How To Get An S Rank As A Top Laner? (Season 12 Update)

For years, the top lane has been referred to as an “island” due to the fact that it is comprised of three lanes: one long, one side, and one solo. 

A pure 1v1 battle in a League of Legends game is the closest thing you can get in a matchmade game of the game. 

What follows is a step-by-step guide to helping you get into a game and hold your own on that tropical island. Having the greatest gaming setup might be critical to staying competitive on that island as well as staying alive.

1. Participate in a Successful Killing

Helping your team to victory is assessed in a variety of ways, but kill participation is unquestionably the most important. 

Killing involvement is expressed as a percentage, and it indicates the proportion of your team’s kills in which you were directly or indirectly engaged. 

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about if your team had 10 kills and your contribution was 2 kills and 3 assists, you would be involved in 5 of your team’s 10 kills. When we divide 5 by 10, we get a KP of 50 percent, which is respectable.

When Riot wants to know what players are doing, they can only do it by looking at the data on their screen. I feel that while KP is not the most important metric in judging whether or not a player receives an S, it is a decent indicator of how much of a team member you were.

2. Do Not Die

Dying is by far the most significant cause for your inability to obtain S more frequently in your games. Executing adversaries and deploying a large number of wards are all excellent strategies, but the amount of deaths you incur is critical in the grading process. 

An average player dies between 5-7 times every game, depending on the position and champion they are playing. Let’s assume you only die once, just for the sake of argument. 

That would indicate that you performed 400 percent better than the typical player in that particular statistic. When we look at it in terms of CS numbers, if you have 200 and another person has 150, you have a 25 percent advantage over the other player.

3. Farming, Farming, and More Farming

Items in League of Legends are often considered to be the most important thing in the game. And in order to obtain things, players must first amass an enormous amount of gold. 

The quickest and most convenient method to accomplish this is via minions. Not only are they feeble, but new ones appear every 30 seconds, making the situation worse. 

Riot will think highly of you if you have a successful farm. If you are a top laner, I recommend averaging about 8 CSPM and if you are a jungler, I recommend averaging around 6 CSPM.

Your CS per minute is computed by dividing the number of minions and monsters (often referred to as creeps) you killed by the entire amount of time spent playing the game. 

Furthermore, having that much gold will allow you to fuel your gear and increase your other stats much more quickly.

4. Vision Score

Wards are probably one of the most underappreciated aspects of the game. While it becomes better as you go through the levels, the vast majority of players are at or below the Gold level. 

Wards not only provide you with protection but also indicate when it is appropriate to act aggressively. If you’re interested in lowering your overall death toll, I recommend that you learn more about wards. 

As seen in the graph below, average wards are assigned according to duty, as determined by League Graphs. Try to put more bets than that in order to boost your chances of receiving an S.

5. Deal Damage

Over the course of our previous tips, we worked on strengthening you with more gold and making you safer with wards. 

We have reached the point where we can put all of that gold to good use. When assessing who is most responsible for a team’s performance, one of the most relevant statistics to have is the total damage inflicted to champions. 

It should be noted, however, that it is not foolproof. In spite of this, I feel it is successful in the League’s rating system.

The amount of damage you deal will vary based on your champion and your position, as well as the length of the game. 

Instead, concentrate on the amount of damage done per minute (DPM). Make an educated guess as to what the champion against whom you are competing would do, and then aim to outdo that prediction. 

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Trading for Top Lane

1. Attacking

One of the most important aspects of top lane damage trading is understanding a champion’s auto attack range. 

The larger the disparity between auto-attack ranges, the more difficult it is for the champion with the longer-range to get in attacks on the other champion. 

Even though this is most visible in ranged against melee confrontations, the most essential factor to remember is the overall range disparity, which applies to both melee and ranged combat.

The use of auto-attacks is only half of the battle. Additionally, champion spells must be taken into consideration, including their range and cooldown, as well as whether or not they pass through minion defenses. 

The idea of the range is the same as it is for auto strikes. Longer-range spells are simpler to employ to harass your opponent because you do not have to go as close to them as short-range spells.

2. Spells

Both players must take into account the duration of spell cooldowns. It is not advisable to attempt a trade when your spells are on cooldown and your opponents’ are not, since this will result in a loss of advantage. While the opposite is true, it is the best time to engage in a damaged swap.

In order to avoid enemy spells that are not able to travel through minions, you must simply remain behind your own minion wave. When an enemy minion in front of the opposing champion dies, attempt to use one of the abilities of that minion to land one of these spells.

As vital as these trade patterns are, try to maintain a high level of minion kills in your lane. While it may be worthwhile to sacrifice a minion kill in order to do damage to the opponent champion, you must maintain your emphasis on obtaining as many minions kill as possible in the top lane.

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Warding for Top Lane

1. Where to Ward

Because of the nature of the top lane, warding is essential in order to maintain safety. The first critical time to plant a Warding Totem is approximately 2:30 into the game, which is when the game begins. 

This is often when the opposing jungler has been done with both red and blue buffs and is ganking the party members. You’ll need to keep an eye on one of the two bushes that line the bottom of the path. 

When you are on the blue side, you should use the tri-brush, and when you are on the red side, you should use the upper river brush.

You will want to purchase a Vision Ward as soon as you are able to afford one and if you do not already have one in place. 

During the laning phase, you will normally want your Vision Ward to be closer to your own tower – therefore top river brush on the blue side and tri-brush on the red side is recommended.

This is due to the fact that Vision Wards are simpler to defend the closer you are to your own tower, and your jungler is more likely to get into a gank position the closer you are to your own tower. 

Aside from that, the Vision Ward will ensure that the opponent does not have any vision of your jungler.

Throughout the course of the game, as turrets are knocked down, you will want to keep pushing your view line to the right. 

The most crucial thing to consider is the location from where an adversary is most likely to gank your character. Consider what places you’ll need to have warded in order to not only observe the gank but also have enough time to respond to the gank if one is launched.

2. Warding Totem vs Oracle Lens

While other members of the team may choose to trade in their Warding Totem for an Oracle Lens or Farsight Alteration, top laners are more likely to maintain their Warding Totem. 

Due to the fact that top laners are often either a tank, who is extremely adept at face-checking in difficult-to-see portions of the map to create a vision or a split-pusher, who wishes to offer a vision for himself or herself in numerous spots, this is the case.

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Never give up if you haven’t yet received an S rank as a top laner. It’s possible that we’ll never find out how these scores are calculated because Riot has an issue with transparency. 

While not certain to obtain an S rank, doing a lot of warding, getting objectives, and not feeding too hard on an underperforming champion will almost certainly result in an S rank and a good chest.

In every split-push situation, be certain that your squad is prepared to take on a battle or an objective. As a result, if the enemy only needs to concentrate on one of the four people or on you at a time, the effectiveness of split-pushing is neutralized.

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