than trying to 1vs1 you on level 1 or 2.

Although this is how it usually goes, we all know about some particular samurai-type players who can rush you in a banzai attack even on level 1. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. This is why, even if the priority in the early game is to farm and raise your experience, you should always pay attention to the enemy.

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Manage Your CS Farming!

Now, this is probably the most important part related to Creep Score and how to farm in the game in general. Based on the vast experience of the players before us. In the old, old times of the league. Many have come to the same struggle. How- to manage their CS and be efficient in farming.

After a long time, the players have come up with various ways to control their CS fare count and optimize it to the best of their ability. Below, I will list some terms that most or all of you have heard about. They are the best when it comes to managing your lane waves, so you should strive to learn how to do them.

The three fundamental terms are: “Fast Push,” “Slow Push,” and “Freezing the Lane.”

Let’s Start by Explaining the Fast Push.

This term refers to when you try to gather a big wave of minions coming from your side and push them onto the enemy one. You usually do this when the enemy is away from the lane roaming, and by doing it, you force them to come back if they do not want to lose the gold from that same wave. 

That was the first option. Another is when you simply want to be brave and dive under the opponent’s tower. Similarly, you will do a fast push if your opponent has recalled to their base or when you plan to roam and help the mid laner, for example.

Let’s start with the first: you do a fast push when your opponent is roaming and going to help allies of his. You- should do it because it will apply pressure to the lane. Now, after you start the fast push, you can alert them of your action, and they have to either come back or continue their roaming. On the other hand, you can simply push the wave and even attack the tower, or quickly push it and roam, following suit and helping your allies.

When it comes to fast pushing and diving. Things can become a bit tricky. We all know how the minions work and that they target enemy minions, towers, and champions who attack you. If you plan to dive an enemy, it’s best to “fast push” and put pressure on the lane. This way, you will be under the enemy turret, the minions will be draining its HP, and you will be gaining from this. Here comes the tricky part. While there, your opponent will try to clear the wave, which is why you should threaten him with diving. If you do so, they’ll not be able to farm the wave, and you’ll lose gold. 

Now let’s add in the play and your jungler. For example, if they are nearby, you can fast push and, under the pressure of the minions, dive at the enemy with the jungler’s help. The minions, aside from tanking the turret in the initial stage, will also damage your opponent. That is how their mechanics work. Applying the extra damage, even if it’s little, is more than enough to help you get a kill faster.

In case of your enemy’s recalling to the base or just dying after a fight. The fast push shall proceed at lightning speed. You can forget about the last hitting and focus on killing the minions as fast as possible to advance under the enemy tower and deal significant damage to it while the enemy is away. Doing so, you’ll gain an advantage, and it’s most likely to destroy it before the enemy can do so with yours. That means that you will have a slight gold advantage over them.

In this particular situation, you have to pay attention to the number of your wave minions. If the opponent has teleport or their jungler is nearby, you have to be careful. It’s good to push the lane and hit the tower, but remember that dying and losing time, and thus gold from waves, is always a bad thing.

The last situation in which you may fast push is when you want to aid one of your allies who is having a rough time in their lane. This is significant because if they gain an early advantage. They are more likely to win the mid and late games. In this case, you have to push hard in the lane, especially if your enemy is not nearby. 

Clearing the wave fast will make them lose sight of you, and you can freely roam to aid the ally unless you pass by a warded zone. Although this can be helpful, it is hardly- recommended as many variables can mess things up. If you are not sure that you can do it, leave it to your jungler and focus on farming.

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Freezing the Lane

That is probably the hardest one when it comes to wave management. It is hard to learn to freeze your lane, and many of the new players don’t even try to do it.

When we talk about freezing a lane, we mean that- you have to separate the enemy from the farm. This way, you will reduce their gold income, and you will gain yours as long as you control the lane. For example, keep the enemy away by constantly using your champion abilities and only hit the minions last. 

This way, you will leave enough time for your one to reduce the horsepower of the one on the opposite side and vice versa. The point is to wait as long- as possible before you hit the enemy minion and score a CS. This way, you will stall for time, you will get gold while they lose, and you will force them to come forward and engage if they want to farm. All this creates various possibilities for you and, if used well, can win your lane.

Freezing is hard simply because you have to be alert and always observe the enemy team’s movements, in particular the opponent in your lane and their jungle.

It’s important to note- that if you plan to freeze the lane, you have to either be ahead in gold, level and items or be even with the enemy. Freezing is not something you would want to do if you- are falling behind on these things.

If you fail to last-hit and match the timing of the minion’s deaths, the only thing you will succeed in doing is either pushing the lane or just meaninglessly losing gold. That is why you have to be extra careful when freezing lane, both with the minions and with the enemies.

When it comes to freezing a lane. There are various reasons to do so and just as many reasons not to do it. Although it all depends on the game and the current match situation, you should consider doing it. Especially if you are not confident that you can freeze the lane properly.

Here are a few situations in which it’s recommended to do it.

First, it’s when you are falling behind in lane, losing gold and CS. This happens if you have died or if the enemy has gotten extra kills and is ahead of you. In this situation, you want to freeze the lane in the back, in front of your turret, where you can play and farm safely.

By doing it this way, you will also have a lower chance of getting “ganked” by the enemy jungle. That is the second reason why you should freeze the lane. If you see that the enemy is paying attention to you and is often attempting to come and aid their ally. Freeze the lane, and you can be sure that they will not kill you. Of course, if you do it, you’ll also make their attention shift elsewhere, as it will be hard to roam to your lane. That happens often when you see that your opponent is in premade with the jungle of their team.

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Slow Push

When it comes to slow pushing, it’s something you would usually not do in the early to midgame and mainly do in the late stages of the match. 

The simplest way to explain it is that by “slow push,” we mean creating a large wave of minions who can push the enemy minions slowly away. In the meantime, you can go away from the lane and help an ally or accomplish an objective. 

The way these technique works is by the number advantage. Yep, it’s simple, but if you have more minions who fight the enemy one with fewer numbers, your wave will slowly push the opponent one, thus giving you time.

The way to effectively use slow push is simple. Just aim at the enemy caster minions. They do a lot of damage, and you have to kill them first, leaving the melee ones for your next wave. This way, you will get a few free minutes to do a drake, for example.

How much CS should you have at the 10th minute of the game?

When we talk about farming and CS, it’s all up to how skilled you are and how much experience with the game you have.

Regarding how many creep scores you should have by the tenth minute. We have to mention and discuss and some other details.

First of all, is the minion spawning and respawning time. That is important as you would want to calculate and plan the farming process slightly before you start doing it.

For example, minions, as we know, spawn at 1.05 every single game. Then it takes approximately 30 seconds to reach the lane and clash with the enemy minions. 

Now consider this- add that each wave has six minions, and some have seven. Then you can guess the perfect rate you should have by the 10th minute. 

To save you time with the calculations. It will be about 10 CS per minute. Up to the tenth, there will be 100 minions. If you can kill 100 creeps in your first ten minutes of the game, then you are doing perfectly and have nothing to worry about.

Now let’s talk about what is a decent CP. We all know that not everyone is a master at farming, especially the new players. That is why we would like to suggest a more decent CP per minute. That you should aim for, at least in the beginning.

Having in mind that 10 is perfect and is what good players aim for. Then those of you who have just started learning all the tricks of wave management from the ground up, we suggest aiming for 7 to 8 creep scores per minute. 

This way, by the tenth minute of the game, you will have approximately 70-80 CS. Now, this may not seem like a lot, but it’s far better than 50, for example. 7-8 per minute is the minimum which- you should aim for as a goal! Anything below is considered bad farming.

As we said above, if you can farm 9–10 CS per minute, you are doing great. That shows that you know the basics of wave mechanics and most likely are using most of them. With this temp, and if you keep it up for the first 10 minutes, you will have about 90-100 minions, which brings some good gold and experience. This level is achievable by players who have the skills and can focus on their lane and follow the models from above.

Now for those of you, who want to do even better, we suggest you try and catch up to the PRO level. They usually farm about 11–13 minions per minute on average. This doesn’t mean they have farmed that much in the first ten minutes only from the lane, but it means it’s going into their CS, thus they gain the gold and exp. 

To achieve such a score, they farm enemy JG camps and take every single minion. To be honest, mid-laners have the best chance of obtaining this farming score. They have the best access to jungle camps, and at the same time, their minions arrive a little bit faster, thus giving them this opportunity.

How to Improve the CS per Minute?

How to improve them? That is a good question. Most people think that just playing more games is enough. Although true to some extent, is by far not everything you can do about your creep score improvement.

I strongly suggest this to those of you who want to improve your aim first to practice farming with friends in practice mods or custom matches. This way, without the pressure of a ranked or “normal” match, you will be able to focus entirely on the CS and try to increase it as much as possible by learning the wave management techniques we talked about.

Another great thing you can try to improve your creep score is simply testing yourself. You may think it sounds silly, but if you have a clear goal in mind, you will be able to achieve it much more easily. Let’s say you want to improve, and your current rate is 7cs per minute. You will have to accept that your goal is ten and then aim for it. By trying to reach it, you will gradually improve and eventually reach 8,9, and finally, if things go well, 10 CS per minute.


In conclusion, we can say that CS per minute- is a critical factor of the game. It can determine if you will win your lane or lose it. Gathering gold and experience by killing the minions is one of the basics that players learn the moment they start playing. Being basic, though, doesn’t mean that it’s easy. There are many factors, ways, and situations that will determine your creep score in the game.

We can point towards the slow pushing and the lane freezing as a great example of this. It’s not easy to master these wave management techniques, but it’s worth it if you do it. In the end, if you want to score high CS in the game, you have to hone your skills, learn and understand the farming process, and lastly- practice what you have learned.

Only by following all of these steps, which we talked about, will you be able- to score a good creep score per minute and aim even higher. Thank you for your patience, and I hope the article was of help.

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