How to Get an S as ADC in League of Legends?

The ADC is the most important role in every League of Legends game, and it is also the most enjoyable role to play. 

It is the power of an ADC that allows them to carry games, and as Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” 

The problem is that people in other roles are prone to making blunders. In contrast, the role of ADC is one in which mistakes are not tolerated. That is exactly what this article is going to be about.

In this section, you will learn all you need to know about rising as an AD carry. ADC is definitely one of the most difficult jobs to perform. Small mistakes can have serious consequences, but you will learn how to prevent them in this article.

10 Tips to Get An S Rank As An ADC

10. Understand Runes and Summoner spells

The use of runes in League of Legends may not be the most intuitive concept, but once you get the concept, your champion will gain greater strength, both in the early and late game. 

Choose the appropriate runes for your champion, since this will always be the case. For personalizing your champion, Runes will present you with a plethora of options to choose from. Additionally, you will receive monetary bonuses, increased damage, and several other advantages.

9. Utilize Your Champion Pool

One champion should never be counted on to carry the entire team on their shoulders. The ability to win more games will come from developing your champion pool and being comfortable with it. 

The fact that you only know how to play one champion is not a problem, but understanding how to play more than one champion may get you into difficulty if you are counter-picked or your main is banned. 

Because champions in League of Legends are continuously being boosted and nerfed, you should always be sure to adjust your champions to the latest patch.

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7. Synergy with Supports

The most crucial thing to remember while playing ADC is to learn which champions work best with your chosen support. In order to accomplish this, you must interact with your teammates during the champion selection process. 

Having champions that have the same aims as you will make winning your lane much simpler and quicker. Learning to play with your support is essential for winning early games since they have a greater effect on the lane during this time. 

Depending on whatever champion your support player is, your gameplay will be very different from others. Because they’re supporting your trades, they’ll ultimately feed you to keep the game going.

6. Counter Pick

Counter-picking is not only vital for ADCs, but for all positions as a whole. This is one of the most effective techniques for gaining an early edge and effortlessly scaling your opponent. 

This is conceivable due to the fact that certain champions are innately stronger than other champions due to the fact that they possess certain skills. 

Picking second in the champion selection process gives you a significant advantage since it allows you to counter-pick your opponent’s champion. Knowing your opponent’s vulnerabilities will make it simpler for you to counter them and win the battle against them. 

But what if you are the first person to be chosen? You should have a champion pool ready in case something like this happens. Champs that are mobile or fast-scaling will aid you in surviving the opponent jungler and avoiding being counter-picked.

5. Level 2 All In

Using your ability to clear the first two minion waves should not be a concern when completing the task. The first wave, as well as three melee minions from the second wave, will provide you with experience points for level 2. 

As a result, you should make every effort to clear waves before your enemy does. When you reach level 2 before your opponent, you will have a significant advantage because you and your support will each have one additional spell to cast in combat, and it will be nearly hard to lose trade at that point. 

You will at the very least force your enemy to utilize their summoner spells, which will leave them much more vulnerable to ganks if you don’t kill them. 

Consider how much experience you have compared to how much experience your enemy has so that you can react appropriately when the situation calls for it. Whether you go all in or back off, you must be prepared in the event that your opponent reaches level 2 before you.

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4. Farming

The fact that your farm is your primary source of gold is something that many players overlook. The gold that you obtain from the farm is more reliable than the gold that you receive from killing other players. 

It’s important to remember that 15 minions equal 1 kill in money, so plan accordingly. Farming is important for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it provides valuable experience. 

If you are gaining more experience and gold than your opponent, it is likely that you will level up more quickly than they will. The higher the level, the more powerful the skills and the greater the likelihood of securing the lane.

3. Wave Management

Wave management may be divided into three categories:

Freezing in front of Turrets

It lets you apply pressure without the risk of being ganked by an opponent jungler, and it makes it more difficult for an opposing ADC to destroy minions while you freeze in front of your turret. 

It also makes it simpler for you to all-in because the enemy is too far away from their turret and won’t be able to flee if your jungler ganks them because they are too far away.

Slow Push

Slow-pushing allows you to dive into the opponent more easily and puts greater pressure on the enemy’s turrets as a result. If you want to take an objective or gank another lane, your opponent’s ADC will suffer a significant loss of farm and experience if they opt to join you on your mission.

Hard Push

When your jungler need assistance with the dragon, or when your support wants to roam other lanes, you will employ your hard-pushing skills. In addition, you will be able to use turret plates to increase the amount of pressure on the lane. 

The wave will be hard-pushed into the opposing turret if the opponent returns to base before you, allowing you to return to base without losing any gold or experience points.


The majority of the time, the ADC’s starting equipment will be the same, which is Doran’s sword. It will help you to do more damage while poking an opponent, as well as farm more quickly and efficiently. 

It also provides you with more health to save you from dying at level 1. The construction of additional things will be dependent on your champion and the type of champions that the other side possesses. 

For example, if the other side has a large number of armoured tanks and bruisers, you will develop armour penetration. It’s possible to accumulate critical damage or lethality in various situations. 

You should always be aware of what to construct next, based on who is being fed in the other team. 

For novices, it is advised that they explore some of the websites that are specifically dedicated to building until they have an understanding of how the various elements operate.

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2. Trading

When trading, it is important to be aware of your lane matchup. You must be aware of who is stronger at what level, or else you risk losing out on the transaction altogether. This indicates that you will be harassed by the opposing team until you recall. 

And, as you may recall, you will lose gold and experience as a result, giving the opposing team an advantage. 

The ideal thing to do while trading is to take advantage of the enemy’s ability cooldown since this will give you more abilities to employ in the fight, which will result in greater damage. 

Always take into consideration where the opponent jungler is located before entering a trade. It is quite likely that you will be ganked and that you will die or be forced to recall if you do not have good vision and do not know where the opponent jungler is.

1. Map Awareness

You should constantly be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to face any threats that may arise. Not just the jungler, but also the other lanes are affected. 

Because early ganks are mostly aimed on the bot, losing your life early in the game puts you at a significant disadvantage. When it comes to avoiding being ganked, having good vision is essential. 

However, situating oneself is much more vital and will help you avoid being ganked. Your gameplay will always be different depending on where the opponent is. 

Communication and knowing where your teammates are is, however, just as crucial as knowing where the opponent is at any one time. It will assist you in converting ganks into counter-ganks and securing the objectives in the process.


Playing ADC in League of Legends comes with a lot of responsibility, but it’s also a role that, when performed incredibly well, has the potential to lead the team. 

As one of the team’s primary damage dealers, it will be your responsibility to ensure that your fighting strength reaches everywhere your teammates require it.

If you have a solid game (1 or 2 deaths/bunch of kills) and have the most cs in the game or are close to having the most cs in the game, you will receive the S.

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