How To Improve At Farming In The Early Game?

Hello and welcome to another League of Legends how-to guide. What role do you like most to play on Summoner’s Rift? If your answer is the ADC role, this article will be a complete hit for you. Today, we will talk about farming. Farming is an extremely important item in the League of Legends because the course of further play may depend on the success of farming. 

The most important thing is farming in the early game, from the very beginning. It can make it or break it your game. So, today we will focus on tips on how to improve farming in the early game, read our tips and clean that last year with even greater speed and precision than before.

A brief introduction first. League of Legends is a multiplayer game that is at the very top of the most popular MOBA games today. In the League of Legends, two teams of five players each fight on a map called Summoner’s Rift. Each player has their own role and their own lane on which he fights the enemy champion.

The goal is to knock down two opposing turrets on lane and reach the main base of the enemy team. There are an additional 3 turrets and a main Nexus. When the main Nexus crashes, the game is over, and the winning team is the one that first crashed the opposing Nexus.

Of course, this game is much more interesting in practice so if you haven’t so far, now is the right time to embark on an adventure called League of Legends.

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What is Farming in League of Legends?

Farming in League of Legends means a technique by which enemy minions and monsters are killed. With successful farming, players win certain amounts of gold by buying items and improving their performance in the game. Farming is also intended to give players dominance, the player who is more successful in farming in the lane will easily approach the enemy turret and jeopardize the safety of the enemy team.

In League of Legends there is also a tracked score of killed minions, which is better known to players as CS which means Creep Score.

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When and How to Farm in League of Legends?

Now that you have read what farming means, it is important that you start to hone this skill because it is one of the key ones if you are thinking of climbing the League of Legends rankings of the best players.

In addition to collecting gold, with farming you also get XP and increase your CS score. The goal is to have a higher CS score than the enemy laner because that means you will be able to buy important items long before it that will increase the strength of your champion in the lane.

A successful tactic that longtime players largely practice is ‘last hit’ on minions. So, the players do not kill the minions one by one, but give them the last hit when they are already weakened and thus automatically win gold.

With better items your champion can take over domination over lane and over enemy champion. With them, your champion can win trades, also. If your champion has a low CS score it is very easy that he will soon become the target of enemy champions who will be able to kill him more easily. It can quickly turn into feeding, with your champion feeding the enemy champions every time he dies. And at the same time, your champion will not manage to kill enough minions to regain his strength, enemy champions will overtake him in all fields.

So, let your main mission at the beginning of the game be to ensure a high CS.

You may be wondering if all champions can be good at farming. Basically, yes. Some champions simply have better predispositions for farming, such as Ezreal, he can poke all the time and so quickly gather high CS. However, it is not so much up to the champion as to the player who has to control his champion and create tactics for good farming. First of all, learn how to manage minion waves in the lane. If you are good at wave management you will have excellent CS, you will avoid deaths and at the same time you will get more chances to kill enemy champions.

Wave management depends a lot on the champion in the lane. Some champions are not that strong in the early game so it is best for them to freeze the minion wave, because if they push it they can risk their lives. Also, some champions who are great at farming can push the wave further and thus jeopardize the enemy turret after the first few minutes of play. There are many techniques on the internet that are related to wave management so study them before you move on to the next game.

Another way to improve your farming in the early game is to learn to kill the minions that are below the turret. This can be a harder mission for new players as turret continues to kill minions, and your champion may find it harder to last hit them. For example, if you play with a melee champion, let the turret hit the minion twice and then you last hit it. This technique will secure you gold.

If you are playing as a support champion it is important to ensure your ADC champion a way to kill minions. So if you are both below the enemy turret, hit the enemy minions a few times just so the ADC can easily last hit them.

For higher CS, focus on enemy jungler. Enemy jungler can be a real pain in the ass, especially at the beginning when you can expect to gank from a nearby bush. If you know that the enemy jungler is not close (and you can easily find out by placing Vision Wards on the map) you can play more aggressively and start demolishing the enemy turret.

If, on the other hand, you headlessly ruin the enemy turret, and you don’t know where the enemy jungler is, there is a great possibility that he is just lurking to attack and kill you. When you’re dead, you can’t increase your CS, I guess that’s clear to you. Try to play as carefully as possible because each of your deaths is a step away from victory. Place Vision Wards, do not expose yourself to unnecessary danger and do not try to try your luck and go fight alone enemy champions who have a full health bar.

Another tactic for successful farming is to try different champions. As already mentioned, champions have different farming abilities, it depends on their abilities but also the role they have. If you play different champions you may find that farming works better with some champions. That is why do not get into a routine and play only one champion, but try different ones. This way you develop your gaming skill and you will be ready in different situations when you may not have the opportunity to play your main champion.

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Final Thoughts

Another League of Legends how-to guide has come to an end. Today we talked about farming, a skill that players should learn as soon as they decide to be League of Legends players. Farming refers to killing minions and monsters, which brings gold and increases the Creep Score (CS).

Farming is extremely important in the early game because the champion who first levels up and buys the necessary items will probably take advantage over the enemy champion.

There are various tutorials on the internet on how to last hit minions and how to manage the minion waves, so take the time to study these tips to make your farming skill even better.

And of course, if you have your own proven methods to improve farming in the League of Legends, feel free to share them with us. Good luck in playing League of Legends!

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