How to Climb out of Iron? – Full Guide with Best Champions

Being stuck in low ELO hurts, but Iron hurts the most. There are a small number of players who stay in Iron for a long amount of time, but for those who don’t seem to find a successful way how to exit Iron, we’re here for you! 

Yes, it’s low ELO and winning games here should be a breeze if you know how to play the game. Nevertheless, you’ll face some tough situations in which you would have to “think twice” before you act impulsively. 

Therefore, stick with us until the end of this guide as we’ll explain how to get out of Iron in no time!

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Keep Your Cool

One of the most important things to remember while playing League is that- it’s just a game. Even though if you’re experiencing the worst game ever, it’s still a game, and after you click on “Continue” after the DEFEAT animation comes up, you’re eligible to play a new and potentially much better game. 

Do not let the game and trolls get into your head with their miserable plays. They aren’t just bad for your mental health, but you ought to make more mistakes if you play “hot-headed”. 

Anger is bad for your judgment and this is why you need to think twice before you make a move that would be inspired solely by your frustration. 

Remember, trolls will remain trolls. They are present in Diamond too, but you don’t see other players throwing the game away just because of a few bad plays. In low ELO divisions, the good thing is that you can 1v5 easily in the game, all you have to do is have the right champion and mindset. 

It shouldn’t be a problem to snowball a game on your own in Iron, so getting angry by faulty players in your team would only make your gameplay worse! So, whenever you get tilted, just count to 10 and focus on your game!

Communicate With Your Team

This goes on for all divisions, but in lower ELO it’s harder to know what your teammates are up to. This is because the knowledge and experience of players are much lower than those in high ELO, so they probably have no idea what they are doing on the map. 

This is why communication is the key process when you play in Iron and asking teammates what they are up to is crucial for you to boost the percentage of a successful play.

Apart from that, you can use the minimap to communicate with pings, so alerting your laners for potential ganks or if you gained vision on an enemy jungler can be a crucial thing to save the game from snowballing into the enemy’s favor. 

Always ask questions and focus 100% on making plays that will allow you to take advantage early in the game.

Never Flame!

We know that you get to urge to smash the player’s head from his keyboard due to his stupid plays, but bad games can happen. Sometimes, if your ally dies 2-3 times, he may just give up and go 0-10. 

However, this could be “motivated” by the flaming process of his teammates, one of which is you! 

Flaming has never helped someone boost its performance, on the contrary, it made it worse! If you have bad words to say, the best thing is to swallow them along with your pride and ask your teammate if he needs help.

Other than that, you can help his lane, give advice on his build, and allow him to gank your lane if it’s the ADC/Top Laner or even the jungler to set up a kill for him. 

That way, you’ll bring him back into the game and since it’s Iron, it shouldn’t be hard for you to do this! Remember, lower ELO gives you more flexibility to make plays and to gain leverage over the enemy team if you have the proper tactic. 

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Champions That Can Allow You To Exit Iron More Successfully

It’s always nice to know how to play multiple champions, but that usually doesn’t help when you try to exit a low division. This is why you need to master a few champions, and they should be ones that are easy to play and hard to counter. 

Most of the time, the carrying lanes for low ELO are Top, Mid, and ADC. Not that you cannot carry with jungle role or support, it’s just that their impact is more tactical and not “carry-orientated” one. 

This is why we’re going to write a short guide on three champions, one for each one on the above-mentioned lanes.

1. Darius

He is a very highly-banned champion in higher divisions, and it’s because he can enter into “beast-mode” really early in the game and can never exit it throughout the game! 

Darius is a durable champion who deals lots of physical damage, and on top of that, he has a tanky-bruiser build that would allow you to destroy everyone on your path. 

Even if you don’t get it right in the early/mid game, Darius’ late game is a total beast if you know how to farm and focus on objectives as the primary source of gold. 

Darius is usually played with Precision Keystone, as he goes Conqueror, Triumph, Legend: Bloodline, and Last Stand. For the second tree, you’d want to go with Resolve, Unflinching, and Bone Plating.

The last one would allow you to tear up turrets until there are plates available, boosting your gold advantage over your top laner. As for the build, you’d want to build: Sterak’s Gage, Plated Steelcaps, Death’s Dance, Trinity Force, Force of Nature, and Dead Man’s Plate.

2. Veigar

We know that Veigar isn’t well utilized in higher ELO, but his burst damage could be used very well in Iron. 

Because players in this ELO have a significantly lower amount of knowledge on how to properly play a laner, Veigar would be a total beast in the mid and late game. 

As for the late game, the constant poke from his W and Q when he manages to land the stun with his E would contribute a lot to him gaining an advantage over the enemy mid-laner. 

Not just that, Veigar is good for zoning out enemies, so you pushing your lane would be an easy feature to accomplish with the Master of Evil!

As for the build, Veigar usually emphasizes his AP burst damage. Domination Keystone suits him perfectly, as you’d want to go Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Eyeball Collection, and Ingenious Hunter. 

As for the second tree, you’d want to go Sorcery, Manaflow Band, and Transcendence. For the Itemization of Veigar, the perfect build would be Sorcerer’s Shoes, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Void Staff, Everfrost, and Banshee’s Veil. 

With this build, you should be an absolute beast on the mid-lane!

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3. Miss Fortune

She is one of the easiest ADCs to learn in League of Legends, and due to her swiftness and speed, it’s easy to make plays. Miss Fortune deals a lot of AoE damage, both with her Ultimate and her E. 

Of course that the Ultimate damage is much higher, but the E damage along with the Q bouncing on the second target makes her really good in all stages of the game, especially in the early one. 

If you manage to land a successful Q on a dying minion, the champion behind it would receive a severe amount of physical damage. The poke potential of MF is really strong, and in teamfights, it’s enough of her to have a good position for her ultimate to be cast. 

That way, she doesn’t have to be directly involved and will still be a major help to her teammates. Plus, it’s Iron, so learning her should take 10 games at max! 

As for the build, Miss Fortune usually goes with Sorcery: Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Absolute Focus, and Scorch. For the second tree, you’d want to go with Inspiration, Magical Footwear, and Biscuit Delivery. 

The Arcane Comet will proc on every successfully landed E, Q, and R, as Miss Fortune is really dependent on her abilities to deal huge amounts of damage. 

For her itemization, you’d want to build: Boots of Swiftness, Manamune, Eclipse, The Collector, Serylda’s Grudge, and Guardian Angel. That way, you’ll be a true beast on the bot lane!


Being stuck in Iron is nothing shameful, as exiting it should be an easy task once you know how to play properly. These tactics could be applied to other divisions too, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

However, if you manage to apply them as early as in Iron, you’ll notice how much of a better player you’ll become once you get out of this division! 

We hope that you learned how to properly play in the Iron Division, and we hope that you’ll take our advice on the best champions that would allow you to exit this division in no time. Until our next guide, stay safe and play with a cold head! 

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