5 Best Early Game Supports in League of Legends

The best early game supports in League of Legends are helping their ADC defeat the opponent’s lane early in the match – by stunning, knocking up, tanking incoming damage, or dealing a massive amount of damage to enemy champions.

The support role has more easy-to-play champions than any other role in League of Legends. That’s because the support role is so vital that players need to focus on warding and clearing enemy wards, protecting the ADC at all costs, successfully blocking incoming damage, assisting in taking objectives, engaging the opponents, and defending the base. 

Keeping your focus on all of these things simultaneously can be challenging. That’s why most support champions are simple and easy to play. Some support champions can even be played on other lanes, making them even more helpful to the team

And now, without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

5 Best Early Game Supports in League of Legends

1. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank has a goofy nature and is a giant lovable robot that complements the aggressive playstyle incredibly well. His hook is probably the funniest ability in the game, which allows him to hook any enemy around him. The fact that he’s not tethered to only one lane and can help every lane win is the reason why so many players like to play him and also ban him from selecting champ screen.

Blitzcrank has powerful level one, two, and six power spikes in the lane. And, if you can beat your enemy to level two and immediately hook either the enemy Support or ADC, you’ll force them to waste their summoners.

He has a burst killing potential at level two, and he’s incredible at level six. It’s so funny when people don’t expect the amount of damage his Rocket Grab and Static Field does.

Usually, he has the best potential to be picked on the bot lane. And, grabbing someone with his Rocket Grab will completely change the game’s tempo. The Rocket Grab ability is the safest hook spell out of any support champion in the game. Unlike NautilusThresh, or Pyke, he can bring the enemies walking over walls directly to your tower or team.

Blitzcrank can stack his Power Fist, Rocket Grab, and Static Field to appease his enemy, making it very hard for them to escape. These abilities are also suitable for interrupting any channeling abilities, such as Katarina’s ult. 

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2. Brand

Brand is a skill shot-based and fun champion currently underused this season. His abilities can melt tanks that don’t have Magic Resist Items. And, he’ll be at the top of the graph in damage dealt as a support champion! Brand is the highest damage dealing support champion as his Blaze is mighty with few items and ability power.

Brand’s most significant advantage is providing a good stun (Sear, when combined with the Rlyai’s Crystal Scepter, provides massive AoE slow that keeps ticking with the Blaze and his damage output). If you catch someone in the lane with a combo, you’ll often take down the health of any ADC from 100% to 40% without a sweat. And that’s scary for the opponent to deal with. Plus, Brand can also run Morellonomicon that helps immensely against self-healing champions.

Brand also has several weaknesses as he lacks mobility, and there’s a question if the player can hit his enemies with his skill shots. The key when playing Brand is perfect positioning. And, don’t get surprised if you’re dying a lot because that’s the price of dealing a lot of damage. You’ll need to put yourself in risky situations to hit his skill shots.

If you miss Sear, you’ll miss a lot of kills and may even feed the enemy. Also, Brand doesn’t pair well with late-game ADCs like Kog’Maw and Vayne because he can fall behind, which you should avoid.

3. Pyke

Pyke is also a skill shot-based helpful champion for any situation and phase of the match. He can quickly secure kills and share the gold with his teammates when he uses his ultimate to slay enemies. Pyke is a roaming champ that can quickly get to mid-lane with his Ghostwater dive ability to become fast and sneaky. Then he locks down the enemy with his hook Bone Skewer plus a stun from his Phantom Undertow ability to create a good combo. 

Pyke is an excellent mobile-hook champ with a huge variety of play styles but has a great solo carry potential if played well. He’s the one in a few champs that can gank his lane, and he can also hook enemies through small walls – to pull them near him.

Pyke also has some weaknesses that you need to be aware of. Become smart about your Micro and Macro choices, and you’re going to be very successful with Pyke. One of his disadvantages is his passive ability to transform bonus HP to AD. The HP to AD ratio’s terrible and makes Pyke a squishier champ. He can struggle to escape crowd control and is very easy to poke early in the game.

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4. Leona

Leona is one of the strongest champions, and the reason is simply that most people can’t understand. Leona has everything a support player needs, three types of stuns (also a slow when you miss the middle of your ultimate), damage, and a vast AD and AP sustain because of her W ability and Aftershock, but also from her Sunlight (Passive) that allows her teammates to do more damage for free.

Leona is excellent support because she can play many roles depending on the match. Such as PeelTankEngageBuffingCC, and Debuffing as a supporter, she amazingly synergizes with many defensive items. 

When Leona is combined with tanky items, she’s the best. She has an excellent early game potential, especially on level three, and can roam to mid-lane and jungle pretty well – while using her ultimate move to stun or slow the enemy. 

The best time to roam with Leona is when the enemy bot lane recalls their base. Then she can easily roam to mid-lane to assist with getting the kill, or she can help the Jungler with the early Drake.

5. Galio

Galio is an entertaining support champion that is very powerful and can carry the game almost every time. He’s the easiest champ to help you rank up quickly. And, I can guarantee that you’ll have fun playing him.

Galio can play as a tank or as an AP damage champion, depending on what you need to build at the time. Usually, he pokes his enemies using his Q and waits for the perfect opportunity to dash into the enemy ADC.

He can quickly dash into an enemy and knock them up but can also taunt them when he charges his W (Shield of Duran) ability. Galio is also one of the best supporters that can swoop in and save the day. The fact that he can dash to an ally champion to save him from danger is beneficial in any match phase.

He can also use his ultimate move when an ally needs ganking support. This makes Galio good support for roaming to other lanes as well. He can do the same thing for his ally Jungler when they’re in the enemy’s jungle territory. 


The best early game supports in League of Legends have their advantages and weaknesses – that you need to vary about. Some champions are scalable at late, and some are good at early, like the five we discussed today.

Knowing how to effectively use your support champion in the lane will determine the match. You can learn when to press the lane and when to roam like a King with practice. 

With this in mind, these are the best early game supports for gamers of any skill level. So, keep in mind that these champions excel at the early phase of the game, and some of them can scale well at late games, like Brand. It’s a case of exploring and trying to master one champion at a time.

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