How To Be A Good Mid Laner In League of Legends?

How it is going, League of Legends players? League of Legends has dominated the gaming world for many years, and we don’t see it falling into the shadow of other games any time soon. All this is thanks to Riot Games, which tries to refresh the game with new content every few weeks. 

In the League of Legends, the goal is to win the match and the winning points together with the team. The higher the tier you play in the higher your status in the League of Legends community. Stay with us for another article full of tips on how to improve your League of Legends skill.

League of Legends, a team game that brings together a large number of loyal players, continues to delight players and fans around the world. In 2022 we have Arcane, Netflix’s series on League of Legends, we have spinoffs of this legendary game like Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra. There’s nothing we don’t have, actually!

In League of Legends, a team of five players fights against an opposing team on the most famous map called Summoner’s Rift. Players choose champions according to their roles. So the player can play as a mid laner, jungler, top laner, support or ADC. Each player usually has a favorite role and according to that role chooses a champion to play.

Each role in League of Legends is different and requires different skills and tactics to successfully defend your own lane. This article will talk about mid lane and the special tactics needed to keep mid lane intact for as long as possible.

Let’s get started.

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Tips For Playing Mid Lane

The middle lane may seem simple – the lane is relatively short, the jungle is close by, so a jungler from your team can quickly come to the rescue if needed, and the position itself is somehow secured with the other two lanes, so players can always return to mid lane.

Well, in reality, it is not so. The middle lane is considered one of the hardest lanes in the game. Precisely because it is so “open,” it can quickly happen that opponents harass it from bushes or from rivers. It is not uncommon for opposing players to come with a bot or top lane, join their mid-player, and march on your turret. However, when a mid laner starts to win turrets on mid lane, it is a benefit for the whole team, and the dominance of the game passes in favor of the team whose mid laner was more successful.

Which Champions Are Intended For Mid-Lane?

When it comes to mid-lane champions, the most common choices are mages and assassins. So in the mid-lane, you can often see Akali, Lux, Fizz, Talon, Yasuo, and many others. These champions often have a lack of mobility, so it is good for them that the mid lane is a short lane and that they can farm near the turret.

Choosing The Correct Summoner Spells For Mid Lane Champions

New players need to quickly improve how summoner spells work because their choice is extremely important, especially when it comes to solo lanes.

A safe choice is Flash, and Flash is used when death should be avoided or when the champion has the opportunity with Flash to approach the fleeing enemy champion and kill him.

The second choice for mid-lane varies about the champion the player chooses. For example, Cleanse is a defensive spell and is helpful if there is a champion with solid CC ability on the opposing side. Ignite is a good choice because it is an aggressive spell; with it, the champion creates kill pressure and can finish off the enemy champion. Assassin players often choose Ignite for mid-lane.

Before choosing a summoner spell, check the recommendations for your champion and decide if you want to play passively or aggressively, then choose a suitable spell.

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Trading in The Mid Lane

With trading, the player opens the chance to win the lane, which also increases the chances of killing the enemy champion and harassing the enemy champion so much that he eventually has to retreat to base. What does good trade mean? A good trade is when your champion deals more damage on the lane than your enemy.

Furthermore, a good trade depends on your champion’s level, so try to increase the level as soon as possible to unlock new spells and get extra HP. Also, pay attention to the cooldown of enemy champion spells. When an enemy champion misses his spell, you have a better chance of killing him because it takes time for the cooldown to pass so he can use that spell again. If you’re lucky, you’ll kill him by then.

Don’t forget about the range and auto-attacks. Auto-attacks are extremely strong at the beginning of the game and can cause serious damage to enemy champions. Also, kill those minions. Managing minion waves can bring many benefits to your team if you know how to last freeze or push minion waves, as needed.

Wards Are Important!

Proper use of wards can make or break your game. Wards are important items that are placed along the map to prevent potential ganks of enemy champions.

The trick for mid laners: place wards near Raptors because that way, you’ll find out where the enemy jungler is going. That way, your team will know which side of the map is safe. So, use the wards when they are already offered to you!

And don’t wander around the lane, but stand near the wards so that the enemy champion doesn’t jump off your back. If your vision ward is on the right, it is logical that the enemy champion will be on the left, so do not approach the left but stick to the visible zone. As a mid-lane, you don’t have a specific time when you need to set wards, and you can do it right at the beginning.

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Roaming as Mid Laner

Roaming starts whenever you are ready. Your enemy champion on the opposite side of the mid-lane will be surprised because you will not be opposite him. The surprise factor is on your side!

After you push the lane, you have a small amount of time to roam around the Rift, so make the most of that time until the new minion wave arrives. Before you choose where to go, see if there is a lane you can easily win or some low-health champion you can easily kill.

You can also fool enemies and pretend just to roam around when in fact, you will wait for them in the bushes and kill them from an ambush. But be careful that the pink ward doesn’t reveal you!

Do You Need to Take The Lead in The Team or be a Defensive Player?

The moment the laning phase is over, it is time to fight and conquer these turrets. Depending on your champion, you can go on the attack, or you can rely on your team players and wait for the team fight to start to help them.

If you play with Fizz or Zed, who are extremely strong in the late game and can kill enemy champions on their own, after clearing your lane, you can start harassing your enemies who are in other parts of the Rift.

Choose your battle very well, according to the champion’s abilities.

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Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever thought playing mid-role is easy, we hope this article has reassured you. Playing mid-lane champions requires a lot of patience and thinking so that the game does not end in favor of the enemy team. Apply these tips in the next match and be sure to let us know how they affected your game, whether these tips may be different from your usual tactics or you already know how to play mid-lane. Good luck and have fun!

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