How To Be Annoying in League of Legends?

Hello, League of Legends players and fans. This epic game does not stop gathering new players, all thanks to Riot Games, which from update to update strives to delight its loyal players with new and exclusive content. In the League of Legends, two teams with five champions fight each other on Summoner’s Rift until one team first reaches the opponent’s base and crashes the Nexus. 

That’s where the game ends, and the winning team takes the winning points. Were you intrigued to try playing this addictive game? We hope you give it a try if you haven’t by now.

There are different types of players in League of Legends – there are players who try to play by the rules and participate in teamwork, there are players who are only interested in winning, and they are convinced that their gaming skills are extremely strong. And then there are those players who are there for fun and will use the game to have fun while annoying other players. Teemo players, we are looking at you.

In this article, we will be on the side of these other players today, so we will give you instructions on how to be the most annoying player on the map. But don’t tell anyone you’ve read it here.

The One Who Blames Everyone Else

You can always be the player to blame other players for failing. Ignore all your mistakes and write all the possible insults and curses you can think of in the chat, thus further demotivating and deconcentrating your team. And you can always attack an opposing team. Name your teammates one by one and point out their mistakes if possible. Because if your champion dies, he died because the other player didn’t play properly. Of course, it’s never your fault!

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The One Who Has a Pessimistic View of The World

If the opposing team scores “First Blood” first, give up the game. Please write to your teammates that the game is over, that it will not succeed. If the opposing team crashes the turret first, announce to your team that you will start trolling if they do not surrender. There is no point in playing if a few mistakes happen, the game for you must run smoothly and in favor of your team; otherwise, you will reluctantly click the mouse on the map and look for a surrender every time it is available. 

Your team will be surrounded by negative energy, so you can begin to believe that there is no point in continuing the game because you will definitely lose. Who has the will to play if the team is not motivated to win and wants to surrender the match?

The One Who is The Most Optimistic of All

Okay, you know those people who are over-optimistic, like the sun always shines in their lives and there are no problems. They also get on our nerves. So if you want to annoy your teammates, just become one hundred percent optimistic. But be careful when you use this tactic – over-optimism is only valid when your team is playing and losing abnormally badly when one or two of your teammates have disconnected and left the game and when there is really no chance of your team winning. 

Then you step on the stage and motivate the remaining 2 teammates not to give up because you will surpass the result of 6 – 26 kills. We will hate you at that moment, and I guess that’s clear to you.

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That Player With a Bad Connection

Nothing can annoy us more than when we have a player on the team who immediately apologizes for potential mistakes because he has a bad internet connection. So, if your internet connection is terribly slow today, and you are playing a ranked game, don’t wait for a second but start this game. Right at the beginning, apologize to your teammates for not getting angry if your player wanders straight below the opponent’s turret or misses all the spells in the middle of a team fight. 

Also, disconnect here and there in case your internet connection improves, and since your teammates and players from the enemy team are already at level 10, you have no choice but to try to beat them even though you are not level 6. You are not guilty, but your lousy internet connection is to blame.

The One Who is Furious as Soon as he Loses His Life

Here you will not blame other players, but you will blame all living and non-living for your own failure. Every death on the team, every stolen Dragon, and every lost turret will be a reason to go wild. Go wild and write all kinds of crap in the chat to let your teammates and opponents know that you are angry. 

Angrily give them orders and order them to do as you tell them; otherwise, you will lose, and then no one will have a good time because you will report them all. Yes, be so angry that players will avoid your champion so as not to get hurt further. And when your team starts to win, calm down, so you will further confuse your teammates with your mood swings.

The One Who Wants to Become Everyone’s Friend

It is not uncommon to meet new friends during the League of Legends game match with whom you can later play or correspond. Of course, you will take this opportunity to meet someone in the middle of a match, add him to your friends list, and then call him and invite him to matches. 

You’re lucky to have found a friend, so try to tell him every time you see him online. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection, and be sure to let him know how far you have come. And don’t forget to tell him about how you spent your day and what’s new in the You series.

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The One Who Thinks he Can Win Alone

You play the best; it’s just a fact. Your teammates don’t know how to play this well, and that’s why you can do without them. Of course, you can do without them, so start destroying the opponent’s turrets without anyone’s help. You can also beat two opposing champions, and your spells are enough to kill them. 

If you play alone, trust us, your teammates will be so angry that they will have to follow you; otherwise, your team may lose. But it won’t. Because you are the best player, and you can destroy five opposing champions all by yourself. It doesn’t matter that they killed you 11 times already, you are still the best, and you can do everything yourself. Go get them, tiger!

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The One Who Just Plays Bad

Do you know how you will really annoy your teammates? Okay, practice any of the above tips, but the easiest way is to annoy your teammates if you play badly.

If you play support champion steal minions in front of your ADC, run away when opposing champions start attacking you; if you play with jungle champion, don’t help your teammates and just walk through the jungle, maybe kill some monsters just so you don’t get bored. Play badly, your teammates will be annoyed, and you might get some report at the end of the game.


You see, there are many ways to annoy your teammates. Sometimes you have to work hard, and sometimes you just play so badly that you don’t have to pretend to make your team angry.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in any of the categories of these types of players listed above, it would be better to think about your way of playing, unless you want to intentionally annoy your teammates. Then, we just have to tell you good luck and have fun!

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