How to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends?

Hello, League of Legends enthusiasts! We hope you successfully chase points in ranked games and practice your gaming skill. In this successful game where the goal of each team is to win the opponent’s Nexus, and with it the points, more and more players are battling day by day, which keeps the League of Legends at the very top of the world’s most popular games. 

In this article, we will talk about Prestige Points; for League Points, you may know how it works, and winning Prestige Points will be discussed later in the article.

Playing League of Legends is free, but if you want to personalize the experience of this game a little more, you will have to use the currency of this game, which is Prestige Points. Prestige Points allow players to buy rare prestige skins and thus show that they are dangerous opponents to players on the other side of the battlefield.

You are probably interested in how to win Prestige Points and what can be bought with them. Well, this how-to guide will cover everything you are interested in about Prestige Points, from how to win them to what prestige skins are and what the future of this League of Legends currency is, as it is rumored that significant changes will take place this year and that the Prestige Points system will be changed. We can’t wait to see what Riot will prepare!

Let’s start with the basics.

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What are Prestige Points in League of Legends?

We already know a lot about Riot Points, such as that Riot Points are permanent coins that stand in the virtual wallet of our Riot’s account. With them we buy emotes, champions, skins, wards and other accessories with which we want to personalize our game.

On the other hand, Prestige Points are a premium currency by which players can unlock prestige emotes, skins, icons, wards and other stuff.

You cannot buy Prestige Points directly in the Shop within the League of Legends client, but there are two methods to get them. Also, these Prestige Points will expire after a year if you do not spend them, so their duration is limited.

Two Ways to Get Prestige Points in League of Legends

Prestige Points require you to open your real wallet, as with Riot Points.

The first option is to buy Masterwork Chest Bundles with Riot Points. It is the easiest and fastest way to win Prestige Points. Once you buy and open Masterwork chests, you can find really valuable items: emotes, skin shards, ward shards, or orange essence. Sometimes inside the Masterwork chest, you can find an extra chest, gemstone, or gemstone skin.

But be careful not to mess around – only Masterwork Chest Bundles give you the opportunity to win Prestige Points; if you buy a standard masterwork chest, you will not be able to win Prestige Points.

For 225 Riot Points you can buy 1 Masterwork Chest and One Key + 1 Prestige Point. For 1125 Riot Points you can buy a pack of 5 Masterwork Chests and keys and extra 6 Prestige Points. And for 2250 Riot Points you can buy as many as 10 (and one bonus) Masterwork Chests and keys + 13 Prestige Points.

Consider that one prestige skin costs 100 Prestige Points, so you need to spend almost 18,000 Riot Points to collect enough Prestige Points and buy prestige skin. Or, to convert it into real money, be prepared to spend about $100. It may sound expensive, but you can win really valuable items when you open Masterwork chests for that amount. Not to mention how much other players will envy you when they see your prestige skins collection.

Another method by which you can gain Prestige Points is to participate in special League of Legends events. Or, more precisely, by buying Event Passes. When Riot announces that a special event will be held, it also announces the possibility for players to purchase an Event Pass which will allow them to unlock special missions, rewards, and tokens. 

With these tokens, you can earn Prestige Points or even prestige skin related to the event. And perhaps the best thing about Event Pass is that it gives you a mission award of as many as 25 Prestige Points. You can buy Event Pass from the Shop, once the event takes place.

We can say that this method of getting Prestige Points is much more cost-effective, but it will take you much more time because you will have to play a few games to win those tokens.

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Which Champions Have Special Prestige Skins?

Of course, not all champions have a chance to get their own version of the prestige skin. It depends on several factors such as their popularity, ie high playrate, the time when their last skin was released, their appearance must be able to withstand prestige thematic skin, that champion must not already have skin related to a new event and must not have prestige skin version in its past.

Here is a list of champions who have their own exclusive prestige skin version so far: Arcanist Zoe, Ruined Pantheon (Ascended), Battle Academia Leona, Battle Queen Diana, Bewitching Miss Fortune, Blood Moon Aatrox, Conqueror Jax, CovenLe Blanc, Coven Zyra, Dark Star Malphite, Fuzz Fizz, K/DA Ahri, K/DA All Out Kai’sa, K/DA Evelynn, Lunar Beast Fiora, Mecha Kingdoms Garen, Obsidian Dragon Sett, PROJECT: Sylas, PROJECT: Zed, PsyOps Ezreal, Pulsefire Lucian, Pulsefire Thresh, Space Groove Lulu, Spirit Blossom Teemo, Star Guardian Neeko, Star Guardian Soraka, True Damage Senna, True Damage Yasuo. 

These prestige skins came out in 2019, and in fact, more elegant versions of old skins have been improved. This makes skins look more expensive, more professional, brighter and more radiant. All this makes them a desirable catch for all players who love aesthetics and appearance in the game. The theme of the skin remains the same, but the skin is much better and looks fresher than the old skin.

How Do I Spend Prestige Points Before They Expire?

Given their exclusivity, Prestige Points have their own prestige point shop. You can find it by going to the “Loot” tab within the League of Legends client, then clicking on the “Materials” tab and selecting the Prestige Point icon.

Clicking on this icon will open the Prestige Point shop where you can find all the prestige content, such as prestige skins, emotes, icons and others. If you want to “buy” it just click on the “Forge” icons and your desired item will become part of your collection.

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The Future of Prestige Points

We mentioned that Riot announced that 2022 will bring news related to Prestige Points. In 2022, Prestige Points and gemstones will be replaced with a new currency. This new currency will also be rare, but as Riot pointed out, “the new system will include a way to, over a long period of time, unlock a prestige skin without spending any money.” 

If you want to buy prestige skin for your skin collection and you don’t want to spend real money, just wait for Riot to announce this significant change. This is really lovely news for players who want to afford exclusive content and are not able to spend a lot of real money.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this little guide on Prestige Points and how to win them has helped you make some of the most beautiful and rare prestige skins part of your collection as soon as possible. We are looking forward to the changes related to Prestige Points and we are excited because without a lot of money we will be able to win prestige skins.

Just follow our tips and write us which are your favorite prestige skins and which additional prestige skins you want to get. Good luck and have fun playing League of Legends!

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