How To Get Chests in League of Legends (The Fastest Way)

These days League of Legends seems to be all about who gets a chest after each game. And who can blame you for it? They feel extremely rewarding after playing a hard-won match. You get them when you know you performed exceptionally well. Riot has a whole scheme of calculating and measuring your performance before you can get chests in League of Legends. 

There are ranks or indicators showing how well you played that you get after playing League games. The higher the rank, the greater the chances are that you will get chests in League of Legends.

You are practically guaranteed to get a chest in League of Legends if you get an S- or higher rank after you finish a game.

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What is an S- rank?

When you play really well, have a great creep score, do not die a lot in the game, have a lot of assists and kills to make for a decent KDA i.e. the kill/deaths/assists ratio, help your teammates when they need it and even get honored by your team after the game, then there is a good chance you will get the S- ranking after the game ends. You could possibly get an even higher ranking.

The cool thing about S- ranking is that it’s announced at the end of the game. All players on both sides are able to see who exactly got the prize. It can often be obvious as to who is expected to get the S- ranking. If a player is carrying the team well, there is a decent chance that he or she gets an S- rank. 

It’s not just about getting a lot of kills. Your creep score, your assists, how you play in team fights, and help teammates all contribute to your getting an S- rank or higher in League of Legends.

There is a close correlation between hextech chests and S- rank. In other words, you will get a chest after you achieve an S- ranking or higher. It’s pretty simple, right? The better you play, the more chests you get. 

There is a catch, however. If you are on an exceptionally good streak, you are not likely to get chests seven days in a row even if you achieve KDA ratios of 20/0/20 each game. The thing is that you get a limited number of chests per month.

You can get one chest per 7 seven days in League of Legends. So that amounts to 4 chests in a month. If you don’t get chests for a long time, your chests won’t start piling up in wait for you to achieve. You still have the same number of chests per week that are available for you, regardless of whether or not you get them once a week or once a year.

When the S- ranking is announced at the end of the game, it does not automatically lead to a Hextech chest. That would depend on how many chests you have gotten recently. If you have gotten some chests recently, then getting an S- rank may not guarantee you are getting a chest.

Playing With Friends Can Help You Get Chests

Another cool thing about League of Legends is that it’s meant to be a team-based game. Sure, you can waltz through the game with awesome individual skills and even carry your whole team single-handedly, but the true spirit of the game and the greatest fun you can have is when you have a team of friends with whom you can play the game together. 

It’s even more rewarding if you have skilled friends, sometimes literally rewarding.

If you queue up with your friends in a game and one of them gets an S- rank, you get an S- rank too! How cool is that???! It doesn’t matter if you a have full team of 5 players or just two or three of your friends queuing up to play a game with you. If you play well collectively, you are rewarded collectively.

Even if you aren’t doing so great in a game yourself, if one of your friends with whom you queued is having the time of his or her life playing the game, then it’s likely that they will get an S- rank and you will get an S- rank too.

And with an S- rank or higher, you can get hextech chests. So that means you can get hextech chests really faster and cheaper just by playing with your friends and trying to do well together.

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You Can Also Buy Chests

You can also buy hextech chests in League of Legends with the in-game currency known as Riot Points. If you don’t have Riot Points, you can purchase them with real-world money by going to the store. 

Simply navigate to the store icon beside the big play button on the left of the League of Legends client and click on the store icon. Then type ‘chests’ in the search bar and simply click on the hextech chests icon. The HexTech chest costs 125 Riot Points at the moment.

There are other many cool bundles you can buy in which the chests come at a discounted price and you get a lot of other cool stuff along with the chest. You just need to use the search bar again or simply browse through the store to see which kind of bundles are available. Again, you need to spend Riot Points.

If you don’t have enough Riot Points, you can purchase them with real-world money via your credit card in the store. Riot Points also come in a variety of packages that are available for purchase.

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How Do You Get Chests The Fastest Way? 

To conclude, there are two main ways you can get hextech chests in League of Legends. One is to spend Riot Points which is the in-game currency that can be acquired with real-world money. The other way is to keep playing League of Legends and try to do your best! 

This way to earn chests is probably more rewarding and fun as well. Of course, you can invite friends to play and queue up together in a team. This is also a very easy and fast means to earning chests in League of Legends, especially if your friends are skilled and good at team-play. 

It’s easy to win chests while playing with friends if they get an S- rank or higher and as a result of which, you can get an S- rank too!  When that happens, you earn chests in League of Legends.

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