How To Fix League of Legends Black Screen Issues

League of Legends has been around for over a decade now and almost all of us have encountered all the infamous bugs and glitches either from in-game or in the client. One of the most popular bugs in the game is the black screen issues of the game. There can be many reasons for this occurrence and there are also ways to fix it. 

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When Does League of Legends Gets Stuck on Black Screen?

After Champion Select

After the champion select, the client will transition from the client that we all know into the game window where we play the game in whatever mode we chose in the client. Sometimes after the champ select and before the game starts, the screen turns black and it gets stuck that way. 

During A Game And Minimizing The Game Using Alt + Tab

Sometimes, when playing a game and it’s already in the late game when you die, you have to wait for almost a minute, and being in a solo queue, we tend to minimize the game and scroll through youtube or social media. Sometimes this is what causes the screen to get stuck in black screen freezing the game and not letting you play. 

What Are The Quick Fixes I Can Do Before Trying To Look For Deeper Solutions?

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure your monitor matches the resolution of the game
  • Update your graphics driver
  • Exit full-screen mode and play on borderless the next time you open the game
  • Restart your PC
  • Repair the game
  • Check your internet connection

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Things You Can do to Fix Black Screen

Run League of Legends as Administrator

This is a quick and easy fix but it just might solve your black screen issues, simply right-click your League of Legends executable file and click run as admin. To make sure that you always run the game as admin, simply right-click the lol.exe file, click on properties and go to the compatibility tab. 

From there, locate a checkbox that states “Run this program as an administrator”, tick that box, and click apply. This way, even if you don’t right-click and select “run as admin”, you will always be opening League of Legends as an administrator

Check Your Ram Usage And Make Sure To Close Other Applications When Playing League Of Legends

Sometimes, when we are using our computer and we don’t have enough RAM, applications tend to freeze and get stuck on a black screen unless we end some applications or simply sign the computer off to force close applications.

Turn Your Antivirus Off Or Put League Of Legends In The Exceptions List

Antivirus applications are very sensitive at times and may find files that are not in their directory to be a virus, you can easily fix this by turning your antivirus off or adding League of Legends’ executable file or Riot Games’ entire folder to your antivirus’ exception list. 

Reinstall League of Legends

In this method, you will have to reinstall the entire game as some files might be corrupted by causes you might have forgotten.

Run Your Antivirus And Check For Viruses

Viruses don’t only ruin League of Legends, they might also ruin your other files. 

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