How To Get Free Unbound Thresh Skin?

Riot released a new trailer for unbound Thresh right after its ruined king event making Thresh the new king of the Shadow Isles and he can roam the world for free now. The trailer also showed Thresh as a person who looks like a Reaper of some sorts which makes him even more interesting. 

His visuals also improved with this skin and is basically a free skin upgrade for everyone when it was released. Luckily there is a way for us to get it for free, all you have to do is grind 300 tokens of the event unbound Thresh is in and buy him with those tokens. 

300 tokens might seem expensive to others but it’s simple, you just have to play games, complete the missions and do not use any token you earn except for when you reach 300 and buy Thresh. 

Or you can also buy the Sentinels of light pass so you can have access on more missions and also be able to get the bonus tokens you earn each time you play a game. Buying the pass will allow you to accumulate tokens much faster and if you complete it, you will still have lots of extra tokens to buy whatever you want in the Sentinels of Light event pass. 

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