How to Disable Scroll Wheel in League of Legends?

I’ve been playing League of Legends for some years now. I think I kind of started in season 3 or something. After all those years of playing, I have developed a liking for my key binds and mouse binds. I’m sure you have your preferred settings as well.

However, there are uncontrolled aspects within the game. You will encounter bugs that may affect your game. In this article, we’ll tackle one of the most common of those bugs.

What Is Wrong With The Scroll Wheel?

If you’re like me and use to move across the Summoner’s Rift using your middle mouse button, you may have faced this dilemma too. 

We are aware that the middle mouse button can be clicked. However, it can also be scrolled. That is where the problem comes in. there will be times when your mouse is bugged and it zooms in on the map. 

That could have been acceptable. But there are also times that when you try to scroll down, to return it to the normal zoom, it zooms up. So instead of having the normal map size, you are now zoomed in more on the map. 

I’ve been there and believe me, I know. It is very frustrating. Imagine losing a game because you injured your wrist trying to navigate all across the map in a very zoomed Summoner’s Rift. That is a real bummer.

Setting Up Your Screen

First things first. The first thing you want to do is to make sure you’re zoomed in to the level you want to stay at. I like to set it to 100%. Because that is the normal zoom setting that I grew up with. I’m not aware of anyone playing the game other than fully zoomed out, so start a custom or practice game and double-check that you’re fully zoomed out.

After you’ve done that, close the game client altogether.

LoL Config Files

Now that you are out of the game, go to your “My computer”. Your task is to look for the Configuration Files of the game. 

You can do that by inputting this in your address bar: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends

That is the common Windows installation path for LoL. If the folder did not appear, you should manually search for the folder.

In the Config Folder, you will see a lot of files, documents, and folders. But we are only after these two:

  • input.ini
  • PersistedSettings.json

Proceed if you see those two files. You are on the right track. If not, you must locate them, which I recommend you do by approaching Riot Games Support.

Backup and Edit your Config Files for LoL

Backing up files before making changes is always a smart option, so what I’m going to suggest you do now is copy and paste the two LoL files stated above into another location so you can keep them.

After that, you must delete the PersistedSettings.json file. League of Legends uses PersistedSettings.json to preserve a copy of your game settings on the server. That means you’ll be able to sync your settings to your second PC wherever you install LoL.

We’re removing it since PersistedSettings.json ignores changes made directly to configuration files. But don’t panic, because the file will regenerate itself.

Changing Scroll Speed

What we did earlier was basically format the settings. But if a safe manner. And now that we’ve done that, the next thing to do is to go edit the cause of the problem.

Oh, I almost forgot, for this next step, you should have a text editor. I’m sure this one is pre-programmed to most computers. So, you’ll have no trouble with it. Just search it in your windows tab.

Did you find it? That’s good. Moving on, open the input.ini using that text editor. Scroll down to the very end. Don’t get bored easily, it may be a long scroll down but you’ll get to it eventually. 

Now that you are there, add this to the very end after a blank line.

RollerButtonSpeed = 0

Keep this in mind. You need a space after Speed and also after the equal sign. Don’t forget that or it won’t work.

Roller Button Speed

Now, you might be wondering. After all those processes, what does it really do? 

Basically, what we did was solve the bug. You see, this rollerbuttonspeed is a setting that tells the client, LoL, how much of the ticks of the scroll wheel it should process. If there is a positive integer on that setting, it will make the scroll wheel read it as a “zoom”. But if you set it to “0” it will completely disable it. Because you programmed it to do “nothing” even when you scroll the scroll wheel.

Final Step

We are now at the last step. Save your edited input.ini file.

I guess this is pretty obvious. Of course, you want to save your edit. Otherwise, all the struggle we did above will be meaningless. Once, you accidentally scroll that wheel, it will still zoom in and out.

Bonus Tip

If all of that did not work, I still might have another way for you. This is a simpler way to do it. So, you might want to do this instead of all the work mentioned above. But doing this might affect all your bind settings. 

In your settings, the Mouse scroll is referred to as MB3 or mouse button 3. What you should do is unbind that button. Then after that, you will be prompted to click or tap any button or the ESC key. Then viola, you have disabled the scroll button, together with all the actions it does.

There are other ways to disable the scroll wheel. Some would include disabling the wheel itself. But then, what is the point of purchasing a mouse with a wheel if you will only disable it. it just defeats the purpose.

Although I have only done this on Windows PCs, the procedure should be the same on Mac or Linux workstations. If you have any problems getting this to function, please leave a comment below and we’ll figure it out. Also, it will be great for us guys to have a discussion about what worked with you and what did not. 

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