How to Check for Available Names in League of Legends

There are a few ways you can do to check for available names in League of Legends and you can do some of it in the client, and some of it in third-party applications or in your browser. In this article, we will list all the ways you can check for the availability of an IGN in League of Legends.

1. Checking in the Client

Using The Store Page

In the store page of the League of Legends client, there is an account page where you can change and check for an IGN’s availability at the same time. Before you can change your name, you will enter it in a form where it will determine if it’s available or not, you can type whatever IGN you want but you can only use letters and spaces. 

You can type an IGN and click “Check Availablity” and if it displays a green checkmark, it means you are clear and you can take this IGN because it is not a duplicate of anybody’s account IGN.

Using the profile page

On the profile page, there is a form on the upper right hand of the screen where you can type in an IGN and check the profile of one account. If the IGN you typed exists, you will be redirected to that account’s profile page where you can view all about their account details, from rank to match history. 

If you type an IGN and it leads to another person’s profile page, it means that IGN is not up for grabs and you should pick another name and find a different variant of your chosen IGN.

2. Checking in the Browser

Using the Search Options of or

This is a great way for you to check for available names because these web applications have an option to change the lol server you want to check. Perhaps you want to play in the Korean server and want to check the available IGN in that server while being in North America, you can simply change the server of these applications and search for an IGN you want, if it returns or shows a profile page then it means that IGN is not up for grabs in that region. 

These applications are also great for scouting enemies while playing a game of League of Legends, you can use this to gain an early advantage over your enemies and ban their most used champions or the champions they have the highest win rate on, not only you have discovered a neat trick to check IGN availability, you also picked up a technique to scout your opponents or allies during the pick and ban phase. 

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