How To Check The Age Of Your League Of Legends Account?

Hello, League of Legends players! The ranked season is underway so I believe you are busy with ranked matches to improve your score and move to a higher tier. I remember the days when I actively played every ranked season, at a time when there were half as many champions, even items. 

There were a lot fewer players, Summoner’s Rift looked different (it didn’t have such a modern version as it does now) and switching from one tier to another seemed like an impossible mission. Yes, those were the days when League of Legends was a relatively young game that had yet to conquer the world gaming charts.

League of Legends is today among the most popular multiplayer games around the world. This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game was released back in 2009, developed by Riot Games. You can play it on Microsoft Windows or MacOS. 

The rules are clear: two teams of five players each fight on a map called Summoner’s Rift. Players choose champions according to their desired roles and fight against enemy champions. The object of the game is to knock down the opponent’s turrets to reach the base and destroy the opponent’s Nexus. The team that does this first wins League Points and is one step closer to moving on to the next tier.

If you read the introduction carefully, you can see how much time has passed since the launch of the League of Legends franchise on the gaming market. Today, this game has over a million active players from all over the world, and I don’t think the number will drop in the coming years.

Riot Games is really trying to maintain its popularity by regularly releasing new champions, skins, events and even a mobile version of the League of Legends, called Wild Rift. Also, there is the animated series Arcane, you can watch it on Netflix, and also spin-off games called Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics.

I talked a little about the past and nostalgia, and the topic of today’s article has to do with age anyway. If you are a long-time League of Legends player, you are probably interested in how much time you spent playing this addictive game. Browsing online forums, one often encounters the question of confused players about how they can find out how old their League of Legends account is. I will reveal that to you right now.

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Email Tip: How To Detect Age League Of Legends Account

I bet you didn’t remember this? If you still use the mail with which you registered for the League of Legends, just type ‘riot games’ or ‘welcome to the League of Legends’ or something like that in your search engine. After clicking on Search, you should be shown all the mails from Riot Games, including the first e-mail that Riot sent you as a welcome to the League of Legends community.

However, it may happen that Riot has changed the welcoming mail subject, in which case you will need to use the filter option to slightly change the search engine settings in your mail. Just select “Any time” and “From” to find that mail as quickly as possible.

If you do not find welcoming mail even with search engine filtering, you can try typing more detailed words. You can try typing the sentence “A Riot ID has been created” or “Welcome to League of Legends.” We assume that this method will be successful, so check the date the mail was sent and that is the day your League of Legends account was created.

With light math, calculate how much has passed from the date of creating your account to the present day. This is the most accurate age of your League of Legends account.

Try To Request Your Data From Riot Games

Now you can request your data directly from Riot Games. This option is available due to the regulation of the GDPR laws and the Californian Privacy Act. Riot Games is therefore obliged to provide you with all your data stored in their system, and even chat messages that have been exchanged since the first day of your active use of the League of Legends account.

This way you can easily find out when your account was created, you just have to make sure you live in Europe or California where these laws are regulated.

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Create A Ticket And Ask Riot Games Support Team

You probably know how much the Riot Games support system meets the needs of its players. Players often turn to them if they need help with their account, or if they are interested in something and cannot find information on the official Riot site. Visit the Riot Games Support website and find the “Submit a ticket” option where you will need to fill out a form with your contact details. 

Write to them that you want to know the age of your League of Legends account and wait patiently for an answer. Usually, they will reply to you shortly, depending on the amount of requests received, and will write you the exact age of your League of Legends account.

Try To Find Third-Party Websites That Collect League Of Legends Statistics

As you probably already know, there are many websites on the Internet that are not sponsored by Riot Games but have a variety of information about each League of Legends account. So you can find information about your rankings, League of Legends victories, and more.

Among other things, you can find a variety of dates, so if you can’t find the exact date of your League of Legends account, you may be able to find the day you played your first League of Legends match. 

And if you find that date you might remember if it was the same day you registered on the Riot official site or maybe it was a few days before. All in all, this is a good option if you don’t want to wait for Riot Team Support to respond to your request.

Dig Your Account Archive To Find Information About The Age Of Your League Of Legends Account

Okay, this may not be the fastest (or the most reliable) option to find out how many birthdays your League of Legends account has celebrated, but sometimes is the only one currently available. Check your archives in the League of Legends client. For example, try to find your first purchases, maybe you bought some champion or skin on the first day you made the League of Legends account. 

If you’re like me, maybe you immediately spent all your Riot Points on something really stupid, like buying Poppy. You may not have an exact date but you will be able to estimate approximately how much time has passed since that (reckless) purchase.

Ask your friends as well. Long ago, the whole team played League of Legends and there were always pre-made matches, with the obligatory conversation on the Skype platform. Now are a bit more modern times so players certainly don’t use Skype but you figured out what I meant. Your friends may remember better than you when you created your League of Legends account. 

Maybe you made them on the last day of school or at the beginning of the winter holidays, so your friends remember better than you do that day. Read old chats with your friends and you will see if you may have played your first match together on the day you created League of Legends accounts.

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Final Thoughts

Here are some methods you can use to check how many birthdays your League of Legends account is celebrating. It’s always nice to remember your first day on League of Legends, so hurry up and find out how long you’ve been hanging out with Miss Fortune, Garen, Ahri, and other champions. 

And of course, if you know of some more ways to find out the age League of Legends account share them with other players here! Good luck winning your League of Legends games, and happy birthday if your account has birthday soon!

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